Rise To Your Potential. Mars in Scorpio

landscape-mountain-cloud-sun-KristenToday-pxhere.comAre you unhappy with the way this year panned out?

I get it – life happens, and in the moment, it often feels easier to avoid conflict than put yourself first.

What if you could set a path for success and momentum now that aligns your true priorities to your A-efforts?

This Week’s Considerations is inspired most by Mercury Retrograde and Mars’ entry to Scorpio on Saturday, December 9th.

With these two planetary positions, it’s a time to erase maligned mindsets and commit to smart ways to spend your energy.

Read more below on how to set yourself up to rise to your potential in 2018.


Character Change

Maybe this past year you were too nice about some things. Maybe you were indecisive. Maybe you just needed to enjoy simple pleasures.

These characteristics have been emphasized the past year and a half as Jupiter then Mars transited Libra.

A different aspect of your character wants to emerge and make some powerful moved.

Mars – planet of action and drive – transits Scorpio until January 26th. During this time period, you have an opportunity to make behaviors on which you can build momentum upon the remainder of 2018.

For one, you’ll probably notice that indecisiveness and being nice needs to take a back seat.

Your firm decisions are needed. Hard stops to your time are also warranted.

In other words, treat yourself with the respect you would give your mentor or favorite teacher.

Scorpio is a sign that thrives off of intentional movement. Mars emphasizes this quality and wants you to move with precision and strong affectation.

When any planet (and its archetypes) is in Scorpio, you can feel little scared. Yet despite those fears, in positive expression, it trusts itself to make the leaps out when it feels it’s right.

Scorpio is thoughtful, strategic, and calculating behind the scenes. Give your mind food to ponder, contemplate, and let it grow. Think of it as a tool to help direct your outward actions with more precision.

What happens behind the scenes is rarely linear. Meaning, the skills you acquire don’t necessarily reflect how you apply them.

Trust your instincts on what you need to feel awake and informed to make the moves in 2018 that matter.

Over here, I picked up some math books to exercise my left-brain. I’m hoping to work my way back up to Calculus, which is where stopped, senior year of high school.

For me, I feel like concentrating on left-brain exercises again will help me bring a stronger, more balanced and to the point message for my readers and clients.

Basically, what I’m asking you to embrace is your intelligence, don’t be afraid of your power, and create more depth to your character.

Get Clearer

It’s likely you weren’t clear enough with yourself in 2017 to realize your own self-created obstacles.

When you’re clear in mind, your efforts are more fluid. You yourself believe in the momentum it will build. Nothing can stop you from pursuing those efforts. It’s like your favorite vice is within arms’ reach, and you know it’s happening once you do ___.

If you want to be clear with your directives and to get your 2018 to match your true priorities better, then you first need to work on yourself.

  • Where are you conflicted?
  • Why is it hard to make commitments, even to the things you would love?
  • What are you afraid of if you truly pursue your priorities?

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius right now teaches you that there are mindsets that have to adjust. The bigger picture is not lining up as best as it could.

You’ll need to reconcile these inner conflicts to be clear in your actions.

Do the inner work, and you’ll be poised to commit to the small actions and the larger milestones that can lead you to a fulfilling 2018.

Realism Takes Hold

Be careful not to get lost in the “could be”, “should be,” and “ought to be’s” when reviewing your past year.

The past 2.5 years of Saturn in Sagittarius have been more ungrounded by the nature of the transit. Your head had to be in the clouds a bit to take on a more open, available, and abundant mindset.

(Mercury Retrograde is ensuring that it all has a good chance to come together now).

That era is ending, and 2018 will be characterized by a more consistent urge to ground and create results in the reality (not just your mind).

Here’s why:

When Saturn enters Capricorn on Tuesday, December 19th, he enters an Earth sign. What you accomplish, how you structure your life (Saturn archetypes) must be based in reality. And with that, it’s the reality at the surface level.

For example, the Earth is 3,958 miles deep. The crust is only the surface, but it’s how we best know the Earth. Yet, the movement below the crust creates the rise and fall of mountains, the shifting of tectonic plates. There is more underneath the surface.

When this Saturn in Capricorn starts, it’s like your life’s efforts are the Earth’s crust. The part underneath is your Scorpio influences (Jupiter & Mars).

Without a grounding in reality, Mars in Scorpio risks you getting lost in illusions and wishful thinking. This can tumble you into depression, anxiety, and fears.

This is easier said than done. Be diligent and honest with yourself.

Once you’ve ensured you’re grounded in reality, brainstorm realistic goals, behaviors, and practices that help you feel elated about your 2018.

More help on that regard below.

Basically, the cosmos say it is time to land your exotic journey and start putting your thoughts and aspiration to practice. How you come back to earth takes courage to keep the integrity of your ambitions and also responds to the realities of the world.

Brainstorm Your Process

Part of helping make your priorities match your year’s ambitions is methodically studying what happened.

The weekend’s Moon in Virgo is ripe to clean house and tie up loose ends. I encourage you to use it to also reflect on your past year’s efforts. Start to see the pattern of what actually happened.

From there, you can learn where you got distracted – and why.

Learn from your mistakes, learn from your accomplishments.

Then, brainstorm what daily activities would help you feel better about the direction your life demonstrates for the next year.

What monthly or quarterly milestones would help you feel like you’re making progress?

Record these ideas to revisit them when Mercury is Direct and Sun and Saturn are in Capricorn – after December 22nd.

By then, you’ll be cooked and ready to see things in a new light, and better positioned to make commitments to your priorities.

Without doing the dirty work, you risk setting yourself up for disappointment or doing less than your potential can realize.

Overcommitted? Brave Out a Single Priority.

Life is full of amazing people doing inspiring things. And, taking care of your relationships to family and friends is a job in itself. Then there’s your home, your bills, and – oh right – your personal needs.

Being overcommitted is an easy trap to fall into. And it’s a people-pleasing thing to do.

Did you know that the word, “priorities” wasn’t plural until the 1940’s? Just think about that for a minute.

What if you chose a single priority for this year. That no matter what, under all conditions, it gets your A-efforts every day of the year.

What would that do for you if you didn’t have to decide between one priority and the other?

This takes some courage to fully embrace. You may be afraid of losing people or that you’re losing time on something else that is also important.

I ask you to reflect on what kind of people you want to be around – and the relationship you want to have with them. If you did your single priority for a year, in this context, would it matter as much if some people moved on from your life?

Also, reflect on a very good year of your life. Doesn’t it seem that all things move forward and evolve when a single thing is going well?

What would your life feel like if you had a single priority to be accountable for daily? Would you feel more or less on the path you designed to become?

Take the time to consider what this single priority could be for 2018.

Let it marinate and settle for something after December 22nd. (That’s when Sun and Saturn are in Capricorn, and Mercury finishes his retrograde).

Extra Credit: Get into The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan.

Perspective – Be Like an Eagle

The eagle is known for its ability to stare into the Sun, to see small objects from far away and to strike with majesty and grace.

An archetype of Scorpio, this moment asks you to soar high above. See the greatness – the beauty – the optimistic possibilities. Venus in Sagittarius right now helps you keep the passion strong and the desire to realize more and break out of your comfort zones.

And then, like the Eagle, when you come back to Earth, you strike with precision, fluidity, and certainty of your actions.

If 2018 is going to be successful, it’s because you have committed to your 1-2 priorities, you put your fears and questions aside, and you were brave to put yourself first.


Astrological Day Guides: December 5 – 11, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Chores and responsibilities can seem never-ending, so make peace with the flow by letting your mind wander.  It’s an intuitive day, so the mundane tasks that take care of your basic needs can be more meaningful by the space it allows you to reflect.
(Cancer Moon trine Neptune and Jupiter, opposes Pluto).


Wednesday –  Re-structure and undo some of your work before it accumulates to something undesired. Check your pride by doing what’s right for you and those you love.
(Mercury Retrograde conjoins Saturn and sextiles Mars. Mars-Saturn sextile. Cancer Void Moon from 12:56pm EST – 3:37pm EST. Leo Moon follows).


Thursday – Spirits soar, and the sky is no limit. Today’s optimism is a test for your personal integrity. How you honor your long-term desires can come into conflict with short-sighted pleasures. That said, do something that really lights you up.
(Leo Moon trines Venus and Sun, squares Jupiter).


Friday – Corral your people under a group activity that everyone can feel productive about. It’s a heart-opening day – catch up with an old friend, be generous, or have a long lunch. You may feel more modest in the evening when Moon changes signs to Virgo, so take it while it’s here.
(Leo Moon trines Uranus, Mercury Rx, and Saturn and sextiles Mars. Void moon 5:40pm – 6:09pm EST).


Saturday – Time to get to work. Mars’ entry to Scorpio today marks the end of intense relationship building from the past year to use your connections to advance your ambitions. Part of you may feel like it’s no fun. Mitigate that feeling by taking the eagle’s elevated perspective – see clearly what the path ahead is and the best road to take.
(Virgo Moon squares Venus and opposes Neptune, sextiles Jupiter. Mars enters Scorpio).


Sunday – Close your end-of-the-year projects. Winter is coming, holiday festivities start to multiply after this. Clean out old junk, and appreciate alongside it, the year’s growth. Seed what next year’s process can look like. How can you do a little better each day to enjoy your life even more? Just brainstorm, no need to make your New Year’s Commitments quite yet.
(Virgo Moon trine Pluto, square Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. Venus-Neptune square. Mercury Retrograde-Uranus trine. Void Moon 10:02pm – 12:01am Monday EST).

Monday – Quiet and straightforward day. Set out what you’d like to accomplish and sweetly make your way there. Favored day to revisit old talks and negotiations.
(Libra Moon, no aspects).

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