5 Relationship Stands Worth Standing For

Once upon a time, I read a news article about a couple married for decades who claimed to never have had an argument together.

As if this fairy-tale was something most people could strive for.

Perhaps – but they didn’t make it seem so.

They might not have been self-aware of it, but I am absolutely certain that even PERFECT compatibility like that couple claims follows these same ingredients to make a beautiful lifelong relationship.

Such bold results come from bold actions. In today’s 5 Relationship Stands Worth Standing For, I share 5 qualities – and how to practice them – many successful couples use.

5 Relationship Stands Worth Standing For

1. Shared Values
Having something to stand for makes it easier to be on your side. As a couple – you may live very similar or very different lives, but at the root of it you’re going to have common values. Whether its legacy, kindness to others, adventure, fitness… its endless, your values are the never-ending pot of gold to inspire the best in your relationship. 
This couple valued not getting in arguments. For sure that was an agreement. One they felt is imperative to maintain. So, to make that happen, they have to figure out strategies to not bring confrontation interpersonal. Likely, they have a VERY strong inner relationship with themselves to be able to fulfill this value.

2. Each Has a Strong Personal Relationship
One of the strongest glues in connection is communication. For effective connecting and communicating, you must understand your own experience. And from there, its needs and desires so you can advocate – and enjoy the receiving – from asking for a quality of relating most meaningful to you. Too, this implies, owning your baggage and taking responsibility for it so it doesn’t become toxic in your other life areas.

3. Be Okay Talking About the “Bad” & Confrontation
As you get to trust your partner that you work through sh** well together, you can appreciate this. You can celebrate when something “terrible” is about to get revealed. Hard truths. Admittances. Because they are the rawest, more pure ways to push the reset button on your relationship. Its passion. Depth. And co-appreciation.

4. Keep Moving 
Sure, keeping your physical body is going to help all sorts of things. But what is most important is to keep moving in all ways – even if you’re not certain about the choices in your life. GROW. Life is constantly in movement. You breathe. In and Out. The world keeps moving. If you’re not moving and finding your flow, you’re putting yourself in a dying/death pattern. Which is totally reversible but just making the choice to try. Try something different. Try the same. Keep moving.

5. Put Effort Into Relating AKA Don’t Wait for Fairy Godmothers to Fix Things
Don’t expect the other to initiate progress, even if it’s always been like that. Be proactive to put yourself in a good space to inspire the best in them. To keep up on your reading and have interesting conversation topics. To stop texting, look them in the eyes and share space. Create chemistry. Even if it’s not fair, doesn’t feel even, if you don’t take leadership in your relationship – then who will? Leadership inspires positive action in others. We all learn best from example. So be her.
Focus on any one of these Stands, and you can stride toward healthier, more passionate, more loving relationships.

If you’d like help identifying what strategy may be best for you, consider booking a Love Block Breakthrough Call. Email me to learn more.

In the comments below, let me know which stand you’re standing for! And how you see it could work for you!

Photo: Timo Stern

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