Transition Time: How To Stay Optimistic and Empowered

watercolor-butterfly-blend-transition-KristenTodayLots of transitions this week astrologically and in your personal life too.

Jupiter prepares to go Retrograde for 4 months, Venus moves from Pisces to Aries, and Mercury gets ready to go to Aquarius.

All during eclipse energies intensifying…meaning, more forced transitions for those who have planets at the eclipse degrees.

In choreography class **back-in-the-day**, we’d talk about different transitions. Their appearance – soft, abrupt, scattered… how to create it – similar movement, contrast, focus shift, motif… and the tone (meaning feeling) created because of those to factors – aka effect… it makes for countless possibilities to move from to the next.

In the end though, transition just means something is ending, and something else needs to come into view.

Perhaps though, this is why the choreographer in me is so accepting of life transitions – changes help move the dance of life ahead.

It may look this way or that, but I trust whatever I encounter has an intentional effect that moves my personal evolution forward. I hope and advocate the same for you.

Take the necessary measures to keep your mental, emotional, and physical healths balanced, so your transitions all goes a little smoother and accepting.

Rebalance Your Center: Preparing for Jupiter Retrograde

This is the last week before Jupiter stations to Retrograde motion until June 9th, where he rebalance your center on as many points as possible.

When Retrogrades happen, you have to play close attention to the first couple day’s events on either side of the date.

They often repeat at the very end of the period when the planet is ready to go Direct.

These events are the stories the cosmos want you to work on and evolve through your own conscious efforts.

You’ll have the eclipses to launch you forward in these stories at the beginning, but then you’ll have to make moves in the world instead of being reactive to the world around you.

While retrograde, Jupiter will review the apples to oranges you’ve been comparing and help you re-center on your perfect “center.”

Your center, meaning,

  • Where do you stand on the issues important to your circles?
  • From what sense of self or selflessness do you interact with others? (A tricky one with women typically).
  • How do you make what matters inside, real and valued the outside world?

This last week’s moment in Direct Motion, again only until very early next Monday (1:52am ET), is your opportunity to put your feelers out and test how things work together.

Professionally, you can get breakthroughs by things “going the opposite” of what they have been doing. You eventually learn a deeper truth from this broader spectrum of inputs.

You figure it out.

Sometimes you learn best by putting like with like; others when you put contrasting things together.

All in all, you find meaning when you do activities like this.


Your Healing and Brilliance

Venus wraps up her Pisces residence to enter Aries Friday morning.

Pisces is Venus’ favorite sign, so it’s always a bittersweet leaving. When you have time to sit in healing waters, you rejuvenate and feel whole again.

Hopefully Venus has helped you patch up your self-love and feel more embodied about the values you want to stand for. (oh yeah, that did happen)…

Recognize your healing and empower your journey ahead.


Finally, in only one week’s time, Mercury will be in his favorite sign – Aquarius.

He feels especially brilliant there – he connects ideas, people, networks, and seemingly divine intervention into his words, processes, and moves that intersect your inner life into the world out there.

Something to look forward to. 😉


Day Guides: January 31 – February 6

Moon voids are on the longer side this week, giving you big pauses to reflect and do little. Take advantage of them as the first eclipse gains intensity, to perfect on the 10th.

Tuesday – Slow, internal day until 4:47pm ET when Moon soars into Aries. Until then, enjoy the flows of intuition and release. Find the hope and inspiration you want to carry forward the next month on an emotional level. Moon in Pisces until void 12:36pm ET.

Wednesday – You’re on fire today. Let nothing get in your way. Because frankly, no reason there should be any real obstacles today. But because of that, you might rub shoulders or encounter some aggro peeps who think this is the new norm (it’s not). Drive carefully. Moon in Aries, sextiles Sun.

Thursday – Don’t check your phone until you’ve had a healthy breakfast and meditated at least 5 minutes. Moon aspects 4 planets before 9am ET, so you might wake up to some stressful news in your inbox. You’ll have to act quickly once you do (Moon trines Saturn at 11:50 ET), so facilitate sound decision making by taking care of yourself first. No one likes to be rushed, but there are just some of those days…

Friday – Take out your paintbrush or head out to an art gallery. Get inspired and unwind. Enjoy the pulse of high energy in a still world. This is your fuel-up time. Moon in Taurus. Venus enters Aries.

Saturday – Be practical today. Do things that help you feel grounded and secure. Whether it’s planning something out, taking a yoga class, or enjoying a heart-to-heart, amp up the pleasant factor. Add flowers, sweets, and earthly delights. Moon in Taurus until void at 5:42pm-11:44pm ET.

Sunday – Sunday Social! Moon in Gemini wants to get you out there. And go for it – those you meet are likely as fired up as you are, and you’ll leave it feeling energized, if not spinning a little from the intensity of everyone’s ideas. But it’s good spinning. 😉  Moon in Gemini aspects Venus & Mars in Aries.

Monday – Play the witness and see what falls apart today, take note to fix it later. Jupiter stations Retrograde today until June this year, and the beginning of any retrograde typically reveals the stories that will be worked on in that time period. Moon is busy in Gemini throughout the day, aspecting 4 planets before going void at 5:53pm ET. Could be messy, especially with the eclipses…


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