Feeling Fiery? Feeling Anxious to Start Something New? Venus/Mars in Aries

Photograph: Nyk Fury "Scapular"
Photograph: Nyk Fury “Scapular”

Venus entered Aries Feb 20th, 3:06pm ET and will be there March 17th, 6:14am ET. She’s the one blazing the path ahead of what Mars (Sun and Uranus too) are developing this next month.

This particular cycle of Venus in Aries is “hotter” than usual,  with the Moon for Chinese New Year and Mars closely conjunct her when she entered sign. When there is a conjunction in the sky, it is like the planets are working in concert, side – by – side.

New Moons set up 2.5 year cycles of creation, and Mars will return to this same position in the sky in about 2.5 years.

This powerful cycle will come to full harvest in 5 seasons (1.25 years or Summer 2016). This is not to say the fruit will not fall until then. Yet now the time most ripe to take the raw, exciting energy of inspiration and do something about it right away. The planets are well aligned to have a good personal understanding of “the thing” that might yet remain un-nameable even if it’s crystal clear to you internally. That’s ok and it’s too early to know all the details now. Know it is worth starting!


Going back to our planets working in concert, let’s try to understand them individually:

Moon is our internal, subtle guage of what satiates us most. In Aries, Moon leans toward acting on impulses, trying something new, moving quickly, hiking, and climbing.

Mars represents drive, action, vitality, force,  and strength. In Aries, Mars is in its rulership, taking, conquesting, and seizing whatever he desires.

Venus is the desire principle, she wants,  she values, she creates, and in positive position she supports living things by her love.  In Aries, the sign of quickness, the desire to start something new, to explore, and to initiate, Venus is passionate, fiery, and potentially jealous in her mood. We have to be careful of the battles we choose to engage, and what they really are about.


Look to what house Venus/Mars are in your chart,  it will give the area of influence that shapes this archetype in your life:

For example,  Venus/Mars/Moon began in my 9th house of vision, life outlook, bigger perspectives and vision, and a taste for faraway travels (whether literal or mentally figurative). And it ends in my 10th house of career, goals,  the public, and outcome of my actions.
At a friend’s event this past week, I found myself angered (Mars) and somewhat envious (Venus) about the lack of public events I’ve been doing for my career and what I said I wanted to initiate (10th house Aries cusp). I saw the greater picture (9th house) of what I was not initiating (Aries), and because of Mars, I felt my inaction acutely and simultaneously had to fight the urge to start right there (Mars in Aries) on what I wanted (Venus).

In my example, I openly share the negative expression of the planets in my charts.  From this I know how to change my subconscious to be clear on what the positive version of the story might be.

Others might have projected this onto the person who triggered me, but I took responsibility of my feelings. With Venus in Aries, it might be difficult to stop yourself, so try to be mindful and hold your tongue until you realize your sharp comments are truly meant for someone else, and not yourself. Aries is the “I am” principle, so it often is self-directed, but often is moving too fast to realize it.

For me, I simply need to take initiative on acting on my greater vision to do public speaking events as I already have organized internally but have not performed publicly.  I have time to catch up to my self (Aries is the self) expectations,  and I also know from my chart that this is the time when my charts shifts from the me to we (relational) to us (groups).

Be kind to yourself but look to see how Venus and Mars are talking to you, whether positive or negative.  And start something, particularly in relationship to the house placement where they are traveling (if you know it).

For a brief description of the houses, click here.
To look up your natal chart and house placement, go to ‘Extended Chart Selection’ on www.astro.com. (Be careful of using exact birth time)!
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