Transcendent Love: Moving Through Scorpio Energies with Grace

A couple of days ago, I woke up with the words “Transcendent Love” in my head accompanied with the urge to talk with you about it.

Immediately I attributed it to the Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, but then I realized that Mercury enters Scorpio as well – on Tuesday evening.

With Mercury’s added support (Venus’ pal), it can be easier to take the raw energies present and channel the love (Venus) always present move all energies through transcendence (Scorpio).

My first experience of this energy made me feel open and tingly. I felt more connected to myself, particularly in my heart space down through my fingertips. And soon, I recognized that I felt more connected to others.

Honestly, it gets a little lonely behind a screen – not much feedback, understanding your limited time and attention…

… and this notion of exploring “what does transcendent love” even mean brought me to my inspired place.

In This Weeek’s Considerations, I followed some definitions of transcendent to move us through the many layers of it. And too, to break down this experience into what can be practiced in our everday.

(Hint: It takes embracing yourself as exceptional…)

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Day Guides follow. 

Astrological Day Guides: October 9 – 15, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Take your time today to feel subtle shifts. Tap into your inner waters and see where you are pulled. Bring them all back to center. Breathe and regroup. Appreciate the sensitivity.
(Void Moon all day. Mercury enters Scorpio).

Wednesday – Start off your day with some brain food and exercise for all the mental energy to expend today. Using your intelligence and your sense of intuition, flow out a structure to organize today and tomorrow’s efforts. Define the people, networks, and ideas that need to connect. Tap into the passion and genuine care you have – flow that into this map you’re creating. By the afternoon, you can start to deploy your inspired charts and maps. Push against the grain, in the energy of “transcendent love” and make what you know need to happen a reality.
(Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn, squares Mars and conjoins Venus. Mercury-Uranus opposition at 1:35pm EDT and Venus-Mars square).

Thursday – Continue yesterday’s momentum and refuel your brain and body with healthy goods. The morning offers a difficult choice. Whether it be physical or emotional, tap into your higher consciousness to steer you on the right long-term path. (Think of the Pluto energies we discussed a couple weeks ago). Push through, relentlessly – yes, infusing it with your love powers – to do the things you know are right in your heart… even if it feels like you’re pushing through goopy mud! If you aren’t able to take action now, it’s also a perfect time to take awareness of what’s going on and how to do better for a next time. (Write that down and put that somewhere you can remember it, eh)?
(Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and conjoins Jupiter at 7:12pm EDT when it goes void. Sun-Pluto perfecting their closing square).

Friday – Quiet day with little interruptions. Magic moves. You’re floating. Passionate. Inspired. Keep the fire going, doing the things you love. Take care of you and then go back to the others you love with a freshness that lifts them up too.
(Sagittarius Moon, no aspects. Venus-Saturn sextile).

Saturday – High-energy day to have fun with friends. Let yourself go for an adventure. Wander and explore if you can. Should hiking be included in that – be mindful of your step! There’s some surprise and unexpected energy in the mix. Also important for today – remember, the people you surround yourself are a reflection of you. Put yourself in good company!
(Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars, squares Neptune and sextiles Sun to go void at 8:58pm EDT).

Sunday – Sleep in and rest after yesterday’s charged day. Feeling renewed, you can finalize some half-finished projects at home (and wherever your Taurus house begins).
(Void Moon until 3:17pm EDT when Moon enters Capricorn. Then Moon trines Uranus and conjoins Saturn).

Monday – Start the week with clarity and focus. The mood favors defining your week’s goals that bring you to a place of love and appreciation. Remember, the current cosmological landscape also could help you understand what are more reasonable goals to put on yourself. Determine the cost it takes on you in multiple ways – time, personal energy, emotion, reward, etc. Hold yourself accountable professionally but also personally, including self-care.
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Mercury-Venus and Neptune. Mercury-Venus conjunction).


Photo by Christopher Campbell

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