Insecurity Monsters Are Preventing You From Doing The Right Thing

door-dark-insecurity-light-KristenTodayLast month, I allowed my husband to install blackout shades.

He completely took away my night light!!

Ever since I was a kid, I treasured my little light next to my bed. Back then, the dark was just creepy.

I felt like spiders or unseen monsters would be steered away from my light. I even considered my prayers for protection like a light.

As an adult, the light grew into a comfort more than anything.

This week’s Astro-Tellurological Consideration may reveal creepy crawlers.

The question is… will you recognize it? And if you do, will you be up to the challenge to re-empower yourself?

This Week’s Astro-Tellurology Snapshot

It’s the last week of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, and the Sun will enter Gemini on Friday. The same day Mercury stations into direct motion, the Sun will oppose Mars who remains retrograde.

If you’ve been overextending yourself or leaving too many options open, it can be blind strikingly apparent now. It’s time to pull out your inner compass and navigate the multiplicities of choices available. You cannot be stalled in inactivity anymore, even if you’re not certain it’s the right thing to do – any movement is still progress. (This is where last week’s Mindsets for Meaningful Beginnings could be helpful).

Saturday’s Full Moon makes this shift even more potent than it already is, and the Tellurologie reveals the challenges on making the better choices our higher minds know are right but can be difficult to make. This is indicated by Ellipse 2 meeting Ellipse 4 and together squaring Ellipse 3 right around the Full Moon.

Full moons always bring to light what you have accomplished for better or for worse so that you can begin the process of taking consciousness of how your actions affect your life and world, which later can inform a new beginning. Face the reality with love and a learning state of mind!

Mercury’s station direct marks the beginning of articulating your Taurus archetype better. Become aware of the lessons the Retrograde gave in order to do that – Venus is and will be on your side these first moments.

Venus has been talking with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus this past month, and she’s been helping reveal some of the more negative potentials of the Taurus archetype in the most loving way possible. (Those are described immediately below).

How Insecurity Monsters Might Creep Up…

Feelings of worthlessness, uncertainty of your value in a workplace or associations, being poor in your finances (or relationship to them), ungratefulness for what do have… all are possible bad-side Taurus archetypes sneaking up and snarling at you.

Maybe you made a nice meal – you know it tastes good before you serve it. At the table you patiently wait, and then you’re compelled to ask, “Do you like it? Is it good?”

Or, you have a client to bill. You haven’t done it yet because you feel like you haven’t delivered whatever they expect from you to be worthy of that invoice payment.

Envy strikes. You find yourself wishing you had more – more a following, more beautiful clothing, more vacations, more anything to feel more substantial and more meaningful.

These are insecurity monsters. They are maligned energies that have to be repurposed for their positive potentials.

You cannot just leave your negative tendencies behind, you have to move away from them with respect and consciousness of how not to get yourself back there.  

With insecurity monsters, the key out is often realizing they are not rooted in present time rationality. Stay with me – I really encourage you to find your truth on this.

Listen to your excuses; they often point to something in the past.

For example, you don’t ask for more money because last time you lost the job when you did it.

Well – didn’t you learn from that experience, and if you think about it, understand what resources you need in order to help you make a similar transition more gracefully this time?

Do you ask for validation because that was how you were raised to be polite? It’s not necessary to ask how something is if you already know it.

That past has no relevance today, just influence. You create your reality, every day, every moment. IF YOU DECIDE IT!

5 Ways To Re-Empower Yourself:
(AND…Put those Insecurity Monsters IN CHECK)

  1. Correct Yourself.
    When you say something that is making you smaller or inferior to someone in a situation, correct it to re-empower yourself.
    “Do you like it?” becomes “I like ___ about this. What do you like about it?” or “I think I did ___ well. If it were you, what might you do to make it even better?”
  2. Clean Up.
    Look for your physical and mental clutter. Uncertainty or the inability to make a choice on what to do next will be great indicators.
    Then…label it as it is – a mess!
    No one likes being a mess, so figure out why it might be that. Maybe it’s practical like, “I don’t have a place to put it away.” Go one step further.
    Did you not buy or create the place to put it away because you didn’t have the money, you didn’t want to let go of old things that have no current emotional value, or maybe it’s your partner’s fault! That’s where your insecurity monster lives. Talk to it, recognize it’s past-time energy, and clean up your mess to resolve and undo the effects of its former master. You are the maestro once again.

  3. State Your Credentials.
    However networked you are, you won’t have new opportunities come to your door unless you can articulate it. Many have hangups about feeling conceited or judged when they are just stating facts about themselves.
    Facts are not bragging.
    You work hard for your credentials – you need to make space for what you’ve earned through experience and education to work for you.

  4. Find Peace With What Is.
    Understanding expectations is a learned skill. That’s why those who negotiate and do contracts are high-paid specialists – they have learned how to manage expectations. You, like me, are probably not as good at it as you want to be.
    Are you making decisions based on a feeling of what the other wants – or the grounded truth about what was said to happen and what actually happened?
    If you put your time into it, and it didn’t turn out as expected, that’s not your fault. You do not need to penalize yourself for it.
    Instead, if you communicate what is, you likely will bring peace to yourself and to the other person.
    Agreements happen because both parties want something to happen; it’s not a personal thing.
    When you find peace with what is, and you communicate it, you facilitate learning and faster progress to getting everyone’s – including your own – expectations on results accomplished.

  5. Share Your Pleasantries.
    There are personality features about you that make you who you are. Your sweetness, genuine care, charm, stark truth-saying… whenever you are being pure you, people naturally light up alongside you. It makes you human, and it makes you relatable.
    Insert yourself into the most mundane of your life’s tasks – from work to the grocery store.
    There’s tremendous value in you. Along with the feel-good of sharing your pleasantries of your personality, following it is trust and a desire for longevity and preservation of relationship.
    These are qualities that help you feel secure in every facet of your life from job to friendships, from family to your relationship to your neighborhood.

If you’re able to incorporate these aspects of self-empowerment, then you likely will find more opportunities in the things you love.

Your confidence will improve.

Your mind will have the chance to calm and get you thinking on higher-level concerns.

When you engage your rational brain, you naturally will have less stress running through your blood and you will be increasing your longevity.

You likely will have more fulfilling relationships.

When honesty and topic-appropriate vulnerability are offered, more meaningful conversations are created. With higher-quality conversations, your ability to positively influence multiplies quickly.

The challenge to leave behind your safety net to rely on a new one is a necessary part of growing up – no matter how old in years you are.

Hey – I’m sleeping in the dark for the first time willingly in my adult life. I decided I no longer need my a night light.

The comforts of my childhood in retrospect are much smaller than the internal security I have developed since then from my life experience.

The light is still on, but it’s inside me!

Put whatever your night light is away in the memory box and begin placing bets on your own abilities and self-worth.
photo credit: Entrée via photopin (license)

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