Sun in Libra Plays, Mercury Retrograde No-More, Cunning Venus in Scorpio, & Pluto’s Wealth

woman-cave-KristenTodayMercury Retrograde ends on Thursday, the same day Sun enters Libra.

This Mercury Retrograde has got some strategic workings up its sleeve. I know that because the last major aspect he’ll make retrograde is trine Pluto on Tuesday.

There’s a clear throughline between Jupiter’s tenancy in Virgo the past year and this Mercury Retrograde during eclipses.

Below I detail how to figure it on for yourself, but basically, Jupiter left Mercury a bunch of old photos and items to go through. With what Mercury didn’t know what to do, the eclipses either blew them up or gave him signs to keep going with it.

Poof, you’re delivered to people and places instead of just your desk.

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday, a very powerful, calculative position for her.

And finally, Pluto stations Direct on Monday.

Between Pluto, Venus, and now Jupiter and Sun in Libra, be ready to realize some pretty awesome partnerships, agreements, and strategic alliances.

Hey, you’re now graduated from Virgo work-at-again get-your-life-together land. Now it’s your time to leave the practice field and play ball.

Mercury’s No Longer Retrograde & You’re Not Off the Hook

This week Mercury will end Retrograde motion and go into what’s called Direct motion. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook!

Whatever your Mercury Retrograde story has been, now’s the time to stitch up the loose ends that fell apart.

In other words, the themes continue about the Mercury Retrograde until it exits the degree that he was when he stationed to retrograde. This is called the “shadow period.”

This shadow period completes by the end of October 6th.

So you take what happened during Mercury Retrograde (more on making sense in the next section), you bring back up the theme, and you go about it a different way or continue going on the better way you were shown.

Mercury is about the details, the threads, the interactions. Virgo is about the process.

Your small shifts are meaningful shifts.


Oh yeah, THAT… Mercury Picks Up Jupiter’s Mess

It took me to almost the end of Mercury Retrograde amongst all my stereotypical Mercury Retrograde problems to remember that Jupiter spent a whole year doing what Mercury just did in a few weeks.

What that means is that Jupiter – the big red giant – cramped in Virgo’s house for a year left some things unresolved and scattered like a teenage girl’s bedroom (at least mind fit that stereotype).

Hey, Jupiter’s a big-picture guy, even in detail-obsessed Virgo.

This Mercury Retrograde re-surfaced the themes of Jupiter in Virgo the past year…

… SO! You can remember what you learned and more effectively navigate the processes your setup for yourself.

Learn how in the Word Mash below!


Word Mash Game! Discover and Learn From Your Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Story

Mercury Retrograde has been picking up the pieces of the story Jupiter in Virgo left behind. Take one Jupiter word and one Virgo word to find something that resonates about your story last year to see what’s been playing in your Mercury Retrograde.


Jupiter Virgo
Big Process
Outlook Details
Philosophy Obedient
Higher Thinking Mundane Information
Belief / Spiritual Dutiful
Full Small
Benevolent Teacher Eternal Student / Wise One
Magnifying Obsession
Adventurous Organizing
Jovial Anxious
Old Man Twisted (like intestines)
Grandparent Service-Oriented
Excessive Everyday Environments
Large / Bloated Practical / Realistic
Multiplying Health
Compounding Work (Busywork)
Future Setup


Mercury Retrograde said, “Oh, you forgot about when Jupiter in Virgo made you feel ___.”

And because of the eclipses, what had to go and how you had to grow became apparent for you.

I forgot, then Mercury reminded me!

My personal example
(See the Jupiter and Virgo keywords underlined)

This past year with Jupiter in Virgo, I spent a great deal of mental and spiritual energy going through the process of becoming identified with a mother.

I was anxious with my philosophical duty to my child. against what it means to be a modern woman. (A)

It translated to sometimes feeling small and having nothing to contribute to higher-thinking conversations or social situations. (B)

Other times, I became very excited about how my career and life outlook was much more practical and realistic on how I could be in service not only to my son but to my greater picture. (C)

I also lost a pulse on my physical health. I mean I ate well, but I didn’t stretch, barely did more than some serious baby and stroller lifting, not be discounted! Toward the end, I injured my hip where I barely could walk. (D)

Finally (and of course there’s more), I felt a little bit like I was on a hamster wheel, constantly working and trying to get things organized, when the things just keep getting bigger and multiplying.  (E)

I was trying setup my future, but it was just compounding busywork. (F)


What that translated to with Mercury Retrograde in my story was:

(A) Starting a nanny-share for my son, and having mixed feelings about how it’s good for him and not good for him, which is the reality but the same is doing nothing.

(B) Same thing happened in feeling small, but I wasn’t as hurt by it. ::: pat on back :::

(C) I questioned if I made the right decision to be on the path I now am. And, I took on some work the “old old me” would have been totally fine with, the “last year me” would not be okay with, and “me today” is okay with it because it strategically as a piece (Mercury) to the bigger picture (Jupiter).

(D) I got sick back-to-back. Like that 24-hour throw-up bug that I hadn’t had since high school and feeling like a ton of bricks the week before. I realized, this isn’t working. I need to go to annual checkups (did one yesterday) and build in health routines (Mercury Direct work).

(E) Before the retrograde, I was set on what product I was going to launch. Then the Retrograde hit, and I went hamster spinning and doubting again. Good news, I’m clear again! More soon!

(F) I’ve begun my conscious work to eliminate meaningless busywork. What Brendan Burchard calls “other people’s agenda.”


Believe it or not, I was doing 90% of all this subconsciously before my epiphany on the Jupiter-Mercury relationship this past weekend.

So figure out your stories and where you need to finish them or keep going!


Play With the Sun in Libra

Planets traveling through Libra in general is a time to weigh this against that according to the archetype of that planet.

It’s a little wishy-washy on purpose.

It’s more engaging when you can’t quite describe it, but also, that’s Scorpio’s work to figure it all out.

So Libra time is to collect the items, people, whatever – big and small – and play with them.

Yes, play.

What happens when you mix this friend with that idea?

And then, find the fulcrum again.

Libra-time constantly adjusts and moves. It stays just long enough to see what is, then moves on.

While Mercury retrograded and the eclipses changed the script, Venus played the Libra game and asked what things were worth and if it meant anything.

Venus is at the last degrees of Libra when Sun moves into the sign himself.

Therefore, the fruits of her connections and value tests are all encompassed in this year’s journey of Sun in Libra.


Sun is your inner light. So as you’re playing Libra game with Sun, remember to keep a gauge on what resonates as your truth.

Hmm… not so fun, but you probably should write those down.

When Sun travels to Scorpio and Sagittarius in the next couple months, this information will be useful to setting up your strategies and 2017 planning.

For now, put yourself up against something alike, something different, something weird, something new, something familiar…

… see how it settles for you. Repeat.

Enjoy the side effect of positive socialization and good times, too!


Build Your Wealth: The Basics of Venus in Scorpio & Pluto Direct

I’m going to overwhelm you if get into these two aspects too much in depth this week. So we will do it next week, I promise.

Some basics:

Keep in mind that the people you rounded up the past month while Mercury Retrograde and the eclipses were distracting you are meaningful. (Thanks, Venus)!

They’re playing on your side of the chess board, and Venus in Scorpio is able and ready to make some calculative moves with them. Her pal Mercury is direct, so her head is on straight. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, and some ramped-up sex life is possible as it can be more intriguing in the underworld of Scorpio. (Hence the photo for this week).

You’ll feel the Pluto station many days in advance. You can’t hide under these circumstances. What is under the surface will be revealed.

That suspect to the NJ/NY bombings was found within hours of the text blast to citizens – that’s an example.

Pluto Direct brings the attention outward. So the self-defeating, why-am-I-not-there-yet thoughts let up. Phew, Pluto can be brutal.

Pluto knows what wealth there is to be captured. By wealth, we’re talking about what is figurative gold for your soul.

Wealth is closely next to greed, so it’s an interesting one to see what your demons are that steer you roff of what the wealth is into something else. Because your intentions may or may not be pure.

The Pluto Retrograde work helps you be real with yourself so your moves to bring your values into whatever wealth means to you happens.

When Pluto stations direct, it’s time to what you need to do. Some times it might feel more like a punch or an awkward silence.

But for most, others will get it and probably say “It was for the best.” You too.


Closing Thoughts

All the inner work of this year begins to turn outward.

Trust you have set yourself up well. That self-reflection, mulling over things, failed ideas, unspoken upsets – all were an investment in yourself.

Now the planets are positioning more and more so to push your energy outward and make something of that investment.

Don’t be surprised if you get too busy to enjoy that same level of personal time you had before.

You still need it – Neptune remains retrograde and Saturn in Sagittarius needs that affirmation that this is going well.

Yet, you must let yourself go out into the world farther, experience new things, meet people, and let it all come together.

You’re primed for it. Now make it happen!


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