Raor! The Unstoppable You.

Lion-Leo-Sun-Moon-Eclipse-KristenTodayBold. Daring. Remarkable. This cosmic environment can bring out your best.

Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius. Venus & Mars are in Aries…

These are your archetypes that play into your life right now!:

Mercury is happiest in Aquarius where somehow he keeps up with most of his fancies, connecting people, ideas, resources, and whatever crosses his path in brilliant, impressive maneuvers.

The Sun in Aquarius (albeit not his favorite sign) enjoys a detachment from what’s real in favor of what’s beyond and what the soul calls in. Extreme optimism for whatever ignites your passion and call for humanity stirs from within during Sun in Aquarius – just another 2 weeks!

Venus in Aries wears her passions on her sleeve. She can’t seem to help but share how she feels about everything as if there were no consequences for expressing her loves and disapprovals so freely.

Mars in Aries is simply unstoppable. Read more on how Mars is steamrolling here.

It’s a bright time, even with the eclipses. (First on Friday).

Conversely, maybe this isn’t you but it could be those around you…

… you can feel so certain of yourself that you lose sight of how your actions affect those around you, which can cause ripples of disorder and chaos and leads to arguments, misunderstandings, and schisms.

Checks and balances for your personal life too, alright?

Friday’s Lunar Leo Eclipse: Who You Ought To Be.

This Lunar Leo Eclipse’s Moon is closest to the transiting North Node, showing there’s a deliverance tone to this Full Moon perfecting Friday evening at 7:33pm ET.

You are established as who you ought to be. A cosmic fast-forward, per se.

Eclipses are temporary lights-out. So like the blink of an eye, you transport to another reality better suited to the person you became but maybe didn’t realize you developed into. Bam!

(This is particularly so if you have planets in aspect to the eclipse degree, which is about 22.5 degree of Leo).

You lose your power – for a moment – when eclipses happen. The Sun – representing your inner light to cultivate and embody throughout your life – is blocked from radiating its energies to you.

That matters because your energetic life-line is temporarily cut off.

If you were planning to do any Full Moon rituals, I’d advise against it for that reason.  

Also, it’s more difficult for your helpers of Light to get to you quickly. And, it’s easier for you to get swayed into other people’s magics because your own sense of presence (aka The Sun) is offline.

Maintaining integrity and your own sense of identity is the foundation of your spiritual health and overall well-being.

Take care of yourself and lay low. Be humble and set a beautiful stage for the cosmos to play out into your life. No need to interfere.

There, I’ve said my peace. <3


Day Guides: February 7-13th, 2017

Tuesday – Mind is racing while the heart is aching. Mercury entered Aquarius this morning. Now Mercury speeds up your thoughts and makes messes to draw out your inner brilliance. Moon in Cancer will square both Venus and Mars, making you sensitive, reactive, and taking things a little too personally. Notice what pulls at a heartstring and bring value to it even if you want to dismiss it as a weakness.

Wednesday – Tough decisions to make today. They’ll affect your sense of power and control, sometimes happening to you instead of your controlling all factors. Interesting power dynamics for negotiation and serious conversations. Also, you can get yourself out of bad contracts with this energy. Observe these feelings to help deepen your letting go for the fast-forward motion the eclipse brings.

Thursday – Let loose, be quirky, and let your heart sing. Moon is in Leo today, and Sun sextiles Uranus. Moon’s early opposition to Mercury in Aquarius highlights that your mind is racing with the awesomeness you can create. Let yourself go there and follow the flows of Consciousness (the symbol of Aquarius) that Sun and Mercury in Aquarius bring.

Friday – Eclipse Day. A particularly passionate, quick moving day. Give yourself the opportunities to boost up your game. See This Week’s Considerations above for more on the Lunar Eclipse.

Saturday – Take advantage of the precise focus available to you. Channel the epiphanies from days leading up to the eclipse into the processes that will streamline your success. Be careful not to overthink their practicality. Moon in Virgo is ruled by Mercury in Aquarius who is literally bringing you out-of-the-box thinking. This is when you trust yourself and look to your past successes of navigating the unknown for present-day support.

Sunday – It’s important to keep releasing today. Whether it’s the overload of insights from the past week, a detox, or both, externalize it. Moon in Virgo wants you to be able to break out of your shell by cleaning out. By the end, you should feel like you’re standing and sitting straighter.

Monday – Void Moon from 7:36am – 3:43pm ET makes for a slow start to the week. Don’t think all your hard work over the weekend was for nothing! Things will get busy again soon enough. Plan your Valentine’s Day instead – don’t forget to treat yourself too! <3 <3 <3

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