5 Feminine Leadership In Relationship Strategies For Deeper Connection and Self-Empowerment

Ever feel like you’re riding the see-saw of standing up for yourself and walking on eggshells to his ego?

We get triggered, and the voices come in.

“Be responsible for yourself.”  “Stand up for yourself and make boundaries.” “Don’t let him be a jerk.” “No more being the one who gets walked all over…”

So you muster up the courage… and it doesn’t come off as well as intended. You know it in your heart that it was ‘wasn’t quite authentic’ and so it backfires.

Then, taking a break to let the fumes simmer, you might retreat. Feeling like you want to avoid all conflict. You affirm him all the time, go with whatever he says….

All of sudden… you may not feel like such a priority anymore.

Where to land? Where to go? These extremes keep happening, and they’re not working.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve made this dance more than once, twice, or a couple dozen times in my relationships….

Then I finally started to get it – to understand the empowered middle-ground that didn’t need validation but more becoming of the powerhouse of facilitating conversation and connection.

In today’s video, I share some of what I’ve learned.

These 5 strategies help you take leadership in your relationship… in a way that is feminine, respects yourself, honors him, and helps the relationship take a life of its own.

Share what resonated! Or, What strategy (or strategies) you might want to skill up in the comments below!

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