Pluto Direct: Mornings & Morals to Deliver You Through It

Phew! This week’s energy is thick and intense.

Pluto is stationed in the sky in preparation for his turn to Direct Motion on Sunday. When a planet is stopped aka “stationing,” it’s hard to give the energy some movement.

Difficult to palate new realities, necessary changes to implement, takings back of power (likely with resistance), relationships to money powers and debts…

… all these Pluto stories may lead you to something that good for you or “right,” but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

Learn how your mornings and relationship to morals can help you find relief and direction from all this energy.

–> YouTuber’s link is right here.

Cosmos also gave you some opportunities to get your head back on so you don’t feel trapped.  I discuss it in the video as well, but you’ll also see them clearly outlined in the Day Guides below.

In weeks like this, don’t let yourself wallow in the dark, creepy energies. Talk it out, speak your truth.  Message me for a quick listening ear or advice if you want it.

Astrological Day Guides: September 25 – October 1, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  If you don’t find yourself waking up unusually early, pay attention to the themes, ideas, and messages in your dreams. Something new is wanting to emerge from your subconscious, and your consciousness hopes to bring it into earthly action. Pressures may also be rising about the partnerships and agreements you’ve made. How can you make similar relationships even more just next time?
(Aries Moon opposes Mercury at 6:12am ET. Sun-Saturn square).

Wednesday – Anxiety and pressure seems to be boiling under the surface. It’s an intense week with Pluto stopped in the sky, getting ready to go into Direct Motion. Breathe through the discomfort and “exercise” out your demons, fears and doubts. Even if they don’t go away completely – when you hold them to a light of acceptance, you can move forward with them. You may have to make some bold moves this week, even if they’re internal decisions. Time to stand for what’s right. Spend the day getting pumped up on what that means to you in present day.
(Void Moon all day).

Thursday – Like Tuesday, you may get a sudden start to your morning – thanks Uranus! Again pay attention to dreams and subtle cues. Both your subconscious and other people’s secrets want to come to the surface. What’s hidden can come out ugly. Stay focused on what can be productive from it, and it can unravel in the smoothest way possible. It takes a village – even as adults we need each other. Use your networks that feel right, even if you don’t know them well.
(Taurus Moon conjoins Uranus at 6:11am ET. Also, Moon trines Saturn, squares Mars and opposes Venus. Sun-Mars trine).

Friday – Today can be difficult to navigate, especially around those in positions of power or leadership to you. In the morning, spend extra time grounding yourself with the earth – maybe even touch the Earth. Keep mottos, symbols, stones, or words close to you that represent your values to maintain your equilibrium. Then as the day starts off a little nebulous, you can gauge people’s truths (and untruths) and put yourself against theirs to work out the commonality. If you do this right, this can be very fruitful for lasting agreements and meaningful changes.
(Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto, and opposes Jupiter before going void the rest of the day at 6:36pm ET).

Saturday – Release the week’s energy and get moving! Put yourself in group settings and let yourself shine in the shared experience. Then, make it even more fun!
(Gemini Moon makes a grand trine with Mars and Sun).

Sunday – Make the right decisions, even if they’re the hard decisions. Today’s Pluto station perfects when Moon makes a Yod aka “Finger of God” with Pluto and Jupiter. Secrets, lies, deceiving actions and even self-betrayal have been bubbling to the surface all week. With this aspect, you can channel the energy for good and mitigate it through the all that murky business for what’s right. Keep your light strong, my friend!
(Pluto Stations Direct today. Gemini Moon squares Neptune and trines Mercury before going void the rest of the day at 11:38am EDT).

Monday – Integrate the intensity of Pluto’s direct motion from last night. Make important distinctions for yourself. Re-commit to your inner compass’ morals and find the pathways in the near future on how to implement them. Yes, you might have to go against resistance and other people’s s***, but when done from a place of care (instead of aggression) this is the juice that inspires and fertilizes all. Doing what’s right may mean pushing against old regimes and thoughts. Even if it seems contrary, trust that honest truth always does prevail in the greater timeline. <3
(Void Moon until 2:00pm when it enters Cancer. Moon sextiles Uranus and opposes Saturn).


Photo by Hello I’m Nik

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