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Painting: William Harvey "Rama"
Painting: William Harvey “Rama”

I have enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know artist, musician, community visionary, and connector William ‘Bill’ Harvey over the past few years.  Beneath his cool, collected yet sophisticated eccentricity, there lies a humble genius.

Because of him, my eyes have been opened to see projects, whether they are art or for social good, as having a unique growing span and maturity.  Some projects might be instantaneous while others comfortably see the light 7 or 10 years later. He accepts this with patience, like a master gardener knows when to expect a harvest.

Bill plants many figurative seeds that turn into the flowers we enjoy; yet few scratch the surface to notice who planted them.

Most recently, Bill has underwritten the creative, business, and political resources to co-found NY IS MUSIC, an idea and a group whose first advocacy is supporting passage to a music industry tax credit similar to what the film industry enjoys. (

Beyond the accomplishment this would be to enact,  I firsthand have witnessed what others might call magic.

One day, Bill gathered the people with whom he had built relationships to his studio for a round table discussion on the competitive necessity and opportunity a music industry tax credit would bring.

Nearly 6-months later, NY Assemblyman Joe Lentol is on Brooklyn Independent Media with the NY IS MUSIC founders, eloquently describing the talking points revealed by that meeting. In addition to a writeup in the NY Times and Metro NY, I have no doubt this legislation will have the momentum to pass because of how obvious it seems important to anyone coming across it.

One meeting with the right people to make it a reality.

One seed with the right nourishment is all it needs to make a magnificent flower.

And like a piece of art, it took collecting and gathering the right resources (relationships, ideas, and a place to meet) to make it happen.

I never will be able to discount a simple meeting ever again. Making creative impulse happen and inviting others to enrich it not only is powerful, it is reality. And it works.  Let’s be in action to making big dreams reality.

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