3 Key Skills To Land Awesome Dates

Have you tried an online matchmaking service and been disappointed?

The excitement of the next, best way to meet someone instead gets met with the disappointment after disappointment of well, ‘okay’ matches…. It happens so much that you begin to think, ‘Well, I should should just go out and be open.” And eventually it can get so bad – and so out of touch with your initial hope – that you’ve lost track of what really lights you up about finding a great match. Maybe even you’re ready to give up…

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear in my personal clients and casual conversations is the idea that ‘If I put myself out there, I have viable candidates in front of me.’

That’s simply just often not enough of the whole truth to actually work. 

Learning to attract the right partner comes from a commitment to stay true to your inner compass. What actually lights you up. So much so, you can feel it like putting on a sweater. Or, as Karen liked to put it, “A giant hug from behind.”

This key skill ‘Attracting the Right Person’ is one I go in-depth into in this free online training I did earlier this month. 

Come explore some misunderstandings you may be operating on and give yourself the boost you need to move through them and get some dates that uplift and inspire you… maybe even restore your faith in humanity!


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