Think about it – talking about your relationship issues with mom, BFF, or sister is limited.

You talk about things as they come up. It feels impossible to know which problem is actually the one that would change things to the positive.

 The theories of why you haven’t found a-love-worth-keeping pile up into a stack of overwhelm.

It’s almost like, why bother? 

After all, you are independent. You’ve worked hard to make it on your own. Even travel the world. You should be happy like this because that’s how empowered women are supposed to feel.

Except, in your heart-of-hearts, you know it’d feel so much better with a partner-in-crime.

Someone that matches your level. Not just professionally. But spiritually too. That’s important.

Maybe you’ve been told you’re too picky. Too driven. Intimidating, even. (Yikes.. stop it)!

You can’t put your finger on why – but you know deep down there’s someone that truly matches you. And together, your love can inspire something greater than you or him can do alone.

And that’s important. Life isn’t just about success and achievement. It’s also about what energy we inspire into the next generation.

That’s me!

I’m Kristen.

I help women attract and keep the love of their life. I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for 13 years, married for 7 on August 4th.

I’ve helped women attract “pinch me, is this real” partners in less than three months. Multiple times. 

Without kissing frogs. Without going out on bad dates. With very little (or no) dating apps. 

I believe that when you come to a deep integration within – highlighting the truly radiant parts of your being – you can have whatever you want. Including love.

I don’t want you to go into dates breaking your back or bank trying to be someone you’re not. Because that’s what “men” want. I’m not interested in “men.”

I’m interested in YOUR match. And who you are in an ideal relationship. 

Books, YouTube videos, and magazine dating tips are fun. However, they lack the objective perspective on your unique circumstances.

Bottom line – coaching often gets you results quicker and more efficiently than doing it on your own. 

My coaching gently enters the spoken and unspoken places that needs attention to work your inner magic.

After results, clients love my intuition, passion, and gentleness.

How It Works

This is how it all works:

  1. Through a unique envisioning experience, I help you get in tune with what lights you up about your ideal relationship and partner. Extra credit – also, who you are in it!
  2. Then, we work on getting familiar with the vibration of what this feels like and identifying resonance with it. (Intuition and gut instincts also tend to improve here).
  3. With this inner knowing, you develop your super powers and become your best self. Being on the path of how you want to show up in the ideal relationship attracts the higher-caliber person you’ve been looking for. And, inspires the best in him.
  4. Ready to meet him, we identify the strategies of how to manifest him that work with what you recognize as important for this relationship. (This is where you’re caught up now and not understanding why things aren’t working).
  5. Magic time. Universe conspiring. Attract Mr. Right and keep him for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and forever dates. 

Get Started

Let me help you get clear on what’s actually happening in your love life.

In a Love Assessment Session, we aim to:

– GET CLEAR on what or who you really want to attract.
– RECOGNIZE the most important challenge to face first.
– CREATE A NEXT STEP to move forward.

Women usually leave this call with hope. They feel connected to their dream relationship again. Renewed, energized and inspired to close this hole in their lives.

If something comes up during the call where I’d think I could support you ongoing – and you’re willing to explore it – we can explore some personal or group coaching programs after that.

These sessions are worth at least $500. The insights and hope you get are liberating. And, I recognize that can seem steep when we don’t know each other yet.

 That’s why I have a money-back guarantee. Simply secure your calendar appointment for $20. If you love it, you can pay the remainder of the balance – $77 more at the end. If you don’t, then I’ll refund you the $20.

Go ahead, Apply for a Love Assessment Call and declare you’re in. I’ll reply to your email to set things up. <3