Sun in Aquarius & This Week’s Inner Journey

wolf-1341881_1280Not a particularly eventful week compared to recent weeks, but it still has its perks. Sun enters Aquarius where you’ll have a little more fun than in the yes-no achievement-oriented Capricorn. Learn more about that, next.

Also, Moon’s travel from Libra-Sagittarius this next week is slow – really diving deep into each of the archetypes. Some days will be constructive, other days you just show up and what you must.

The Day Guide brings you through all that in more detail as well as what days are most in affinity for your common activities.

What Sun In Aquarius Brings

Sun leaves Mercury in Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Thursday, the 19th afternoon ET. You’ll still have Mercury’s work to make order and sense of what it is what you want to accomplish this next year.

Yet, your inner motivation will be lit up by Aquarius’ “new heights,” and will encourage you to go beyond what you know, into the real big picture with eyes open for discovery.

Discovery is something you may can foresee but cannot predict entirely. It’s surprising by nature. Discovery forever changes how you know your reality.

Aquarius is governed traditionally by Saturn and modernly by Uranus.

The Saturn influence encourages you to relate to what is beyond your intellectual knowings into a “faith” zone. Faith in yourself, your perspective, and way of relating life’s bigger threads into something tangible.

The Uranus influence brings a “Profound Light / God” energy that can startle the be-jeebus out of you, or can inspire you to soar to new levels.

Uranus also brings sudden endings. Some people have life happen to them because being proactive with necessary shifts is too difficult. We all do this to some extent. What are you avoiding, hmm?

The “all-seeing eye” aspect of Uranus will help make shifts possible that incorporate your humanist and aspirational side.

This year’s Sun in Aquarius is a little cloudy. The Moon is Void at the time it enters Aquarius and 3 planets + Chiron in Pisces. Use metaphorical fog in your life as an indicator there is something to breakthrough.

Aquarius likes those breakthroughs, shattering the old in favor of the new.

Finally, make opportunities to renew yourself and spark your imagination often this next month. The Aquarius part of your chart will light up and often then be nice.


Day Guides

The Inner Journey is strong this week – whether it’s alone, with a close friend, or partner. While this week might stay inwardly-focused, you also have the opportunity to plan for its debut out.

Tuesday – Bounce your ideas off a best friend, business partner, or loved one today. Moon in Libra facilitates interactions that reflect and help mature what’s been brewing inside you into life. It’s also a great day to rally up old clients, friendship, and 1-on-1 relations to re-surface in a new context.

Wednesday – Build structure into your day to temper the effects of a this-and-that type of day. Some things will go well, others may fall short. In the middle, you stand as a witness, manager, and facilitator. Try to not take things too personally. Come back to your center often with a phone alarm, breathing ritual after every meal/snack, whatever works for you. Moon in Libra is busy aspecting 5 planets today.

Thursday – Use today’s quiet time to plan your Jupiter retrograde activities (Feb. 5 – June 9). See Last Week’s “Pathmarker 3” on support networks for some ideas on how to layout a constructive time. Also be warned, lunch dates might go longer than expected and ideas may loop round and round to no end. Moon void most of the day – until 5:09pm Eastern time.

Friday – Be proactive and examine your own notions of power: are you comfortable with your power, are you respectful to others when you exert your authority, how do you use your powers for good? Politics aside, symbolically the planets show a great tide of changes and to relationships to power. Because it’s the chart for Inauguration Day, it will have effects for the next 4 years. Know where you stand and operate your influence strategically. Moon in Scorpio Venus perfects a sextile to Pluto.

Saturday – Intuitions are high and can complicate any conflicting perspectives you hold in your head. A great day for exorcising your fears and hangups. Seize back your confidence in what you’re doing as important and build the internal strength to carry you forward. Moon in Scorpio.

Sunday – Spirited and fun, enjoy an adventure Sunday. Shake off any weirdness from the previous week. Great day for writing, meditating, bodywork, and travel. Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday – Keep yourself grounded in reality. You may want to fall into old escapist patterns. Energy is better used shifting your fall-back habits into more productive ones. And, gaining momentum on what moves your forward, even if it’s challenging or uncertain in outcome. Moon in Sagittarius, aspecting 5 planets. Mercury sextiles Neptune, and Venus semi-sextiles Uranus.

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