Sun in Taurus, Mercury Retrograde Half Over, + Getting Busy with Mars

train-1715324_1280Expect a busy week with a lot of planetary shifts. Sun enters Taurus on Wednesday, Mercury enters Aries Thursday during his half way point in Retrograde, the same day that Pluto finally stations retrograde, and Mars enters Gemini on Friday.

To get a quick pulse of the flow, I’d recommend first reading the Day Guides and followup with the more long-term considerations of Sun in Taurus, Mercury Retrograde and Venus Cooperation, and Mars in Gemini busy.


Appreciate Who You’ve Become: Sun Enters Taurus Wednesday

Sun enters Taurus Wednesday, the 19th, to help slow down, appreciate, and substantiate who you’ve become through all you have thought and actually done in the cultivation of your inward nature.

Moon is in Aquarius at the time Sun enters Taurus, signaling this year’s Sun travel through Taurus emotionally will take on an Aquarian flavor.

Embrace your uniqueness. Take your part in the groups you want to be associated.

Connect the dots for your many interests and place value in the richness of this, instead of thinking you’re unfocused, scattered, and underachieving, for example.

Sun in Taurus matures the passion within to marry your 20-something self with the actual experience your age has coupled to it.

Mars paves the way for how to embody this potential.

Mars is just about finished with his tenancy in Taurus. The past 6-weeks he has given credence to the power of slow-process and deliberate, steady action.

Now Sun does the same, just in its flavor – shining your inner light and true nature that evolve over the course of your lifetime.

– Taurus can be stubborn, fixed and unbudging.

These aren’t necessarily bad qualities when you’re talking about maintaining your integrity.

Find integrity to your desires and love staying in your sweet spot that only you know what it is.

In this effort, Sun in Taurus will help bring your inner drive and inspirations back into your projects round out the “do right” with the “do good” for your soul.

Mercury Retrograde Update + How He’s Helping Venus Respark

You’re halfway through your Mercury Retrograde. Hopefully you’ve been working through your “Mercury Retrograde formula” to consciously work through the “land of re’s” (redo, revisit, repeat, etc.) and reinvent the way you express yourself through what you value and initiate.

He enters Aries (again) on Thursday the 20th, allowing you to take back some of the things you started March 13-30th and redirect them.

This is a week before Venus (going in Direct motion) also re-enters Aries. (Hers in the 28th).

Venus will add a creative element to fuel your efforts to respark the things that had to die and be reborn during her retrograde March 4th – April 15th.

That was super disappointing, but trust that her time in Pisces (still active this week) has worked to gather the wisdom of her experience to put her efforts in line with things she feels are worthwhile, meaningful, and fair according to her present-day compass.

She’s grown up and now recognizes herself as more mature and ready to act in a new way.

Mercury’s Retrograde through Aries preps the stage for Venus to charge through – and do whatever it takes – to win the fight worth fighting for.

Venus is ready to wear her heart on her sleeve, and Mercury wants to be adaptable to express her desires freely.

Because Mercury is retrograde, the words aren’t there, and maybe the path isn’t either.

You’ll find more about where to go by seeing where not to go.

Pluto’s Retrograde on Thursday too emphasizes this.

Pluto takes a long while to fully station to turn another direction. So you’ve been witnessing this happening for a while.

Basically, dysfunction and people’s s*** rises to the surface, puts a funny taste in your mouth, and you go “No, thank you.”

I’ll write more about Pluto Retrograde next week, but point is…

… cosmos are redirecting your movements (Mercury) to help bring you back to center (Sun) with what matters long-term (Taurus) and to make the initiatives (Aries) that give you the freedom (Aries) to move (Mars) in whatever direction it takes (Mars in Gemini on Friday) to make it happen. Phew! (got that?)!

Get Busy: Mars Enters Gemini (April 21-June 4)

Prepare to get busy as Mars enters Gemini in a welcomed whirlwind of energy – which I admit is probably not the most favored of his signs – but it’s movement.

Mars departs Taurus, where his patience was tested. Things took WAY longer than normal, and you could have been hard on yourself about that fact.

In Gemini, Mars will like to multi-task across projects, across ideas, across circles…

Be careful to double-check your work before sending it out. Things can feel hasty, like time is running out.

It’s not. It’s just a whole lot faster than the Mars in Taurus time.


Three More Tips to Focus In on a Positive Mars in Gemini Experience

You’ll need to focus during this time period to get the maximum fulfillment. Here’s three ways how:

1) Inner discipline, because it’s tempting to just roll with the energy, use your strength of focus from Mars in Taurus time to see single threads of effort develop quickly. This is the more fulfilling route to go.

2) Stay Idea Organized. Like David Allen suggests in Getting Things Done, have a way to capture all your ideas and popcorn responsibilities to an inbox to check later.

3) Know Your Own Agenda. And like Brendan Burchard advises, know your own priorities on a daily basis and don’t let yourself be on other people’s agendas.

Do these three things, April 21st- June 4th, and you have a pretty solid chance to make major headway on the projects and efforts that mean most to you.


Day Guides: April 18 – 24, 2017

Tuesday: Prepare for edgy and emotionally detached interpersonal interactions today. Moon in Capricron activates a T-square with Jupiter and Uranus. This is productive to complement your bigger picture with how it’s playing into life, and too for checking milestones off your to-do lists. However, it’s a little cold and to the point when you externalize it. So don’t take shortness personally.  Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Accomplishment-20pix

Wednesday: Take a moment to appreciate who you’ve become. Evaluate your character by seeing how you would describe yourself and how others do as well. Without needing to change anything, enhance what’s feel good and worthwhile. Sun enters Taurus today, taking strength from Mars’ tenancy here. Moon in Aquarius. See This Week’s Consideration on Sun in Taurus for more. Social-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix

Thursday: Power struggles dissolve. Dysfunction and mental illness revealed. Pluto turns Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde enters Aries. The mind can be a mess today. Moon in Aquarius puts all the world’s problems on your shoulders, and in these circumstances can keep feeding you information that further and further convolute reality. Point with this type of planetary energies is to see reality as it is, and then… how will you react? Will you be an agent of positive change or be reactive and judge, further dividing what’s already messed up? Social-20pix Purge-20pix Low Profile-20pix  Creativity-20pix

Friday: Still riding on yesterday’s intensity, Venus delivers her laundry list of insights to Saturn. She’s centered in on her own – and not others – values, healed from the ways she’s been swayed. The Mars enters Gemini today to get started on it. Watch for the charge of pressure as Mars and Saturn start to oppose this coming month. Moon enters Pisces 3:43pm, brining a soft mood to the take the edge off for the weekend. Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix

Saturday: Earth Day has a Pisces Moon this year. The Pisces moon helps recognize how we all are connected, from earth to sky, from ant to elephant, from water to womb. May the Earth find healing through your prayers and meditations today.  Purge-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix

Sunday: Good day to rummage through old journals and photos, sort out a closet, and/or take a long soak to release the pressures you feel. Moon in Pisces squares Saturn and conjoins Venus. Do it calmly and restfully. Moon enters Aries 8:32pm EDT, so sleeping might be challenging tonight. Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix 

Monday: Recognize where you get hot-headed and angry. These emotions show you care about something. Mercury Retrograde trines Saturn today to help you find another way to get what you want, with hopefully more positive emotions. Moon is in Aries.   Productivity-20pix  Love-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix Adventure-20pix

Legend Key:


Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

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