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T Crawford - "Purple Meditation"
T Crawford – “Purple Meditation”

I’ve found the mystic and immense world in one’s own interiority to be a fascinating world in which I regularly explore.

In my experience,  there seems to be both a fluidity and a boundary sometimes difficult to discern on when to share something discovered intimately in the depths of one’s being.

It takes time and keeping the sacredness of one’s own secrets to come through to personal breakthroughs.

And too, to keep everything to oneself does not serve the world much,  for I’m sure that each has benefited from an experience of someone sharing a light of truth within them, and that in turn lit something up in one’s own self.

So the personal journey also becomes on knowing your own body instrument well enough to know when to keep something or when to share it.

And in this way, we also can see that when we let go of something previously inhabited in our interiority,  we have room to find again a new reference point on what this sacred inner space is. We evolve.

Today I’m more internal.

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