Love Moods of 2020: Astrological Guidance for Your Sexy Year

Are you ever frustrated by the hot-and-cold nature of new relationships? Or, just when you made progress on setting better agreements in your relationship it seems to have gone away?

2020 is pretty much set in the context of a stellium in Capricorn. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto all year long to expand upon last year’s theme of Saturn-Pluto unearthing of what you’re really going on vs. making a backbone for what you stand for over the next decades… 

And this conversation isn’t to overwhelm you. It’s to help you understand the most favorable conditions to create what you want for your love life in 2020, including when to:

  • Start a relationship
  • Explore different aspects of your sex life
  • Understand when he’s more likely to commit (and to what)
  • When you can heal old wounds
  • Be sensitive to more vulnerable moments
  • When not to take things personally
  • When you (or he) might need space
  • And when to open up old conversations… and even old relationship! (Probably not when you’re thinking) 

If you’re new to astrology, don’t worry. I break it down into characters you can understand and keep this in everyday person’s terms as much as possible. Plus, I coach you through it to get the most out of it! 

You’ll also get the opportunity to see what I have planned for our time together this 2020!


You can also take notes with this handout. <3

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