bed-eyes-oh-no-KristenTodayHate to break it to you, but the re-structuring and redoing isn’t quite over.

Mercury is Direct Motion now, but this today Saturn stations to go retrograde. On Sunday, Pluto also stations to go retrograde.

The good news is that Saturn and Pluto work more on the overall picture, so it’s not like a day-to-day drama like Mercury.

Plus with Sun’s entry to Taurus on Thursday night, the mood will generally start to feel more settled.

However, these retrogrades can signal that you’re in for a turnaround in what you’re after.

The sense of the ambitions likely will seem the same, but what it looks like can change.

Power dynamics – who you serve and who works under you, re-evaluated.

Mercury Retrograde gave you the mental awareness to see how things aren’t working well. Miscommunication, broken process, small details that actually made a difference…

With those insights, it makes sense that the greater structure is going to change. And change might be abrupt!

You’re going to be figuring out whatever this amounts to for the next 4.5 months (until Sept. 6th) when Saturn stations to Direct Motion.

Try not to get discouraged because by the end of this year, you’re going to get finances that match what you’re doing and the machine well-oiled. You can enter a sweet spot in December despite these obstacles!

Remember, when you set your goals more as standards than finished tasks, you can feel accomplished in any time period – today, this week, this year, you name it!

Embrace what is. It’s Saturn Retrograde. It’s Pluto Retrograde. It’s not like you can change the course of the cosmos.

This Week’s Considerations helps you feel settled in what is, even with Saturn and Pluto’s about-face in your physical goals and control.


Your 2018 Arch (light at the end of tunnel)

Knowing where you are headed is one of the most powerful tools for getting through what appears to be regressive and to keep going.

Saturn’s Retrograde is long. But remember, he’s more interested in broad strokes than the day-to-day Mercury is in.

After Saturn’s retrograde is over on September 6th, you’ll have a month without any major planetary shifts.

They’ll be aspects that get you to take action on your new plan, be more disciplined in what you focus your efforts on, of course… so small steps forward.

But then on September 30th, Pluto goes Direct Motion. Things get more intense, noticeable, and physical. You’ll have to manage strong desires and temptations to act on “scorched earth policy.” Before you scrap everything you’ve already done, hold steady a few days because…

Around the same time, Venus will Retrograde in Scorpio in October, right over the tail end of Jupiter’s journey in Scorpio. This will be a really good time to come clean on old contracts, abuses of power (and renegotiating the structures), as well as good fortune in anything having to do with money, relationships, and sex. (To name just a few).

I’m anticipating this being a time for collections and investing my resources into things I care about for the next decade or so.

On November 16th, Venus goes to Direct Motion and Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius. A week later Neptune stations to Direct Motion.

Meaning, just as you know the real power dynamics you have, you have to retrace your steps a little bit. Maybe you got what you deserved, but at what cost?

Honestly, it can get a little heady this time of year, but you’re probably going to seriously consider how you should spend your next year.

What is that you really believe in? What’s your vision for the future? Does your mind get in the way of enjoying life more?

Once that’s cleared up, you’re on a smooth course for the Winter Solstice, where I like set my new year’s intentions.

At this time throughout December, Mars is in watery Pisces. He’s a little disoriented here, but if you surrender to it, it can be very spiritual.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius along with Mercury helping express your experiences into understanding. And Venus remains in Scorpio, making strong connections and helping keep the focus on the people and things that matter most to you.

The end-of-year holidays will have a special glow. Aspirational, adventurous and inspired, you’ll have an opportunity to do deep work on yourself as well as stretch the limits you hold on yourself.

Focus on the journey ahead, not just the day-to-day moves that can feel directionless and regressive! When you feel the arc of the near future, you can feel more present and accepting of what is.


Let’s Talk About You & Your Control Freak…

Have you been accused of being a control freak? Of holding something too close for others to really collaborate with you?

As much as it’s great to work with other people, sometimes they just don’t live up to the expectations you have. So you have to take matters in your own hands.

Or life delivers you something mediocre. So you have to make it better. Because only the best for you!

The nightmare for perfectionists is rooted in control.

You’re going to have face the control freak in you – however strong or tame it is – these next few months.

Saturn Retrograde takes down the facade, and Pluto Retrograde moves the power and control around. Because they’re both retrograde, it usually has to do with you on an inner level.

They’re knocking on your door!

If you’ve ever heard of the term “helicopter mom,” this is the feeling. Basically, it’s moms who anxious about letting their little one getting hurt or not liking the independence, so they hover around barely giving them space to breathe and discover the world on their own.

Settle down with your own helicopter tendencies. Give your treasured projects some room to breathe, trip and fall, get back up again, and come through on its own expression and experience!

All creative energy – including people, art, and work – require space. Without the space of breath, the world would be stagnant. No movement. No flow from in to out, out to in…

Take time to observe what is. And while doing it, observe the control freak within you.

Calm the inner control freak like you would a small child who’s besides themselves… speak gently with it, breath, rub its back, give it hug, sing it a song, you know best!

As you calm your control issues, you probably will see your prized work in new eyes.

From there you really can shape it into something that feels like it can exist with or without you.

As an artist, and as a creative force, this is the best possible outcome of any project you pour your energy to.

So get out of your own way, let the planets do their work, and see the fruits that come from your recycled and reimagined material.


Get S%!+ Done (and enjoy the process)

Ever find yourself at a sudden standstill after well-thought plans and hard work?

It’s easy to feel defeated in such moments.

Yet somehow life must go own your dreams remain preserved!

In most cases this next few months, success probably won’t look the social norm of making landslide achievements and accomplishing hard feats of labor.

Instead, success it more likely to be seen in the process and day-to-day of things.

Frame what success means for you.

Are you doing things for short-term temporary gains, or can you commit to the process?

If you can commit to the process unfolding exactly as it should, you’ll probably end up further and more accomplished at the end of the game. (However impatient you may be)

Do things that make sense in the moment. Wait for another day for it to reveal itself as done.

Also, don’t feel like you have to have a set process every day and know exactly how to replicate your work.

Saturn Retrograde is a bit unstructured here. So you’ll have to recalibrate regularly.

It’s more about getting the work done with however makes sense today.

It takes a bit of faith to commit to the process instead of the hard-lined goals.

Soften into the world of unknown, though, that the end-of-year arc can more easily deliver you to a happier place!


Astrological Day Guides: April 17 – 23, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.


Tuesday – Face your fears with a practical mindset. Ask yourself if your fears are really warranted in the context of your truest friends and everyday life. I once found that on some level I thought I’d be executed if the wrong person found out I was doing astrology! Not truly a present-day issue now, was that?! Really let yourself go deep to discover those fears because it’s easy to extract the weeds of your mind with today’s aspects.
(Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Mars, opposes Jupiter, trines Mars, then Conjoins Venus before going Void-of-Course at 6:05pm EDT. Venus-Pluto trine. Saturn Stations Retrograde at 9:47pm EDT).


Wednesday – Call up a friend you’ve haven’t talked to in a while and get to know your neighborhood again. Time of fall in love with simple pleasures. Take in an easy read, a leisure walk, or a no-frills conversation. You may jump from topic to topic, but the light mood is surely contagious.
(Gemini Moon sextile Mercury. Sun-Uranus Trine).


Thursday – Stargaze at the constellations of your mind. Be in awe of who you’re becoming because of all you’ve learned. Feel the integration and the desire to solidify these quick bursts of energy from the past month or so. Tonight Sun enters Taurus and signals a time to make things steady and practical.
(Gemini Moon squares Neptune. Sun enters Taurus at 11:13pm EDT).


Friday – Pull out the threads from last night’s dreams during the morning void moon. Pay attention to topics that seem to be fleeting vs. those that have a desire to concretize. Let the fleeting ones go further off in the distance of your psyche. Engage with the ones you feel more connected to. Then spend the rest of the day as a working meditation, gauging your feeling toward any activity with care. Try to do only what is pleasurable (relax, it’s just one day). At the end of the day, notice how you did things differently. Notice the tension to move toward feel-good from of have-to.
(Void Moon from 8:05am – 10:26am EDT followed by Moon in Cancer. Moon sextiles Sun, squares Mercury and opposes Saturn Retrograde).


Saturday – Your intuition peaks to give you insights to new strategies to try and a more complete vision of you ahead. Give space for them to flow in by keeping a low-intensity schedule. Spend some time by water if you can. Time to feel into your heart and spiritual intelligences about where your next moves are instead of just using your mental intelligence.
(Cancer Moon makes Grand Trine with Neptune and Jupiter. Moon opposes Mars-Pluto).


Sunday – Unstable day. Keep a low-profile and see what surfaces. Look to your thoughts, your family, or wherever your “Capricorn” house in your natal chart suggests. Once you see what you’re working with, it’s time to take a leadership stance and fix the broken chain.
(Cancer Moon sextiles Venus and squares Uranus before going Void-of-Course at 10:58am EDT. Pluto Stations Retrograde. Leo Moon beings at 1:09pm EDT to square Sun and trine Mercury).


Monday – Edge closer to sensitive subjects today. Approach them with the air of who you want to be as a leader and personality. Time to work through the sticky subjects and get on the same page. Because it’s the right thing to do.
(Leo Moon squares Jupiter. Mars-Jupiter sextile approaches).

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