Hermel Alejandre "Rice Harvest"
Hermel Alejandre “Rice Harvest”

I’ve heard many times before that abundance has many forms: money, friendship, love, food, travels, objects, etc.

But it only was recently that I realized that abundance does not just mean receiving many of one type of thing at at time.

Abundance rather is to receive a fullness in all the areas of your life at once.

I see how thinking of abundance in only one area of life still maintains the mentality of lack. Sure it can be full, but it is incomplete. To really open up to abundance is to step aside from the ancient brain Рthe fear/flight brain of survival. To live in fullness of abundance is to choose to evolve from our mentality that keeps us alive but also keeps us in the lack.

Let this time of harvest remind us the fullness of life in its concurrent multiplicity.

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