Limiting Beliefs in Unexpected Places

Gregoire Alexandre "Christine Phung 1/6"
Gregoire Alexandre “Christine Phung 1/6”

The ultimate litmus for any decision, is a feeling of alignment to a higher power, source, or self.

There are many ways each of us gauges that – some in their gut feeling, others meditation; some running, others at their favorite cafe sipping a hot drink. The possibilities are as varied as we are, and I highly encourage everyone to continue exploring what gives themselves that unique confidence.

But this very, “I do x, to connect to my higher self (insert your preferred word),” is also a potentially limiting belief. I caught myself in it just a couple days ago!

Often we do not have the luxury of stopping everything in order to do those one or two things that connect us. We must make some decisions quickly, so how do we do that?

One is to build a “muscle” of knowing how to instantly connect. You do this as any athlete would do: you practice at making it quicker and more automatic by challenging yourself.

You can do this by making your big, profound connection method smaller. Maybe it’s remembering the taste of your favorite tea you sip when you do the big self checkins. Or, changing your breathing to be more similar to when you run.

It should become like turning on a switch, but give yourself patience to work your way up there. 5-min, 2-min, 1-min, 30sec, 10sec… Celebrate it all! You’ll be surprised at how quick and full each one of these can be. At the same time, it’s easier than you think to stop for this amount of time than doing your longer version.

That said self maintenance is equally important. Doing the big, longer-time thing (running, coffee, meditation, etc.) on a weekly basis at minimum strengthens the deeper connections to your higher power and becomes a referential resource to tap into throughout the day to day moments.

Whether a weekend personal retreat or flipping on your ‘connected’ switch, you simply are learning to exercise Parkinson’s Law that states that any given task will take the time you allot to it.

All in all, it is about trusting and empowering yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Imagine if you could ‘plug in’ quickly! You would be an even brighter force and would influence to every one and thing you interact throughout your day more than you already are. That is a meaningful life!

Go and write down some things to try, and practice them! Be the best version of yourself, beginning humbly today.

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