Sagittarius New Moon & Accomplishment

Weekly Considerations

Accomplishment can be tricky if you grow up in modern society.

The feeling requires a sense of pride – but you’re told to be humble.

It also requires defining and deciding what is to be attained – but women are often accused of being bitchy when they’re really being assertive to their own desires.

With these repercussions, it’s often easy instead to look to others for recognition.

By this recognition, you know you have accomplished something meaningful and worthwhile.

However, real accomplishment comes from an inner knowing.

It’s a sacred place where from within your own being where you can recognize yourself as following your inner truth in your own barometer for good and bad.

In this positioning, you no longer need to share every detail with those around you, but you also have the added confidence to share what is essential and important with strength.

It gathers a strength for the positive ego that you just developed within you. This ego should not be feared – it is your ambassador to interact with the world around you.

Without charisma and your personality in positive expression, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish anything.

We as a human race are interconnected. We no longer can do our work alone. We need each other to do our personal works – personal, professional, and beyond.

You know you were put on the planet to create something uniquely yours. “No one else can do it for you,” says one of my mentors.

How do you know you are succeeding – does it come from an place of inner knowing, or do you externalize it?


This week, the cosmic energies can be a little cold and dividing. As the energies penetrate into your energy bodies, you have the ability to let them work through you unconsciously into your physical life or to use them consciously.

A lot can be accomplished – both the boring and the exciting.

Why not do it in a way that is meaningful and enriching to your being so to nourish your future accomplishments as well?

Daily Considerations

Monday Moon in Scorpio

As the year approaches closing, it’s a good day to evaluate strategy for your 2015 taxes.

See where your financial position likely will be.

Would you benefit if you donated – contributed to your retirement fund – or spent some more money on meals & entertainment, or maybe professional development?

These are good things to know before 2016 to save you money in your pocket instead of the tax agencies.


Tuesday Sun-Uranus Trine

Stay true to yourself today, and things should come to you pretty quickly.

Maybe you need to radicalize something that’s been bogging you down, making you slow and uninterested.

Today’s to the day to try it out.

Lesser form of today’s energies is a bit self-centered and wants to take it out on a collective or group. Blaming and taking revenge makes no one win.

If someone is not in their best, free yourself from the situation.


Wednesday Mercury Enters Capricorn; Void Moon in Scorpio until 5:25pm EST

Mercury extends into Capricorn, the furthest he’ll be from Venus until he goes retrograde in January.

Feel good about your accomplishments – especially the small ones.

Chat-up those in leadership positions who can help you rise your own status.

Confirm contracts that represent your ideal clients.

Standardize your communications.

Until the 20th, you’re in the clear for what you create. After the 20th, you’ll have the retrograde shadow effect, so all you do after then will be up for re-evaluation.

Enjoy the holiday bustle – it can be used to your advantage. And hey, keep up the adventurous spirit. 🙂


Thursday Mars-Uranus Opposition

Like Tuesday, today could be a volatile for similar reasons.

Also, there’s a desire to shift your relationship to groups.

Some considerations:
How do you work from your self place for the collective?

Are your networks supporting your forward progress?

What’s area of your life could use some more discovery and hope?

What might something be that needs to leave your life?


Friday New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius New Moon forms a T-Square with the Jupiter-Chiron opposition, energizing us to express a new beginning in Gemini-like things.

What fuels the T-Square is Jupiter and Chiron squaring the New Moon.

You might have needed to face your deep pains recently, or to witness and hold space for those suffering.

The Neptune station may not have gone well for some – revealing health problems, short-sightedness in a metaphorical sense, and addictive behaviors.

Jupiter, the ruler of the New Moon by way of Sagittarius, also trines Pluto.

So although this new moon has a friendly cover, it has deep desires for transformation and renewal.

Go into the resistance of the yuck and pain, you’ll put yourself into the T-Square energy then.

From there, you will have an outlet to transform it through Gemini (talking, writing, rationalizing, learning, etc.) to work it out with Pluto’s flowing support to keep it meaningful and profound.


Saturday & Sunday Moon in Capricorn

Get stuff accomplished this weekend.

Clean up, decorate, shop, get those taxes done I got you all worried about on Monday.

The dry emotion of today’s moon helps objectivity and motivation.

If there’s something that has been difficult to respond to because of emotions – like an email or situation, take time to look at it from another angle today.

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