Saturn Direct: Responsibilities and Integrity to Your Plan

This Week’s Considerations.

Saturn direct. Venus in Scorpio. Mars in Aquarius. Two grand trines. And a New Moon in Virgo… like your plate wasn’t already stacked!

… In this video – I botched the thing about Venus in Virgo. She’s changing signs to Scorpio.

I apparently retrograded myself to think backward. My apologies!

The notion of the Virgo issues still remains, as well as Saturn putting on the pressure to get your life organized toward something meaningful.

Venus entering Scorpio instead gives an added boost to Jupiter’s influence on strategy, alluring attraction and seduction into what pleases you most.

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Day Guides below!

Astrological Day Guides: September 4 – 10 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  A fertile day to get rooted in what inspires you. You may want to shake up your routine and approach your responsibilities in a different light. Maybe you literally change the lighting or working space. Or maybe you change your habits around working. Letting go of the caffeine, finally?
(Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus, opposite Saturn).

Wednesday – Operate from a creative and intuitive space today. Cosmos are aligned to bring in the flows of information that you can feel, listen to, and sense more than you can concretitize. Wait for that later in the week. For now, put on some good music, keep your eye on the prize, and let the ideas dance!
(Cancer Moon makes Grand Trine in Water with Neptune and Jupiter. Moon-Pluto opposition. Venus enters Virgo at 10:39pm EDT).

Thursday – Doubt can rise in the morning. Are you focusing on the right things? Soon after the Leo Moon sets things straight and puts you back in your heart space. When you follow from the heart – in a truly centered place – you’re on the right path. Go back to the heart.
(Cancer Moon opposes Mars then goes Void 8:43am – 9:54am EDT. Then Leo Moon squares Uranus. Saturn enters Direct Motion at 7:10am EDT).

Friday – You may run into conflicts with an older man or mentor today. The tried and true might remain so, but you’re in the mood to try something new. Maybe it’s also time to look for new mentors and guides. Your inner compass knows best.
(Leo Moon squares Jupiter. Mercury-Saturn trine. Sun-Neptune opposition).

Saturday – Enjoy the late morning – early afternoon productivity. Wednesday’s creative and intuitive space can take shape today. Put all the ideas on paper, move them around, and see how they work together. Maybe make a model. Try to make it as real – meaning physical – as possible and the cosmic energies can run more smoothly. Even if you don’t know how to articulate it, sense the raw energy and the movement of intangible becoming tangible.
(Moon void from 9:31am – 10:29am EDT. Then, Virgo Moon makes Grand Trine in Earth with Saturn and Uranus. Venus-Mars Square. Moon occults Mercury at 7:54pm EDT).

Sunday – Set intentions with a high bar for this New Moon. Recognize the strength of your vision, the intelligence of your strategies to get there, and the dedicated work it will take to change yourself to get there. Get clear on how you might need to take care of your body. Your day-to-day routines. Your responsibilities (and those that aren’t yours). All that jazz. Sit with it, find peace with it, and find its resonance with the cosmic opportunity in meditation.
(New Moon at 17 degrees Virgo at 2:01pm EDT with opposition to Neptune, sexitle to Jupiter and trine to Pluto. Venus enters Scorpio).

Monday – You can feel super stressed today about how much or little is happening. Call a friend to help you with your personal million-dollar questions. Get someone else to reflect so you can see clearly what’s happening. The tension eases in the evening, but it also may translate to anxiety. If you haven’t been practicing good self-care, now’s the time to build in moments in your day and week to calm down.
(Virgo Moon trines Mars and goes void for 8 minutes at 11:12am EDT. Then Libra Moon squares Saturn. Mars enters Aquarius).

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