Muddy Waters. It’s an Eclipse, Give Yourself Some Slack.

mud-splatter-KristenTodayThis is a mud splat. Gross for most (myself included), but at another angle, you can appreciate beauty in it.

That’s what this eclipse can feel like.

A strange quiet. The pause after disappointment. Expectations let-down. A heavy heart.

The aftermath of any eclipse’s Moon whose closest node is the South one is like a river of garbage and forgotten-something’s releasing, purging, and reminding you of your past.

Do not be discouraged by the past uprising.

It does not mean it’s again your present-day reality.

That something just needs to be acknowledged – and released. (So you have more space to infuse what’s more you today).

This particular Pisces solar eclipse may result globally in some ocean issues – big storms, coastal damage, masses of fish dying… yikes, I hope nothing too drastic.

But for you personally, I feel it’s going to be a subtle, a deep acknowledgment of something you just have to let go.

Perhaps, it’s a disappointment you need to let go and stop trying to overcome it.

Let the shortcomings be what they are.

It’s what makes you human, after all.

Like John Legend sings so sweetly, “‘Cause all of me / loves all of you… all your perfect imperfections.”

Find your love for all your little pieces and to mend what’s broken back into wholeness.


Sloppy Mercury in Pisces

All around this eclipse, it’s getting sloppy astrologically.

Mercury ends his tenancy in Aquarius to enter watery Pisces on Saturday before the eclipse, adding emphasis and a sharp influence to the eclipse itself.

Maybe Mercury helps you say what was unsaid.

Or, recognize what was said beyond the words (or lack thereof).

Find appreciation for conversations you had that you can’t have anymore this side of the living veil.

That’s the sad side of Pisces – hey, it’s a real thing.

That said, intuition and the speaking through your presence is favored for this upcoming period of Mercury in Pisces.


Keep Tidy with These Mercury in Pisces Tips

Mercury is in Pisces February 25 – March 13, 2017.

    1. Ask often to “think about it,” and reply the next day. The instant synapse of thought and interaction aren’t there like in Mercury in Aquarius. So, take advantage of Mercury in Pisces strengths and…
    2. Dream journal – your dreams likely will be more vivid and help you sort through your conscious life in the unconscious. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, free write about your feelings, sensations, and awareness when you wake up for 2-5 minutes.
    3. Spacious Calendar – Build extra time between appointments that will run over. And too, time for you to regroup and take care of yourself. You may have a lot to say but find that you have too much to say. Taking time to let your mind work it out subconsciously can actually help you be clearer and stronger when the time comes to respond.



On the horizon: Venus Retrograde Wants to Re-Prioritize

A week from Saturday, March 4, Venus retrogrades in Aries to eventually go back into Pisces. Oh, that sign of the eclipse and where sloppy Mercury is.

When she enters Pisces again, she will want to regurgitate sentiments of the eclipse through the people you’ve prioritized or not.

People from the past often to come out of the woodworks. Also, those you discounted as not your people might come up for a second tryout.

Your values are put to the test to see what can stand the weight after the eclipse.

Vesta is another gal pal, and I feel she relates well to Venus’ transit.

Remember, Vesta is the pure one who is trusted to keep the flame of faith, home, and happiness with her “sisters.”

Vesta is moves into Direct motion March 7 (really, it’s right around the corner).

This indicates that amongst all the backtracking and uncertainty with retrograde Venus, you really can rely on your inner light (again) and stay strong thanks to the quality of the company you keep.

Know who are your rocks in your life.


Eclipse Pep Talk

Keep your inner game strong by letting yourself go to the dark places but drawing yourself back to reality.

Recognize your growth – doing so will release you from your unconscious shackles that believe you are who you used to be.

Any one alive is still growing up, but it doesn’t mean you’re the child nagging at the back of your head.

Remember to search for peace with what is. (It rarely just “happens”).

Surrender to what’s bigger than you and be swept into the waters for healing, rejuvenation, and humility.

You’re only one speck in all Creation, but your inner flame lies awake within you and bright light across the whole world.


Day Guides: February 21-27, 2017

Tuesday – A no b.s. type of day. Cut through the crap you encounter and accomplish what matters most. Moon is in Capricorn. Mercury in Aquarius trines Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. Mars is perfecting his square to Pluto.

Wednesday – Don’t be a sore loser or a pompous winner. Mars’ perfected square to Pluto brings out the worst in power dynamics. With Moon remaining in Capricorn until 10:24pm EST, aspecting 6 planets (that’s a lot), distractions run high and patience runs low. Try to keep your cool, alright?

Thursday – Regroup yourself after the past couple days during the void moon until 12:17pm EST. The Mercury-Saturn sextile helps you synthesize your takeaways and make use of them in a structured way. When Moon enters Aquarius 12:17pm EST, you’ll be right in the mood to make use of that Mercury-Saturn aspect even more.

Friday – A productive day. Good for meetings. Good for action plans. Good way to end the week. Moon is in Aquarius, sextiling Venus and Mars over the day’s course.

Saturday – Get any chores you hoped to accomplish this weekend done before the Moon goes void at 1:11pm EST. After that, it’s eclipse land. Too, Mercury enters Pisces today, which will try to steer you to be more reflective and somber than ahem, productive. Read more about that in This Week’s Considerations above.

Sunday – Eclipse Day. Also, Mars and Uranus conjoin at 7:19pm EST. Typically Mars & Uranus together is accident prone, sudden, and surprising in an often violent manner. Was discussing the intensity of this moment with astrologer colleagues of mine – because this truly is intense – and we decided that in its most positive, this moment also can be a breakthrough to something you’ve been fighting to get. Might want to take it easy around that time, though.

Monday – Whatever’s putting you in a bad mood, be careful to not take it out in negative ways. Mars perfects an opposition to Jupiter in the morning, which could put you on one of ends of taking out frustration the other. Adding to the downward spiral, Moon is in Pisces the whole work day, making things go slow. He won’t go void until 6:08pm EST. (Just call it an early day, alright). Better to spend your time with self-care and tapping into your creative powerhouse than putting on faces.

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