Mercury Retrograde in Leo – Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

You know the value of living life without regrets. Yet, there’s always a little voice that tries to derail you once in a while.

It’s right to hold yourself to a high esteem. If you’ve found yourself on this page, I’ve found that you likely are capable of giving, loving, and sharing more than many in the world. Too, you have unique gifts that want to have an outlet!

You know your potential is great, that’s why you keep working on yourself!

So when you’re not at your best – meaning you’re not feeling at your best – it’s natural to get grumpy. Optimism keeps you going, but in your gut you feel quite unsettled on the inside.

Anger, resentment, frustration all get stirred up – and often internalized because those closest to you know you as positive and not an emotionally dumping personality.

Astrologically speaking, this unsettled feeling of wanting to be more is the context for the current moment.

Mercury is now retrograde through August 18th and has a lingering effect through September 1st.

Mercury’s retrograde happened in the shadow of a lunar eclipse, and he’ll be re-activating some of these old, stagnant sentiments over the next few weeks that the eclipse unlodges.

Cosmos encourage you right now to move through your doubts, demons, and simply said – s*** – to go toward your True North.

These things somewhat happen overnight because all it requires is a simple change of mindset and a firm decision to commit to a higher calling.

In the same vein, the aftermath of such life-changing decisions take practical work and piece-by-piece efforts.

You become what you esteem yourself to be by practicing it, not just preaching it.

This Week’s Considerations helps you move through the necessary uncomfortable shifts (thanks Mercury Retrograde) to realize lasting fulfillment.

When you actually feel like yourself, in your potential, all inner turmoil starts to fade away. You can feel more integrated and complete.

These 3 Practices Can Liberate You

Mercury Retrograde in Leo is all about you – the way you express yourself, your inner light that shines out, and who you really are at the core.

This particular one has a lot of earth energy happening, including Venus in Virgo. In addition, some of the astrological aspects around this retrograde can be emotionally challenging.

To keep your head up, you won’t want to complicate things if you can help it.

Follow these 3 practice on a daily/weekly basis, and you can feel liberated by the end of it.

  1. Take time for thinking. Your uneasy feeling will want to pull you into old behaviors, but the way out is through unconventional means. You need the space for new ideas to appear, and further, for them to take shape as strategies.
    (Mercury rules thinking/the brain. Mars-South Node conjunction, T-square with Uranus & Sun-North Node whose energy collectively expresses in Scorpio).
  2. Stay on task. You might be tempted to pick up old things and ideas and try to fix them. Before you jump into the rabbit hole, be sure each day to touch base with your vision and overall outlook.
    (Venus in Virgo governed by Mercury and opposes Neptune).
  3. Purge. Hold yourself up to the quality and standards that match your best self. Purge or put away what hold you down to an old paradigm. Hint: look for old objects, things you bought when you were financially struggling, family items.
    (Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn during the Mercury Retrograde ingress).

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re living below your potential.

Engage with the energies as they are – even if they are difficult – and you’re moving through personal gunk that needs to be faced eventually anyway.

When you work with what’s open at the moment, you move through things with more ease. Otherwise, if you put this off, the same topics can be more challenging later on.

Cosmos always have a way of helping you focus and grow your consciousness in the way you were designed to reveal it to yourself.

These three practices are simple but they are powerful. Try it out for at least a week and see how you feel.

The only thing you can control yourself and your reactions. Practice your best self and make room for it to express itself too.

Astrological Day Guides: July 24 – 30, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Set out a framework for this week’s (+) accomplishments, knowing very well that we’re in eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde approaches. You’ll appreciate the focus is provides you when s*** may hit the fan.
(Capricorn Moon).

Wednesday – Continue making your best guess for how to plan and structure your time. Mercury is stationed in the sky to go retrograde tonight, so these efforts should be carried with loose expectations. They likely will shift, but having something to focus and redirect your energies could prove invaluable.
(Capricorn Moon sextile Jupiter and Neptune. Mercury stations retrograde at 1:03am Thursday EDT).

Thursday – Observe. Don’t try to change anything. When a tornado touches down, you can’t do anything about it but remain in your faith that the Divine will hold you through it. Focus any active efforts maintaining your fundamental needs. If there’s something that needs feedback or response, just wait until tomorrow when the Moon is no longer void..
(Void Moon all day beginning at 9:41am EDT).

Friday – You may feel like scrapping a project or relationship to start over. Whatever is severed today is likely permanent. Sometimes enough is enough. Bad habits have to be thrown out. Excuses as crutches eliminated. When you’re not expressing in your highest potential, you know it and it often results in anger, stress, and agitation. Change your story in a practical way and dedicate yourself to finding your true north by letting go of what keeps you in an agitated state. Adapt practices and habits that bring you there, knowing it likely will be uncomfortable at first. You got this.
(Moon enters Aquarius at 6:41am followed by the Lunar Eclipse at 4:20pm EDT. Moon also squares Uranus and conjoins Mars in the first half of the day. Venus-Pluto trine).

Saturday – Introduce yourself to a new tribe. Get to know people who are strange to you and practice being you in whatever makes you quirky. No need to exaggerate, just be who you are. What freedom it would be to start fresh with some people? (Just get over the awkward hump, in reality you have little to lose).
(Moon in Aquarius squares Jupiter).

Sunday – Create a little chaos with your status quo. Empty out a closet and re-organize it. Give yourself a fresh perspective to interact with your everyday life. When you re-imagine your home space, often life outside those doors also innovates.
(Void Moon from 5:25am EDT to 7:28pm EDT. Pisces Moon then sextiles Uranus and Saturn).

Monday – Let yourself fall into the flow. Feel with all your senses, and swim through your checklists as a unit. See if you can accomplish the essence of your desired results through overarching efforts. It can be hard to get out of the weeds lately, but today is well positioned for the opposite. Just making the time to work smartly and with pleasure can open new possibilities.
(Pisces Moon trines Jupiter).

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