Work Hard Without Feeling Like Crap About It + Libra Full Moon

oscar-soderlund-black-white-running-water-KristenTodayCareer and achievement are some of the most sought after answers on Google.

While it takes a visionary to see the world in a new way, it also take sweat, brains, and resilience to see through what it actually takes to make visions a reality.

It can feel like you’re running a marathon although you’ve never left your desk!

These supportive roles in American society are often see as undesirable class and social symbols. And so, they are avoided. Things that trigger senses of inferiority and petty work instead of “climbing the ladder” are the modern-day plague. It may be a little murmur in the back of your mind, but it’s likely creating some hesitancy on your part!

This week’s cosmic landscape challenges your resistance to busy work and trusting the process.

Today’s Leo Moon can be an ego deflator, followed by a Virgo Moon that has you cleaning up old messes.

By the time you’ve had enough of the weeds, you’re confronted with the Full Moon in Libra that asks what you actually accomplished vs. what you say you wanted in your life. And that Virgo Moon from the couple days before has all the details ready for review.

Saturn and Mars approach a conjunction this week. It’s like a college-age son reporting back to his father what he accomplished. Being a young man, it may have been aimless and full of sexual interests moreso or less than learning… and that is a reconciliation that both will have find with a plan and a renewed vision of how to go about things.

Saturn and Mars represent your own plans (followed or not) and actions (strategic or aimless/for fun and pleasure). The Full Moon corners this already tense moment in the sky threatening you with more of the same or giving you the opportunity to decide on taking a new approach.

It’s you that makes the decision to start fresh. And that might mean rolling up your sleeves and dealing with the nitty-gritty work necessary to get yourself back on track.

All in all, when you’re faced with hard truths, humility and humbleness go a long way. They are the ever shifting backbone that keeps you pure and honest no matter where you’re going.

This Week’s Considerations explore how to work hard without feeling like crap about it.


Not So Small of a Job

Doing “small” jobs doesn’t mean you’re less important! Without every role available, society would struggle to keep running.

In Europe, going to trade school isn’t seen with a stigma. Simply you’re getting the credentials to fulfill a certain role you can achieve competency and then you’re off to enjoy your life outside of your work role. (Of course, oversimplifying).

Point is your close-to-heart projects will require some humility and simple work to get the big picture accomplished.

And, you might not always have the help or focus of others to support you.

So if no one does it, it’s not happening. Not so small of a job after all, right?

Get dirty and see what you learn about the bigger picture when you’re doing the more tasky things.

Just like tshirts from sweatshops become unattractive when we learned how they were made, you too might find a finished product is not worth it for what it takes to get there.

You don’t know until you engage in the process.

A process is full of small steps, but in the end, you make it to the finish line.

Do what’s necessary for your success. Get working on the small stuff too.


Simple Appreciation

A few years ago, I was a part of a women’s group that practiced sharing individual gratitude on a weekly basis.

Honestly at first it seemed trivial and forced.

However as time went on, it helped me appreciate how quickly things evolve. I began to feel more engaged in my everyday actions. The small things were more meaningful.

I noticed better how “the flow” seemed to be supportive part of my life as I grew in my actual gratitude. In a lonely world of single entrepreneur, this is gold because you don’t feel alone at all.

This week the cosmos can be quite critical while they make you face your past. While you can’t change it, you can control how you feel about it and how it shapes your future.

When you find appreciation for the small things you have to face, it makes them much more tolerable… and welcomed!

Take moments these next few days for the gratitude of things you do have. Even if you have to force it, the practice of it can do something positive for you.


Eggs in Many Baskets

As Venus enters Taurus this weekend, she’ll want you to invest your resources, including money in worthwhile things.

In the Easter spirit, I’d say it’s best to put your eggs in many baskets. Diversify your investments like those who play the long-game.

Translated to the real world – spread out of your small jobs to different aspects or different projects. It’s too early (according to cosmos) to know which one will be the best investment for you, so just put a little bit of effort into each.

Also, be careful to be in the Friday paycheck mindset.

When you get paid, you enjoy it and spend it! Right? (Or so goes the anthem for many weekender’s out there).

What if you exercised more restraint, and as a result you had little extra funds for something that would lift up you and your dream as it happened?

Meaning, you make several piggy banks / savings accounts and put a nominal amount in each with your pay.

Then when there’s an event, a program, or contractor you want to hire to help you grow, you already have the funds.

It’s worth it! I’ve done it!

Think about the times you wanted to do something time-sensitive but couldn’t because you didn’t have the cash to follow.

Put your eggs in many baskets, and like the seeds sprouting right now, you see which ones sprout – and which ones bear fruit!

The odds are much better in this case, and that can help you feel good about what you’re doing, no matter how small it is!


Astrological Day Guides: March 27 – April 2, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.


Tuesday – Egos get checked from ghosts of the past. Don’t retreat in shame, or defy its existence by proclaiming you’re a different person today. Make a point to show your growth and heal the past in real, tangible ways.
(Leo Moon trine Mercury and square Jupiter).


Wednesday – Do things for you until the Moon goes Direct in Virgo at 10:30am EDT. Then enjoy the focused productivity of the cosmic aspects. Keep your structure, keep moving. If you get uncomfortable, remember to drink water, move your body, and reset. Through the working at it in small pieces, you can get an epiphany.
(Void Moon until 10:30am EDT. Moon in Virgo trines Mars-Saturn. Venus-Uranus Conjunction).


Thursday – When you’re in the weeds, it can be hard to see how it relates to the big picture. Those that do the work are the ones who come out ahead in the long-run. Keep on the high standards you’ve put against yourself and continue to push your mindset to allow you the space to realize what’s meaningful.
(Virgo Moon opposes Neptune, trines Pluto and sextiles Mars. Sun-Saturn square).


Friday – Regroup, unwind and organize the first half of your day during the Void Moon. If you want to see progress made on some projects or ideas in the coming year, get them started in simple ways the rest of today. Venus enters Taurus overnight, and she’ll move onto building instead of initiating the things and people you want to have in your life.
(Void Moon until 1:52pm EDT. Libra Moon. Venus’ last day in Aries).


Saturday – Use the Full Moon’s reflection to see how your priorities have played out in real life. Have you made friends or keeping things nice a priority over your own ambitions? Pressure is on about what you do with your time. Are you in it for you, or are you in it for others? (Remember: Without you, others cannot be raised up, nor can they raise to a higher level that they don’t even know they’re capable of without your example. You’re in the mood to reconcile your past and build a legacy that matters to your soul and to those in your life. Find peace with what’s already happened and decide today to move onto a brighter future – for yourself and for others as a result.
(Venus enters Taurus. Full Moon in Libra. Mars-Saturn square the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde opposes it).


Sunday – Make alone time in the morning for reflection and balance. The intensity of yesterday’s full moon still lingers, and use the Full Moon considerations to continue your inner work. In the evening nestle in, get cozy, and light some candles. Get into deep conversation, or get deep in a book that lifts you up.
(Sun-Mercury Retrograde conjunction. Void Moon 2:29pm – 6:57pm EDT. Scorpio Moon follows with opposition to Venus).


Monday – Decisive and precise, today’s work is strategic and envisionary. See how your actions fit into a plan. You may not like the restriction and lack of freedom to put structure on your daily work and monthly work, however, it’s good for you. And you know it. Plus, you’re your own boss on this, no one else is going to have the influence you have with doing what’s important to you.
(Scorpio Moon sextiles Mars and Saturn, trines Neptune. Mars-Saturn conjunction).

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