Stepping On New Ground – Charts & Graphs For Your Weekly Planning

new-format-considerations-nov2016We all just want something palatable and preferably actionable, daily. Even, when it comes to astrology!

In the intensity of those daily considerations that past two weeks, I realized I got us all into the weeds. Sorry about that.

Luckily my right-brain connected with my left-brain, and poof!

These considerations are different. Graphs – like math class back in the day. But to the point and easy to read.

What questions do you have that I could chart out for you?

For example, do you care about, “Is it a good day for”:

  • Calling up an old colleague or client?
  • Planning?
  • Self-care?
  • Signing a contract?

This is so alpha, I hand-drew these charts.

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Real Clear, Actionable Astrology: Spend Most of Time on the Bigger Picture & Regroup What You Have

110816 - graphs

This week starts off on a high note for the more suave sides of activities – personal care, visioning, cleaning up your past, high creativity.

Like last week, Friday is the most energetic for tasky-things and more traditional markers of productivity.

The days before Monday’s Full Moon, and 3 personal planets changing signs this week has a lot of “wrapping up” energies to shift gears and regroup into another mode.

Perhaps that’s why the cosmos give you so much time to ponder and consider bigger picture things this week.

Void Moons Nov. 8-14th, 2016:
Tuesday (8:55am ET – 4:45pm ET), Aquarius to Pisces
Thursday (6:16pm ET – 8:45pm ET), Pisces to Aries
Saturday (7:45am ET – 9:24pm ET), Aries to Taurus
Monday (8:52am ET – 8:23pm ET), Taurus to Gemini

Advanced Considerations: Why Your Personal Shifts Actually Are Collective Ones

Getting sick of me talking about Venus?

Venus is the it-girl in the sky right now.

As the ruler of the signs where many of the planets currently reside, it’s like Venus is collecting rent money on the planetary players that pass her Monopoly properties on the board called zodiac.

For example, Jupiter who is in Libra (traditionally ruled by Venus), has a coloring of wherever Venus is.

Also, every time Venus changes sign, Jupiter while still in Libra too will get a new filter to process his own experience and action.

Venus changes signs on Friday from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

(That fact alone makes me think Hillary will win the election – the woman who sets ideals and a vision of having a woman president goes off to work and achieves a new status).

Venus isn’t the only one changing signs.


Just look at how the sky’s radiation will change in just a week:

– Mars enters Aquarius Wednesday. By effect, Sun and Uranus shift.

– Venus enters Capricorn Friday. By effect, Jupiter, Saturn change filters. And less so but still true, Neptune and Pluto.

– Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday.


Personal planets that change signs around the same time show it’s a time where personal evolution has quicker group and societal relevance than normal.

This didn’t happen overnight, of course, but it’s a longer period quick and permanent changes.

Venus and Mars are entering the last quadrant of signs. Mercury entering Sagittarius which shapes all that makes the last three signs meaningful.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces aren’t interested in the self nor the other.

They are interested in societal concerns and how we come together through that – status, aspiration, belief.

The movement to this part of the zodiac reminds you that even more so than always…

When you work on yourself, you also are changing the world around you, even if it’s unseen.

Your Personal Rally Cries

  • I Give myself the permission for rapid growth.
  • I have confidence to stick by what feels rights and also looks good on paper.
  • My rules are my rules in integrity to my Being.
  • I have the wherewithal and intelligence to navigate this.

World’s changing, quickly. Make the most of it by being in sync with your most opportune times astrological and continuing to generate your eager mindset.

This is palatable. This is actionable.

This is for you. This is for us.

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