Your Ideal Relationship Frequency – First Encounter

Do you sometimes feel lost to what actually matters to you anymore in your most intimate relationships?

That dating and maintaining relationships has become more an exercise of compromise and not ruffling feathers, in hopes of the highs that are undeniably rewarding but short lived?

What you might need is a reorientation back to your inner compass. That pure, uncompromised part of yourself that knows what healthy is. That knows what’s truly compatible to your most peaceful, natural self.

My group intensive Get Ready For Love starts this Friday evening, and I’ve done everything I can possible think of to set the registrants up for success…

… and I want you to get a taste of it too!

The Ideal Relationship Frequency is a lifeline to build yourself up to know what sustainable, fulfilling love is for you. (hint: it’s unique to every individual).

It also sets you up to discern – with love – who is compatible to you, or not. 

To invite someone to relate to you in a more meaningful way.

To know you’re on the path to co-creating the relationship of your dreams (and his too). 

In this video from Ideal Relationship Frequency: Vision & Attraction Guide, I share a sensory-guided experience that gives you a palatable taste of it.

Having this reference can help you re-kindle that inner knowing within you about what an ideal relationship may look and feel like for you, that one that already has been there all along in your divine design.

This video is part of a greater series of an online program that I’ve bonus’d into the group intensive.

This program in itself can lead you to the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for as well as restore confidence in what you’re really going for in love.

You only can access the full program by signing up for the group intensive. 

If you like the feel of this video, I strongly encourage you to consider joining the group program – chock full of openings like this, coupled with discussion to get your deepest questions answered. 

>> Click here to explore the group intensive that includes the full Ideal Relationship Frequency: Vision & Attraction guide.

I trust you’ll gain much from this single video, and I do hope that you seriously consider joining us for some more quality time that is personalized to you.

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