Turn the Page. Characters Development, New Story.

kiwihug-book-atlas-map-KristenTodayThis week’s cosmos are ready for a new chapter to a similar story. Characters develop their personality. The story evolves.

In astrological terms 4 planets change signs this week.

When a celestial body changes signs, it’s ready to take on a new breadth of experience. New archetypes to try on, a different color wardrobe.

Below I explore each of planet changes below and what they might entail.

What I want you do with this is consciously make efforts to shape them into reality. Yes, astrology can happen to you, but it also can be a collaborator most of the time.

Read below for This Week’s Considerations and Day Guides.


Uranus in Taurus

Uranus will bring his unconventional ways into the archetypes of Taurus beginning today, Tuesday into 2026.

Taurus governs your foundations, values, and self-worth. It’s the accumulation and sum of everything you embody.

Uranus as detailed last week in “Do You Know Uranus?”, is a change-agent. The way he works is often in surprises – meaning, ways you cannot predict.

You’ll know it’s him because it can feel electrifying, sudden, and splintering.

I’m picturing Uranus’ transit breaking your sense of self-worth into smaller pieces, showing you your unique brilliance in more ways that you recognize.

Sure you may know you’re good at something, but there’s a level of mastery and true individuality you can bring to your gifts.

Like his 7-year journey in Aries, it’ll be a journey to get there with ebbs and flows, but you’ll come out sparkly clean and renewed in your sense of self-worth and the value you offer the world.

This can sound abstract when you’re trying to see how to work with the energies in your own life. I encourage you to look at where Taurus lies in your personal charts in terms of houses. 

The archetypes of the houses will show where to find him. Check out the end of the Mars section for meanings. (Hint: You’ll want to look at your natal chart and relocated chart if you live somewhere other than where you were born).

Open yourself to bring a new light to all what your personality creates as value in the world!


Mars in Aquarius

Mars sadly has to leave his favorite sign of Capricorn (temporarily) to evolve and grow, as the rest of us. His entry into Aquarius is Wednesday near midnight.

There seems to be a bigger story here as he’ll have a retrograde period June 26 – August 27th with shadow periods running from May 10th – October 8th. During his retrograde, he’ll visit the sign of Capricorn, showing there’s unfinished business from our past couple months.

Mars’ journey finally ends in Aquarius on September 10th, but let’s preview what this next period might look like.

Aquarius takes on a similar flavor to Uranus, and Mars is your action principle. It thus can be easy to confuse Mars and Uranus during this time period.

Uranus as an outer-planet usually has things happen to you out-of-your-control. Mars is usually on a personal level having a direct relationship to your actions or interactions in real-time. You can see them coming with Mars.

The Moon during Mars’ entry into Aquarius is Gemini, and this coloration will reverberate throughout the entire transit through Aquarius.

Your efforts likely will take on an octopus effect these next months. And because it’s Aquarius, you likely will have to employ a team to execute part of your efforts you simply don’t have time for.

Like a (love) bomb, you can strategize your projects to land without much warning. Take advantage of the delight side of what surprises can bring.

Key is here to do things your own way. You may feel ostracized or lonely as an effect, but then again that’s why you have your support team around you.

When you do it together as a group effort, you can feel more secure in your decisions as well as more effective.

Remember, Mars will retrograde through the sign, showing that something has to be redone. So do your work with a lightness and detachment. Aquarius appreciates that anyway!

Again, look to the house placement of Aquarius, particularly what’s between 28 degrees Capricorn and 9 degrees Aquarius. This will help you see where the energies might play out.

Here’s a brief outline of what might happen in each of the houses for Mars in Aquarius:

1st – Yourself, your image, personality, outward image changes, personal brand
2nd – Your finances and bank account organization, what skillsets you focus on
3rd – Communications, siblings, contracts, neighborhood concerns, preschool & elementary
4th – Home, family, mother, personal history, your roots
5th – Children, creative projects, casual love affairs
6th – Personnel, co-workers, childcare, pets, high school
7th – Spouse, business partner, audience, open enemies, best friends
8th – Taxes, financial strategies, debts, sex, procreation
9th – Foreign travel, spiritual practice, philosophy, publishing
10th – Career, aspirations, father
11th – Groups, associations, networks, acquaintances, money from career
12th –  Spirituality, beliefs, isolation, imprisonment, mergers

Consciously work with where Mars is happening in your chart. Take the above examples as inspiration. It’ll make your Mars and Uranus transits that much easier.


Venus in Cancer

Venus enters the sign of Cancer of Saturday morning and will be there until June 14th.

Noticeably less social than the past weeks in Gemini, Venus in Cancer connects you back to your heart and what nurtures you long-term.

You may find yourself getting closer to your family – perhaps you talk more, take a trip together, or you just decide to ignore their faults and relate to them more.

Likewise, you’ll have an opportunity to heal your personal pains that likely have been there a while, or that you’ve inherited from others.

Even consider to nurture your family outside of birth family. Host dinners, do-nothings, whatever.

Venus in Cancer will appreciate everything that warms your heart and brings you closer to source.

Think of this position as a recharge from your Mars’ work that is managing more people and efforts than what you may be used to.

Venus is your point of balance. Invest in it.


Sun in Gemini

Sun enters Gemini on Sunday evening and will be there until the Summer Solstice, which this year falls on the 21st.

Don’t want to overwhelm you with all the information from this week. So we’ll talk about it next.

For now, synthesize your strategies for Uranus, Mars, and Venus.

Overall, this should be a welcomed, fun way to turn the page on a new chapter and see things evolve!

Astrological Day Guides: May 15-21, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Jump into a fresh start. One that lets you check into your body first and foremost. Live up to your standards starting with your self-care and how you treat yourself. Let this be the rock you build all the greatness upon.
(New moon in Taurus. Uranus Moves into Taurus. Moon enters Gemini at 4:43pm EDT after trining Mars. Mars enters Aquarius).


Wednesday – Notice where you focus leads you. You may scrutinize certain aspects of your projects and overall vision. Might be a positive thing. This would be a moment to shift and adjust more than stubbornly keep your status quo.
(Gemini Moon squares Neptune. Mars-Uranus square).


Thursday – Work is better done with others today, at least in the first half of the day. Regroup during the void moon, which can help you synthesize and internalize the morning’s takeaways.
(Gemini Moon conjoins Venus then goes void at 2:18pm EDT. Void until 5:47pm EDT when it enters Cancer. Moon-Uranus sextile).


Friday – Sensitive and intuitive, ride the inner tides to explore your feelings. You may not like what you see, but you can soon move through the negative with newfound insights. You probably just need to see the yucky parts in a new light. But, you first need to recognize what’s there before you can move through it.
(Cancer Moon sextiles Mercury, opposes Saturn and makes a Grand Trine in water with Neptune and Jupiter. Venus-Saturn trine).


Saturday – Nurture your home space and family today. Think more in terms of what brings bonding and calm than “get ‘er done” spring cleaning. The evening can be a bit more firey and elicit conflicts over fundamental philosophy. So just listen carefully to what’s being said, and don’t be afraid to ask if you heard correctly! That’ll make way for smoother conversations as well as working through some well-needed ones.
(Cancer Moon sextiles Sun and goes void 5:14pm-7:11pm EDT. Leo Moon follows with a square to Uranus and opposition to Mars. Venus enters Cancer. Venus-Uranus sextile).


Sunday – Enjoy the social air. You might be in the mood to dine more than play, but it all can start feel the same anyway.
(Leo Moon squares Mercury and Jupiter. Sun enters Gemini).


Monday – Diligent and prudent, today can be an honest effort of working hard and getting your hands “dirty.” Know your s*** by getting in it. Oh, and don’t forget to check-in to the morning’s checklist because it can be easy to get in the weeds with this one!
(Virgo Moon trines Uranus and squares Sun).

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