This Week… It’s Me-Time!

eli-defaria-woman-bliss-KristenTodayEver have moments where the chatter fades… the music playing sounds like it could be in an empty room? And then the sunlight comes into your window just right…

“This is the life.” And for a moment, you just want it to stay like this and do nothing.

This week has wide open pockets of nothing much going on top of what already is happening.

And boy, oh boy, after the past couple weeks, that’s a welcomed feeling.

Sure Mars-Pluto Retrograde continue dancing their power negotiations and doubt circles. Chiron is forging a path of newness and integration at the same time. And, Saturn Retrograde is unknitting past work and editing internal frameworks while he’s at it.

But at this point, you’re used to the feeling of these. And nothing is positioned to ruffle feathers too much.

Doing nothing is healthy.

Yet doing meaningful, soul-nourishing work during calm moments is also a treasure.

This Week’s Considerations offer some “Me-Time” explorations worthy of a rare, quiet astrological week.

For me, “Me-Time” is about restoration and creative flow. Here are some of my favorite ways to feel connected and energized.


Wander & Take in Simple Pleasures

There’s something that clicks into relax and creative mode when you’ve been doing the same thing for a while.

For me, a healthy drive (in my hybrid car) can set me up to feel renewed and energized about my normal grind.

Before my car, I used to aimlessly wander around Prospect Park and see what I could find. Whether it was a silly double-breasted cormorant spreading its wings or a particularly striking tree, there inevitably would be something that would delight me.

Point is, get your mind to relax and take in simple pleasures.

Repetitive movement is like a trance. The workhorse brain can shut off, and the good stuff can turn on!

When you do, a whole flood of other ideas that have been waiting for your attention will come out.

So bring paper, pens, computers, whatever for the aftermath of some quality “me-time.”


Overcome Doubt Through Intentional Meditation

Daily, I sit down in meditation with the intention of restoring balance energetically and also receiving insight on how to position my energy and consciousness to better serve.

Sometimes, I’m working hard – going down the rabbit hole of “why this” and “how does that connect” or “where do I feel this resistance coming from” and then releasing/integrating it all. It’s healing and necessary for my energetic cleanliness!

Other times, I seek to find the stillness and fullness of a mental void.

These moments are the most restorative, and they often provide the most insight to my next steps for things I’m building.

I encourage you to fit your quiet space with quiet time. Sit with undertones from stillness.

Let yourself hear the fan run, the car door slam across the street, birds chirp all while you’re just there – sitting – to notice it all.

Instead of feeling alone, it’s a space of feeling whole, and part of something bigger than you.

If finding that space is difficult for you, jot down a couple things you’re grateful for. Sit with the feeling of that gratitude, and feel its effectuation.

However, you do it, sit down, be still, and find the uplifting vitality of simple moments.


Staycation Time

If you can swing it, check out one of your area’s top hotels and/or spas. Grab a great meal, get a massage, whatever, and just hang out there.

These places are designed to bring comfort and uplifting feelings. So, think of it as an environmental boost.

If you’re like my husband and me, moments after an out-of-norm experience removed from typical spaces, creative ideas start flowing out.

Cozy into a lounge chair or grab a glass of wine, write and sketch out what comes.

Look to the day guides below to give yourself prompts if you need them.

But hey, if you feel like doing nothing. Maybe you need a (stay)cation!


Get Cultured

Check out a new exhibit at a museum.

Get someone to give you a tour of their facilities – a gallery, a wine shop, a whiskey bar… what else?!

Pick someone’s brain to learn about how they master what they do.

Get cultured in something you don’t know.

It’s one of the healthiest things to do as a human being.

Plus, innovation most often comes by intersecting familiar with the unfamiliar.

So hey, besides being interesting, it might give you some great insights for your own projects!

Astrological Day Guides: May 1-7, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Quiet day for daydreaming, or better yet, getting those big-picture thoughts fully explored. Make new maps from the visions your mind creates.
(Sagittarius Moon).


Wednesday – Not in the mood for choices, you may choose many paths. Like a frog jumping contest, it might be more about starting a bunch and seeing which makes it to the finish line. Or, maybe even, which finish line you find you like the best.
(Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus, trines Mercury, squares Mars).


Thursday – Take the past couple days’ inspirations and record them until they might evaporate in the evening. Tomorrow, you’ll be much more in the mood to be productive. Seize the calmer moments while you can!
(Sagittarius Moon until it trines Uranus and goes void at 8:50pm EDT. Moon enters Capricorn at 10:06pm EDT).


Friday – Bring structure to the week’s big ideas. Get tenacious in your actions to play the long-game. Invest in your future.
(Capricorn Moon conjoins Saturn).


Saturday – Let your feelings carry decision weight. Intuition is peaked today, and it easily concretizes into practical ideas that can have lasting effects. Empower yourself and recognize all you’ve learned to bring you the next, even while you still leave room to experience more.
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune and Jupiter, squares Mercury, and conjoins Mars-Pluto).


Sunday – Get your weekend’s checklist done after you wake up in the morning. The afternoon might feel more spontaneous and social.
(Void Moon 9:48am – 10:48am EDT. Aquarius Moon follows. Sun-Neptune sextile).


Monday – Facilitate connections. Tell people who you want to be connected with, and make your own introductions. Let the circle of social abundance magnify!
(Aquarius Moon trines Venus, and makes a T-square with Sun and Jupiter. Mercury-Pluto square & Venus-Neptune square perfect in the early morning).


Photo by Eli DeFaria 

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