Jessica-Circle3It is so great to have someone SEE me and SHARE with me this way. I’m finding it really helpful to step back with you to gain a deeper understanding of how my life/patterns are working and how to live better day-by-day.

Thanks for your thoughtful attention…

I actually just replayed your reading [from 5 months ago] and took new notes. I can’t even tell you how helpful that was! All that you read in my charts is taking on new meaning for me this month, is sensed from a different lens, and I’m feeling way more encouraged.

My jaw dropped when I re-listened to the info on this year’s eclipses and retrogrades. Thanks again for that gift!

Jessica, Architect and Singer

Kristen offers a beautiful, safe environment for all her work. She calms my energy. She enlivens my spirit with her insight and sensitivity both to my physical and emotional needs. She is trustworthy and someone worth letting into your life in this very special and healing way.

Chelsea, Professional Modern Dancer

Michele-Circle1Kristen’s astrology readings are loaded with answers and confirmations. I enjoyed learning about myself in a new way that gave me long-awaited insight into why I am the way I am.

The direction and mind-blowing discoveries are something that is absolutely useful, and I might dare to say necessary, for one to make clearer, better choices in life.

Michele, Singer-Songwriter

During my sessions with Kristen, I was amazed by how fast things were changing in my life. I believe this was because of the uniqueness of each session.

I felt that Kristen chose specific approaches to each session based on what the issue at hand was for that week.

She made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to share things with her that I felt enhanced the benefits of this practice.

Blaire, Graphic Designer

slavica-circle-transpIt is really unique how you read and present this information. I was impatient to hear it all!

All you said sounds very natural to me.  I think the best thing is that you are not really describing, but instead challenging, me to participate in my life.  I can relate to it in my current mindset, but also I am sure I can continue with it ongoing

Slavica, Feng Shui Architect

Kristen was able to lift a (self-imposed) veil, that I tried so hard to life, but could not. She sparked something inside me, not only to lift the veil, but to help me see what I could not, and to give me hope once again.

Kristen is comforting, delicate, understanding and so gracious in her sessions. Sometimes, we need to step out of our comfort zone, knowing it is a positive place to be and learn how to just Love, not worry and by doing so, we are able to experience the Blessings and miracles that wait for us and Kristen is just the one to help.

Denise T.