Shadows & Simplicity: January 15 Solar Eclipse

asoggetti-clouds-grayscale-walking-KristenTodayWith a shadow is an outline, a shape of the image you’re leaving behind.

It makes me question the shadow – or imprint – of what I’ve already left behind. And too, what I will leave behind when my time is done.

Thursday’s Solar Eclipse casts a shadow on the ways you’ve been scattered and disorganized. Not only that, Mercury gets eclipsed, showing the ways you spread out your time in thoughtful ways but maybe not working coherently together.

Most things in life are started with good intentions. Along the process, though, the good intentions don’t always have good results. Especially, when you look at how all your activities are working together.

The astrological moment calls for a reckoning, a humbling and sudden change. (Most strongly for those with planets 24-29 degrees in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio).

Yes, it’s dark to ask this – but without darkness, light has no place to fill…

… What legacy are you leaving, and is it the one you want?

This Week’s Considerations open this conversation the cosmos might reiterate through the eclipse and the passage of Sun and Mercury into Pisces late in the week.


To be Simple

The Shaker song “Tis a Gift to be Simple” resonates against the pomp of modern culture but strikes a cord nonetheless.

All this Aquarian energy the past month urged you to be original, to put your own mark on whatever fancies you.

Yet at the end of the day, are you doing it for the attention of your friends and communities? Are you doing it to be like your mentors and idols?

Or, are you doing it because it’s something that feeds your soul?

The Moon’s nodes indicate your True North right now is based on yourself and your heartstrings, not other people’s dreams and standards.

I find that the heart has simple requests, and it’s often like that Shaker song.

“To be in the valley of love and delight.”


Standards You Can Live By

When you feel like your integrity might be compromised, it’s time to go back to basics. Reorient yourself to the standards YOU can live by.

As explored in Dec. 26th’s Considerations when Saturn entered Capricorn, your emotional, physical, and spiritual standards all influence your happiness.

The emotional fuels the connections that allow you to translate your spirit’s desires to the physical – and have the help to make it reality.

Knowing why you care for your physical body as the vehicle for your highest level desires keeps you grounded and steady.

Ending your day with “Was I me today?” gives you the litmus for your day’s worth and alignment.

And finally, balancing your spiritual suave with the physical is an art. It allows you to live your Truth, which is ultimately the most important in the ecosystem of consciousness.

Saturn in Capricorn wants you to have standards for yourself. To be spiritual is not to be a pushover, and to have physical riches doesn’t necessarily feed your soul’s desires.

You have to commit to your personal excellence. However, you should not feel burdened by it. The latter would be a negative manifestation of Saturn.

When you reach your personal mark, you feel the satisfaction. And because Venus is in Pisces now, it is easier to know what’s good or bad for you. (More below).



Like stars in the constellations in the sky, what lights you up is unique and limitless.

Venus is a main indicator for pleasure and delight. Her presence in Pisces is her favorite, and she’s especially optimistic and creative here.

If you’ve been overloaded, you can more easily let go and get back in touch with what’s important.

As explored in Last Week’s Considerations, Venus in Pisces gives you the space to create, relate, recharge and reflect at her best potential.

When you focus on healthy satisfaction with you activities, you come closer to aligning yourself to your true path and what makes you happy when it’s all over.



Eclipses often liberate you unexpectedly. Burdens are lifted, the past no longer can have a stronghold on you.

Whether you like it or not, you enter the land of uncertainty.

This place is free, the course is decided by the only certain thing there is – You with your convictions, desires, and standards.

It is vulnerable. You can feel exposed. But eventually, you can see that when you are witnessed, you are seen for who you really are.

Recognition is like a fire to your heart and soul. It feeds your energy to keep going and have faith in what makes you, you.

Self-confidence and faith that you’re on the path develop only develop from this initially raw, almost isolated place.

Whatever the eclipses and cosmos deliver you, remember to resist the urge to get busy again and fill the negative space. Let go where you know things must.

And then, let yourself settle into the activities, sensations, and interactions that will let you fulfill your life’s simple requests by the day of your ultimate passage.

Astrological Day Guides: February 13-19, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Scattered and fragmented, the tone set at the beginning of your void moon morning could trickle into the rest of the day. Bring the tension inward to a mental level. Challenge yourself to problem solve. Collect information to one place. Get outside your comfort zone. Through your environment and interactions, the cosmos will try to shake the normal out of you. Consider a different future.
(Void moon until 10:11am EST followed by Moon in Aquarius. Mercury-Jupiter square. Sun-Uranus sextile).


Wednesday – Surprise a sweetheart in the morning that gets you both excited. Keep friends and communities nearby to share the love with the Aquarius Moon vibes. Enjoy every moment.
(Aquarius Moon sextiles Mars in morning).


Thursday – Let the old go to make room for the new. Find your grounding in the consistent energy of who you were as a child, today, and who you can expect to feel like in the future. Let the rest be what it is. Release. Besides the Solar Eclipse, Moon also eclipses Mercury. In that darkness, notice how you sound and what your actions speak for you. Whatever your insights, structure out ways on how to bring your best out of yourself.
(Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 4:05pm EST. Moon also eclipses Mercury. Mercury-Uranus sextile. Venus-Saturn sextile.).


Friday – Tap into your subconscious. Write, hike, do whatever it is that brings you internal and reflective. Be open to changing the way you do things. Let your environment – whether its pillows or trees – envelope you. Foster security within, knowing anything or anyone can be your support when you need it most.
(Moon in Pisces sextile Saturn, eclipses Venus, squares Mars, and conjoins Neptune).


Saturday – Take advantage of Mercury and Sun’s last moments in Aquarius. Collect your thoughts and inspirations from the past month. Put them into a combined picture and visualize your success and influence growing from it. Let your inner voice sing loud and clear.
(Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto, trine Jupiter. Mars-Neptune square. Sun-Mercury conjunction. Mercury enters Pisces in 11:28pm EST).


Sunday – Continue the eclipse influence and shake things up once again. Do a giant purge of a closet. Call up someone spontaneously who you wanted to grow a closer friendship. Spark your creativity in a way you’ve been craving. Explore new music…

(Aries Moon square Saturn. Sun enters Pisces.).


Monday – Aggressive day. Back off and don’t engage with other people’s anger. Try to stay remote and out of public places…
(Aries Moon trine Mars square Pluto).

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