Sun in Virgo: Start a New Trend (Also, Mars Direct Motion & Full Moon in Pisces)

This Week’s Considerations again on video format – with captions!

Sun enters Virgo on Thursday just after midnight ET.

That coupled with a stationed Mars (so impatiently wanting to go into Direct Motion), you can feel antsy.

Before – or rather beside – just jumping out of planes and going wild for a bit, you’ll want to channel the energy to long-term gratification too.

Virgo time is consistently a responsible, get-back-to-work moment where the fancies of summer seem eons ago.

You have a great opportunity this year to start a new trend. Especially so with the weekends aspects: a translation of light to make a Grand Trine and also a revealing Full Moon.

All this leads to a strikingly powerful Monday, when Mars is actually Direct Motion, to make the moves with a forceful bang!

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Day Guides get into the details, and I think you’ll find them especially helpful this week. <3

Astrological Day Guides: August 14 – 20, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Set your goals early in the day, and focus on the results that get you there. Take advantage of the discernment to not feel obliged to acknowledge the minutiae. Soon – when Sun enters Virgo – that won’t be as easy.
(Capricorn Moon).

Wednesday – Exert your influence today. Present your ideas, strategies, and engagements that help you and those you serve take it to the next level. Your charisma and charms are the secret weapons today. Use them without the intention to manipulate others, though – duh. 😉
(Capricorn Moon sextiles Neptune and Jupiter, conjoin Pluto).

Thursday – Ambitions are high, and your recent (in)decisions for next actions are at their crux of panic. (Was it the right move)? Mars is stopped in the sky, knowing the right way is forward, but unable yet to take the first step. Sun’s position in Virgo can heighten the anxiety, making you feel like you have to do something about it. Sit with the new feeling during the void moon. Then, remind yourself of “home base” with the environments and people that represent where you’re going. Moon will urge you to take opportunities (and movement forward) from those tandems. When you do things together – or as part of a group – it prevents you from entering the deep to navigate the s** on your own. Just a thought to promote group effort. ;-).
(Sun in Virgo. Capricorn Moon conjoins Mars then goes Void 10:19-12:56pm EDT. Aquarius Moon squares Uranus in late afternoon).

Friday – You’re ready to “get dirty” by engaging with strategic partnerships and affiliations. Make the important phone calls. Promote yourself and your strategies online. Paint a picture of the inspiration you’re setting off to develop.
(Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter and approaches a trine to Venus).

Saturday – Re-group and take it easy. Let the Sun’s transit light you up to receive the subtle influences of practical to-do’s for this time in Virgo. The early afternoon can be triggered by a group or community you’re hanging out with – or even online. The early evening can bring some ideas of structure and milestones to focus on the next while. The energy is about what you bring into reality, so take your inspiration as something worthwhile of making real. Don’t be selfish to keep your great ideas all to yourself – find an outlet to serve and share them.
(Void Moon all day. Sun-Uranus trine at 12:36pm EDT. Sun-Saturn trine at 6:07pm, translating the light to a Grand Trine in Earth through the Sun).

Sunday – Yesterday’s theme to take inspiration and make something of it continues. Bring further dimension to your increased awareness from yesterday to check-in with how you typically work with what inspires you. Do you let it sit? Do you write it down? Do you get to work at it right away? What’s working about your method – and why? And visa versa, what’s not – and why?
The Full Moon wants you to make something that powerfully affects people. One-on-one work is especially favored.
(Pisces Full Moon at 7:56am at 3Pisces12’. Moon sextiles – and reflects yesterday’s translation of Grand Trine energy of the Sun – to Uranus and Saturn in early morning between 6:22-6:49am EDT. Venus-Pluto square).

Monday – Enough is enough. Bad behaviors and habits were revealed this past month. Time to set the story straight and align your vision with your actions – strategically. Perhaps it means a new relationship to your calendar. Maybe it means reviewing your business/career strategy on a regular basis (quarterly, biannually??). Put your insights into words. Feel the power of those words being put into true service and aid to those who need your skills and expertise.
(Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune, trines Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. Mars stations to Direct Motion. Mercury-Jupiter approach a closing square).


Photo by Carli Jeen

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