Venus Retrograde Inside-Out: How to Avoid Self-Pity, Deep-Seeded Fears, and Anxiety

Venus Retrograde starts Friday, October 5th and will continue until November 16th. In Scorpio, she can feel like she’s walking backwards in the dark.

Fear, mistrust and anxiety are just a handfull of the misguided manifestations Venus Retrograde can take on.

In This Week’s Considerations, I first break down how you can recognize Venus Retrograde is talking in your life.

Then, I give you some coping strategies, including how to diffuse some of the energies to the other planets.

Check out the video below to get the full scoop.

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It can be a challenging few weeks here.  It’s a great time to hire people trained to help you resolve some deep-seeded issues. Whether it requires a therapist or someone more informal like me, take care of you and alchemize the energies for good. <3

Astrological Day Guides: October 2 – 8, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Sensitivity continues alongside heightened intuition. Making decisions or choosing sides can be challenging. Weigh your options, including the ones that stir your emotions. The inner landmines often can be the source of great freedom when you breathe through them and try to release them… Particularly with energies like today. Give yourself permission to swim and disorient. Following your inner guidance from a (mostly) calm place could lead you to interesting opportunities. Just keep breathing through it all.
(Cancer Moon makes Grand Trine with Venus & Neptune also opposes Pluto and squares Mercury. Mercury-Pluto square).

Wednesday – Continue processing yesterday’s movements. Shuffle through some old tasks and mundane activities. The void moon during the work day urges you not to do response-required activities. Around 7:30 EDT, Uranus apparently has a surprise. Hmm…
(Void Moon all day until 5:12pm EDT. Then, Leo Moon squares Uranus at 7:29pm EDT).

Thursday – Tense, today can be difficult to see eye-to-eye. Even if you share the same vision, personalities can get ruffled in today’s energies and make you think the whole thing is an inevitable failure. Remember that Venus is preparing to retrograde tomorrow – so with no movement in the sky, she feels stuck and scared. Calm your inner Venus with familiar comforts and ego strokes – because you need them in days like today.
(Leo Moon opposes Mars and squares Venus).

Friday – Quietly during the day’s void moon, Venus stations to Retrograde Motion for 6 weeks. Unsure if she’s playing too small, if she’s coupled with dark side or good side, it’s an uncertain and slightly pessimistic moment. Venus needs extra comforts as she travels backwards through the dark. Too, she needs to learn to trust herself – to not dilute her own wisdom (which shows as very deep) by taking others’ counsel greater than her own. In the evening, some of the inner work starts to pay off, and you can forge on a new path, even if you’re not “ready.” Fight against the fear and move toward your light.
(Void Moon all day until 7:19pm EDT. Meanwhile, Venus stations to Retrograde Motion. Then, Virgo Moon makes Grand Trines Uranus and Saturn).

Saturday – Find compassion for what you don’t understand or know yet. You may want to work at it – however hard it may be. But, Neptune encourages you to just soften into what is. Let the story play through you, not off you. Think of yourself as the instrument, not the reverberating walls it bounces against. You are adaptable and capable.
(Virgo Moon sextiles Venus Retrograde and opposes Neptune).

Sunday – Capture the bigger picture of what may be going on these next few weeks. Take Jupiter’s counsel in the morning through entering a meditative state. Explore what serves you. Question your motivations – are they personal. Or, are they governed by fears or even judgments of others? This is the “work” of your Venus Retrograde chapter.
(Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter and goes void at 10:03am EDT until 9:10pm EDT when she enters Libra).

Monday – This Libra New Moon is optimistic but also hesitant. She quickly wants to release herself from family karmas, but she also can feel stuck in them. Ruled by the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, a lot of deep questions want to be addressed in this 40-month cycle. Things around self-identity, sexuality, fears, relationships, self-worth, money…  On a lighter note, the Draconoids meteor shower may be seen tonight.
(New Moon in Libra at 11:47pm EDT. Libra Moon also trines Mars in morning).


Photo by Molly Belle

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