Feeling Compromised

Ebba Jahn, "Pushing It"
Ebba Jahn, “Pushing It”

There is a fine line between pushing oneself to return into the positive and letting oneself feel the reality. It is how we perceive the reality, though, that matters.

In several areas of my life, I see and I feel how I have let myself compromise at the sacrifice of my truer interests.

And I test my courage in vulnerability here in sharing my processing-heart to heart.

The present is a result of the past,  where I made decisions that I felt were best. And in continuing my life, I naturally gained experience that shaped my perspective over and over again.

I can see now that my choices have left me compromised, but I would not have known that had I not had the experiences afterward to lead me to that awareness.

The only empowering choice I have left now is to make decisions, and with determination, work to find a better balance – a truer me in the now.  And likely, I’ll return to a moment similar to this to face another set of difficult choices or experiences that will stretch my perceptions of my limits.

I give myself permission to feel regret, sorrow, or low emotions.  And I give myself strength to detach from these chains that prevent my finding a better way, quickly, with love and appreciation for the lessons I learned for my personal evolution thanks to them.

It is as it is.

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