Psyche, Sex, Power, Intensity – What To Expect from Jupiter in Scorpio


Butterfly-Red-White-Black-KristenTodayA little over 12 years ago, my 2-year-old relationship was broken up over email with little explanation to understand what went wrong.

Soon after, my now-ex and I returned to the University of Iowa for our last year. I thought that we just needed an in-person conversation to work things out.

My pleas, desperation, and tears were no match to a sound decision of “no.”

I didn’t give up, but it soon became clear that it was over. He began dating other people – I’d wake up in the middle of the night sensing that. While becoming more psychic was cool, it was definitely not welcome in this situation.

The pain followed me everywhere; I felt retreated and lost. My pride would pull myself together, but then I’d lose it time and time again whenever we’d hang out with mutual friends.

I was a wreck.

Eventually, I started dating other people too, but I hadn’t really got over my ex.

Then on July 3, 2006, I made a Declaration of Independence for myself and thought, “You just need to get over this, not worry about any relationship…focus on yourself and your career for a couple years. Once that’s settled, you can try to work this relationship thing out again.”

And like that, the emotional weight was lifted.

Two days after I made that declaration, I went to a party with a friend at the modern dance festival I was attending. There, I met the man who would become my husband 6 years later.

In October, I moved to New York City and immersed myself to city life with the profound optimism and determination that characterizes many people’s early-20’s. From those first months, I built the foundation for my 10 years there – everything from who I knew, cultures, communities and people, and my evolving relationship trying to balance the job-for-money with the do-what-I-feel-called-to-do work.

Here’s the thing, the depth of my astrological knowledge at the time was limited to magazine horoscopes and that giant “Birthday Book” at the Borders store.

In preparing for this week’s writing for Jupiter in Scorpio, I looked back 12 years to what happened last time. Honestly, it was a little horrifying how tightly the aspects to my natal chart correlated to this story I just shared.

Every shift – my recognition of the breakup, my dating other people, my declaration for independence, meeting my husband, and moving to New York – corresponded to a transit shift in Jupiter in Scorpio.

Don’t freak out now that something terrible is going to happen to you. Every person will experience it differently and in a scale more-or-less positive.

What is shared, though, is that your deepest pains and secrets can get stretched and broken. From this, you can realize a reality free from your former shackles. Jupiter will magnify these hidden jewels with yourself.

For me 12 years ago, it was to start dealing with the feelings of abandonment I had as a child from my mother’s distance in my life. (I wouldn’t fully deal with that for another 4 years when Jupiter entered my 8th house-the traditional Scorpio house).

Without dealing with my deepest s***, having it come to life to face it, I wouldn’t be able to help others through their doo-doo and heartaches.

Point is – your life’s play doesn’t have to be in the negative, to go through trials and tribulations to break through the other side.

If you’re on the path to your dharma (aka purpose), the responses tend to be more positive.

For example, my theme this time seems to be about me growing to be more of who I aspire to be.

With the same astrological timing to what started my story 12 years ago, this time I helped a couple write a wedding ceremony, and I participated in a business workshop that shifted how I think of myself when I serve you in my business. Nothing but good has happened this time around (and I’m most grateful for it)!

So this can be an immediately positive year of Jupiter in Scorpio ahead.

Here’s how to make sense of it for yourself.


Psyche, Sex, Power, Intensity – What To Expect from Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10th, and he will be there until November 8, 2018.

Jupiter will magnify, enhance, or balloon the sign he’s in (Scorpio) as well as any aspect relationships he makes to the planet in your natal or progressed charts.

Someone who was born with Sun in Scorpio might find it to be a time where they come into who they really are.

Another with a Scorpio rising might find their personality and facing in the world gets blown up.

Someone with a Scorpio Moon might have their family histories and strong emotions charged up.

What’s common in the Scorpio experience is that you hang onto a thread to launch out (think of the Scorpion’s stinger) and change, transform, and “become.”

Jupiter will enhance these attachments that are hidden but can be sensed. That includes threads in your:

  • Psyche – how you expect the world to behave, the archetypes on which categorize people and your experiences, your pains and frustrations, all that.
  • Sex life – from passion to pain, for pleasure or for creating life.
  • Relationships to power – your own power of influence over others, how you cower or stand next to other authorities, your resistance.
  • Intensity – how your focus gets channeled positively (strong convictions, compelling opinions, driven to act) or negatively (obsessions, possessiveness, insecurities).


Essentially, Jupiter unearths core strengths (which may seem like weaknesses at first glance) that need attention so you can transform into who you’re meant to be. Again, to be free.

This is a mental position of awareness and control. We all can appreciate how fragile the mind and its mindset is in light of recent events.

The whole of how your transform may not be apparent over the next year. But, it’s the root of it.

For example, 12 years ago, Jupiter in Scorpio revealed repressed emotions and insecurities in my psychological makeup. It took 4 more years for Jupiter to enter my 8th house (the house Scorpio is traditionally speaking) to truly start transforming and breaking out of my history to become someone new. This is when I founded my first healing arts business, Papillon Healings (meaning “butterfly” in French).

The butterfly is truly a great analogy for Jupiter in Scorpio.

You have to feed your caterpillar self and get bigger, learn more, and see more so that you can heal and transform into the butterfly. Like the butterfly’s nature to transform, it is part of your nature in your own divine plan.

When Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November 2018, you’ll be ready to take on the positive mindset challenges to see how you expand in the greater world.


Patience and Confidence – Understand (and Take Advantage) of Jupiter’s Flow

Knowing the arc and timing of a transit is helpful to garner patience and confidence in yourself and your process.

The stage for your Jupiter in Scorpio story already has formed. Last Week’s Writing on Jupiter in Libra can help you make sense of your own setting.

For me, it was the breakup 12 years ago. This time around, it was helping a couple write their wedding ceremony and taking a workshop to refocus how I see myself serving you in this business.

When October 10th comes, Jupiter enters Scorpio. Do this:

  1. Try to accept your reality how it is.
  2. Welcome Jupiter’s help to see what needs to be seen. (This is purely intentional).
  3. Embark on your self-awareness process. (Again energetic).

The next 5 months is the unfolding of your story. Pay attention to the Scorpio themes (think psyche, sex, power, and intensity from above section).

When March 8th, 2018 comes, Jupiter goes Retrograde in Scorpio. You’re ready to try something new although the pains from the past may still linger.
Think of when I started dating again but didn’t get over my ex-boyfriend yet.

Around July 10, 2018, Jupiter will station to Direct Motion in Scorpio. You’re ready to take a new path. The metaphorical butterfly emerges out of the cocoon to see the world from a new perspective.
Think of when I made my Declaration of Independence. Your path is still internal, you’re working to prove to your mind that this new way is viable and worthwhile. Otherwise said, you’re breaking the old stories and reinforcing more positive ones.

November 8th, 2018 is the end of Jupiter in Scorpio. You’re learned a lot about yourself at the core, and now it’s time to explore how you expand in the world at large.


What else to expect this next year:

Along the Jupiter in Scorpio journey, we’ll always track Mars’ movements to get an added dimension to how Jupiter manifest. That’s because Jupiter is in Scorpio’s house, of which Mars makes the rules. (For the astro buff’s, Pluto has a part in that too, but he’ll stay in Capricorn, so that’s more consistent).


Opportunity & Timing:

Any transit through Scorpio is a great time to be strategic and do deep work. Schedule a 20-minute session with me to see what kind of opportunities and their timing to make the most of your Jupiter in Scorpio journey.


Las Vegas Massacre, Full Moon in Aries —
Day Guides: September 26 – October 2, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – In light of the weekend’s massacre, emotions continue to pour out today. The Pisces Moon gives space for healthy grieving, and it also reveals deeper stories at play. PTSD gets a new light. Gun regulation and background checks. Also, people’s relationship to feeling a sense of belonging and safety (both positive Piscean feelings) is shaken. There’s a profound internal choice to be made, evidenced by Venus and Pluto’s trine, coupled with the Moon’s aspects to them.
Are you going to play small (Venus in Virgo) and hide, avoiding all of life’s negative qualities (Pluto)? OR Are you going to play your small piece of the puzzle (Venus in Virgo) to change power dynamics, control, and what seems to be destructive (Pluto)?
This massacre already is an act for the benefit of dark forces, but even more so if we as a collective of individual people let ourselves pause, interrupt, or stop living life to do our good or take in life’s pleasure. Fear of the unknown harm is as present as it was before. Yes, we could be victim to the worst side of our neighbor, as it’s always been. We all also have to trust the power of our good against these potential horrors around us. Renew your faith that there is a divine timing and will for your own life. That you are protected on a spiritual level. You have to be open to receive in order to get it – even on a spiritual level. Give a hug to a stranger and yourself, even if it’s a smile. Love heals. Fear and distrust divide and kill.

Purge-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix



Wednesday – Moon is void most of the day in Pisces, going direct at 4:40pm EDT. Keep things to yourself, start drafts and what if’s. Actual conversations or correspondence probably will get lost or won’t amount to much. Void Moons have a tendency to do that, but especially in Pisces, it’s just too much. If you need time off, take it. Review and mass send everything once Moon is Direct at 4:40pm EDT. The Aries Moon sees things more in focus.

Purge-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Thursday – Put up the blinders and stay focused on the work ahead. Moon in Aries give you the energetic push to work through things. Mars’ influence in Virgo to Moon encourages you to bite off small pieces, and keep progressing in baby steps. The Full Moon in Aries today brings to light the past 20 months. Take a moment to reflect on the world’s violence, aggression, and anger. Send love and healing to that in prayer or meditation. Also take notice on what relationships you’ve initiated and grown the past 20 months and how you can harvest those. See last week’s considerations for more ideas. These last days of Jupiter in Libra pairs well with this Full Moon.




Friday – Rally momentum to end your week on a positive note. The morning is favored for structuring your task lists. Then it’s onto connecting the pieces of work you’ve been doing together. Build in stimulus and inspiration to your early afternoon. The Moon-Uranus conjunction favors a high-energy day in this way although its influence lessens after 3pm EDT. Spend the rest of the day securing those high-value relationships as discussed in Last Week’s Considerations. Moon opposes Jupiter and puts the pressure on you to take the first move!




Saturday – Take it slow and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Keep those close to your heart nearby and feed them with delicious food and drink but also stories of good times. Taurus Moon keeps things warm and fuzzy for you and helps you feel more grounded again.

Social-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Sunday – All-day void moon in Taurus encourages you to keep things simple. Take in what brings you joy. Beautify your home, lighten your life with good people. Do nothing and just observe. Moon moves into Gemini 9:44pm EDT.

Low Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Monday – The restoring weekend charges you up for a productive Monday. Except the Gemini Moon can be dividing and counter-productive today with its challenging aspect to Pluto and Neptune. People are charged up to make a change, but they don’t necessarily share the same perspective on how to get there. Choice is what makes life so bountiful, so try to give space to the human expression of that, however frustrating it is. Use the Gemini Moon to weave your way in and out so everyone has a space to win – to feel their voice is heard and to do something that relates.


Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure


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