Make 2021 The Year You Step Forward Into Lasting Love (even if you're still healing from past relationships)

The scars from your past shouldn't limit your future from including a joyful and secure love relationship.

This 5-Week Get Ready for Love Again Group Intensive resets your relationship to yourself and gives you the practical skills to create a deep connection with a man - quickly. So you feel prepared when you're ready to love again...

Never worry about attracting an unhealthy relationship or repeating patterns again. Feel confident in your heart's desire on how life would be enriched and enhanced with a love relationship.

Let's mend your heart and get you ready to be available to love again. <3

In This Training, You’ll Discover How To:

Feel Free To Move Forward From Your 
Past Relationships

Radiate Confidence Naturally

Create Deep Connection Without Losing Yourself


Best Practices from Your Relationship Coach

For nearly a decade, Kristen has helped women attract the life of their dreams through deep relationship to themselves and specific skill building. In this training series, she will be sharing her tried and true methods with you to feel ready for love again, even if you feel too scarred from your past.
See you there!

Here's everything you get...

50-Minute Strategy Call

Plan your focus over the 5-weeks together. This is going to be an intensive 1-on-1 phone call where we discover where you're at and then give you a step-by-step framework of what to focus on over the next 5 weeks during our group work.

Private Facebook Community

Intimately connect with others who are walking through the same growth, learning from their process. Be able to have a safe place to get advice and support in between our group calls.

5 Group 'Deep Dive' Calls

Connect with expert relationship coach Kristen Whitehurst in an intimate setting to get your questions answered, move through any love blocks you may have and flow freely toward being ready for the love of your life.

Two 1-on-1 Sessions

Unlock where you're stuck or uncertain to keep your momentum going. I'll select from my decade-plus accumulation of tools, strategies and experience to customize a session most supportive to you. These tools are my most common: coaching, custom meditation, energetic attunement, astrology, Feng Shui of the present time... and more.
15-minutes each.

First Access

Any followup training that may become available and supportive to your after the program is yours to claim before I open it up to the broader public.

Here's what clients have said about this process with Kristen:


Creative Director

I was working with her while dating somebody else, and we went through the whole process together. That included being able to be graceful and dignified even when I decided that somebody wasn't for me and then ending it. That was a breakthrough for me. It was like I didn't have to go through the same emotional crap that I was going to have before, whether the relationship was good or bad or whatever, just because it was a relationship.

I met [my partner] shortly after the breakup, and we just signed a cohabitation agreement (like a marriage agreement here).


Freelance Graphic Designer

“These days it's almost like quantity over quality. It's difficult to cut through the people and find the one where there might be a real connection. Kristen helped me think about things in terms of abundance instead of scarcity. To stop clinging onto the things that aren't working or serving me. She helped me be more open to other people, being open to possibilities…”


Elementary Teacher

“Since working with Kristen, I am feeling happier and with so much sense of possibility. I am awed and amazed at how far I have come working with Kristen. Kristen has taught me the formula for finding the love of my life and has given me concrete and grounded steps so that I can prepare and organize to be truly ready to show up authentically with eyes wide open.

Kristen showed me how I can do this with so much lightness, fun and confidence even if I thought I had none. She helped me discover that I actually do have all the things to attract and keep my love prospect that is perfect for me. I highly recommend working with Kristen from the bottom of my heart.”


Bonus Course

Tap into your inner guidance system to recognize what the ideal relationship looks like for you as well as the woman you are in it.

Apply this understanding to visualize how your ideal dating process unfolds, attract in high-quality dates, and discern who is really a good fit (when you feel ready again).

Value: $250

Bonus Session

Work with one of my go-to Network Chiropractors to unlock your unconscious patterns and attachments to your past through your physical body. This is one of my favorite ways to 'fast-forward' the progress or breakthroughs I'm intending at any moment.


Value: $200

Bonus Live Session

Discover how to feel confident and attractive in your own power. For yourself and to get noticed with welcomed attention from others.

We'll discuss what your clothing and accessories can communicate and what's most fitting for you to express your best through dress.    
Value: $200

Get Ready For Love Again Week-By-Week

Reignite Your Feminine

Through 4 Short, experiential type meditations, I help you find peace with your experience with the feminine up to now, claim a higher expression of it in this present time, and increase your sense of fulfillment and self-advocacy. 

Claim Your Healthy Inner Masculine 

Together in two different experiences followed by a discussion, we start to bridge an understanding of the energetic dynamics between women (embodying the feminine expression) and men (embodying the masculine expression)... all through the reference of yourself so you have a tangible example for your relationship

How To Use Powerful Non-Verbal Communication

 I share two of my non-verbal favorite tools with you - one, is something I adopted for relating from my performance training, and other is something you’ve probably noticed intuitively but couldn’t quite put your finger to it. By the end, you may find that you feel better heard and understood, enjoy a deeper resonance from both sides of communication, and feel prepared to offer subtle but effective cues to encourage healthy power dynamics and interpersonal ease. 

Upgrade Your Verbal Communication For Fast, Authentic Rapport

Here I share 2 strategies that include Hot Seats With Discussion.  These super practical and easy-to-implement strategies help you build rapport quickly and authentically. You will discover tried and true techniques that professionals use in the highest stakes communications. (Which honestly, dating often feels like). We also explore the secret glue of successful relationships - its function (which hint: it makes you laugh), value, and how to flow a conversation into its sweet spot. 

Workshop Week! Put the Inner Work Into Your Everyday Love Life

Here we uncover your most important stories to share at certain times - from dating profiles, a first date, and beyond into increasing levels of physical and emotional intimacy. Also, you will try on my favorite framework to increase connection even in difficult or uncomfortable conversations. This works creates the foundation that bridges you from Step 1 of my process (Tap Into Your Ideal Frequency) into Step 2 (Loving Discernment).

Join Get Ready For Love Again

Two Payment Options Available.

Payment Plan

Get all the benefits of the program with 3 payments - today's deposit + at week 2 & week 4.

  • 50-Minute Strategy Call
  • 5 Weekly Group 'Deep Dive' Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Two 1-on-1 Sessions
  • BONUS - Your Ideal Relationship Frequency:  Vision & Attraction Guide
  • BONUS - SRI Breathwork Session: Body-Mind-Emotion Integration System
  • BONUS - Express Your Best Through Dress: Live Session


3 payments of $147

Full Pay

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • 50-Minute Strategy Call
  • 5 Weekly Group 'Deep Dive' Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Two 1-on-1 Sessions
  • BONUS - Your Ideal Relationship Frequency:  Vision & Attraction Guide
  • BONUS - SRI Breathwork Session: Body-Mind-Emotion Integration System
  • BONUS - Express Your Best Through Dress: Live Session


$397 total


A's for your Q's

Will this work if I’m older or not in as good of shape as I’d like to be?
Yes it can! I've had a woman find the love of her life just one day after posting up her dating profile according to the work we did together. And that was after we made sure she was truly ‘ready’ to attract that kind of match. At the time of our working together she was 68 years old, and she was not a fan of how her body weight and shape appeared at that moment.

What if I can’t make it to all the calls?
You can still get the full value of the intensive. Each of the calls is recorded and shared ONLY with the members of the group, so you can always catch up when it’s convenient to you. Plus, if there is something you’d like addressed, you can email me before the session, and I can address it in the call.

How do I know if this is right for me?
Well, it may be easier to say who this intensive is NOT for. It’s not for you if you fall into one of two categories. 1 - You feel completely ready to attract and maintain a love relationship to the highest possible compatibility to you. 2 - You expect this intensive to be a magic pill. I’ll offer all the information that you need to make it 10x easier to step forward into lasting love in 2020, but it’s up to you to take action.

Is there a Guarantee for this program?
For this live version, no. I need to maintain the most positive group atmosphere possible, and the energy running with this kind of judgement call coupled with our calls usually takes away from your and group’s success. But I know that if you go through all 5 weeks and take action, you're going to be thrilled with all the ways you feel ready for love, plus you may even have new friends.

Can I really move past my baggage and patterns?
Of course! I teach you ways to feel more at peace as well as have your history help you create mindful, supportive relationships going forward. Plus, I believe that challenges you’re given are the ones you’re meant to break free from. Let me help you take off those shackles. Your own breakthroughs offer a path for others with a similar journey to also find freedom!

Can I really participate if I don’t want to be on video or to share?
Yes, of course. You’re welcome to turn on/off your video as you like, just dial in by phone, or whatever you need. Please know I’m very clear about ground rules right from the get-go so that every woman can feel safe and open on these calls. Every woman who has registered that may have come in tentative about group work has actively participated in the group - so I’d say I’m effective at creating a safe environment. 

How is this different than other love & relationship advice or programs out there?
Many of the other programs out there focus on dating tips circulated around his attention and desire (without making it authentic to you). It's almost like they're suggesting to put on a face to be someone else and slowly reveal who you really are. This might work for short-term relationships, but not for long-lasting ones. This aim of this intensive is to give you the skills, knowledge, and motivation to truly be ready for (real) love. From working through limiting beliefs to more practical aspects of communication techniques, we cover it what matters and make sure it's true to you, every step of the way

Are there any other costs associated with the intensive?
There are no materials cost or anything like that. You may decide you want to upgrade some things in your life - or treat yourself - but that’s up to you. And, I show you how to make the most with what you have. 



Get Ready for Love Again

Two Payment Options Available.

(limited space to maintain an intimate, high-touch experience)

$147 Deposit

$397 Full-Pay

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