Pisces Begins Saturday. Endings, Beginnings, and Where to Breakthrough.

vintage-valentine-KristenTodaySaturday marks the beginning of Sun in Pisces. Pisces time can be frightening. With many transitions, what is meaningful may hear a “t-t-t-hat’s all folks!” (While others pass the test of time and continue on).

Endings are not all that funny, but a sense of humor goes a long way. Exercise yours where needed!

From every ending, there’s a beginning. It takes some practice and then diligence to believe that.

Call it a cycle, the circle of life, or nature, your hardest work of Sun in Pisces is to emerge into Aries with a “vessel” to support the intelligent, intuitive, creative soup flowing inside of you.

You’ll want to create a structure where your youthfulness can enjoy some in-the-background wise shaping that guides without being overbearing.

Conversely, without any guidelines, you’ll end up like a puddle. People like to walk all over puddles.

Remember the January sleepy when Venus and Mars were in Pisces? Then they both entered Aries at the beginning of February, and you likely were a little unprepared, jolting into all that buzz so quickly.

This is the same situation! Be diligent to make time to shape the softness you begin to feel Saturday into a vessel that can grow throughout the year.


Also, Pisces is the sign of merging and belief. It’s a remembrance of a unified self, like your cell to your body as you to the universe.

This feeling of belonging – or not belonging – pours into the rebirth when Sun enters Aries. Be careful what you mix into your intentions soup!

You know that it takes a village to raise any child or any idea you may have that is in its infancy. Know where you belong and put yourself there. Accept this sense of belonging and collective existence. It’s a more profound reality for yours to capture.

Which, reminds me…

8 Points To Breakthrough In Your Annual Pisces Journey

This time in Pisces, work on yourself to enhance your ability to:

  1. Listen between the lines (instead of just hearing what is said).
  2. Receive something you’ve intended or something beyond that.
  3. Resist urges to flee when you’re overwhelmed or scared.
  4. Let go.
  5. Feel at ease about whatever is uncertain.
  6. Believe in something.
  7. Renew your energy.
  8. Develop your intuition

Whatever house Pisces falls into your chart, this is where the Pisces archetypes will play.

For example, Pisces falls into the 7th and 8th houses of my chart. I can take anyone of these self-development points about and apply it to my one-and-one relationships (7th house, aka my husband or my individual client sessions) or apply it to my sense of inner transformation and rebirth at the very core of my psychological makeup (8th house).

Need help figuring your Pisces journey out? Book one of my 15-minutes sessions, and I’ll be happy to help shape your inner game this month.


Day Guides: February 14-19

Tuesday: I’m drawing a conclusion that if you were to follow St. Valentine’s example, it’s good to be a little mischievous. Follow your heart’s desire and be youthful from within. It’ll give you the strength to stand up for what is your truth. And then, nix the whole martyrdom thing Valentine had to suffer. Yes, you may cross opinions at times being so bold, but disagreements don’t have to mean a power struggle or loss. Self-love what’s going well and boost your charisma on it. Moon is in Libra stirring passions and fire into your “other” today. How appropriate!

Wednesday: Active day to interact with others. Make your important phone calls and personal meetings. Collaborations favored. Moon in Libra, aspects Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun!

Thursday: Make smart moves today. Narrow in on the details that your gut wants to follow and write out some strategies to make your brillance better known. Mercury and Mars perfect a sextile. Moon is in Scorpio.

Friday: After 2:38pm ET, it’s void Moon in Scorpio. Call it an early weekend and make your delayed Valentine’s Day hookups..! Also a great day to access your intuition and do some powerful inner work to clean house of negative mindsets.

Saturday: An escapist day – travel to an unknown place. Whether it’s your imagination, surfing a travel site, or taking a longer-distance weekend trip, make it enriching and soul-feeding. Moon is in Sagittarius, kindling up your adventure, but Sun just entered Pisces wanting to soften everything and take it easy.

Sunday: Publish your battle cry of self-empowerment and make it bigger than you. Expect some more wild news in government. Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus and Mars in Aries today.

Monday: Although it’s President’s Day, take the weekend’s momentum. Today’s great for cutting ties and tapping into your Higher Intelligence. Moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus, and in a similar theme Mercury-Uranus sextile. Getting much closer to the 2nd eclipse – so there might be sudden endings, especially if you have planets/angles near 8 degrees. Try to to take it too catastrophically if you do – remember a sense of humor goes a long away.

Wednesday: Constructive day for

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