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There’s a part of me that wishes people dressed up in costumes more often. Not for the costumes that pretend to be more or different than who one actually is. But rather for the unrestrained expression that reveals a part of their personality, without shame, instead with confidence. For example, “white” man dressed up as Lawrence of Arabia yesterday who I found holding conversation in Farsi. People actually interact more in this state and with costumes, and I think that’s wonderful!

I often wonder what one’s “avatar” costume would be to represent the core person. If we could really express ourselves physically as we feel on the inside, what would we get to witness?

I delight in people being uncontrollably themselves, which often is more subtle than one would think.

I thank everyone who dressed up yesterday, this week, and probably this weekend. You have made and will continue to make me smile.

1 thought on “Halloween”

  1. In NYC, the more obscure the costume the better.
    Chick Magnet = Large Sized Magnet with baby chicks attached to the ends
    Box of Kittens = Woman dressed in sexy kitten costume with a cardboard box around her
    The list goes on

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