Emotional Relief

Dominique Fortin “Brillance”

​This weekend a flurry of intense emotions came over me, and there didn’t seem to be much to console me.

The solution ultimately was my husband dragging me to the grocery store to pick out food that I wanted. Turns out that a sweet potato later, my mood was hugely improved! Sometimes emotion is physical, not psychological.
(note to self 1 – check!)

Also, I recently read a great article on how emotional outbursts of crying rarely are 1:1. Meaning, it’s uncommon that someone cries because of what someone says directly, usually there is some other added stress or sadness that contributed to the physical reaction of crying at that moment, that only wast triggered by something much smaller. (I believe this was on Forbes magazine’s recent dedicated section on crying at work, but I can’t locate it online).

So, when I considered myself in the same light to this weekend, I realized it would be more accurate and more USEFUL to see my own emotion not as something pathological but as something that has culminated to this moment. When I realized this, that it would be impossible to resolve all the things that made me so temporarily ah@!!, I had a new appreciation for what it meant to live in the present moment.
(not to self 2 – check!)

So there! Emotions, here and now, but don’t need to make them worse by trying to solve it completely. Or, just go to the grocery store.

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