How to Have It All + Mercury Retrograde and Gemini Full Moon.

compass-hand-KristenTodayAre you having a hard time choosing between good options?

Sometimes it’s just easier to resort to unfulfilling tasks or distractions when the “authorities” clash in your thinking.

You may just want to let this pass and see what comes, but do world-class poker players rely purely on fate?

Don’t become a witness instead of a player of the game of your life either!

In only 4 weeks, the fluffy optimism that characterized the past 2.5 years starts getting translated to meaningful accomplishments (even more).

Time for everyone to step up to the authority and influence they want to be in the world. Yes, you too!

This Week’s Considerations is inspired by the astrological climate around the Mercury Retrograde and the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, December 3rd.


Who’s Talking?

Choices often get personified as if you’re in a closet with all your options in your head as real people. If this were true, there would be no room for everyone.

Choices are rarely black and white; usually they are multi-layered. That’s liberating.

Too, be realistic – choices don’t have to be perfect ones. That kind of pressure is unnecessary – you rarely kill one choice forever to give another more attention.

It’s the orchestration of these options or “voices” that makes life dynamic and interesting. Each needs to have their place. Some will be more in focus than others, but throughout time, they’ll play out in just the way your chart needs to evolve as a soul!

Let’s highlight who’s talking loudest these next 3-4 weeks so you can work to have them weave together in a neat patterned knit instead of see them clump together in knotted frustration and inaction.

Venus in Sagittarius has sky-high hopes and aspirations. She’s excited about what’s on the horizon and wants to take it all. Your principle of desire gladly will enjoy the holiday festivities and be in the mood for new experiences. She’s here until December 24th.

Saturn is ending his tenancy in Sagittarius in just 4 weeks! He’s being practical about what your limits actually are, which even Saturn can admit are much more open than the person you were 2.5 years ago could fathom. He wants to wrap up this exploration on what you could be and get on to building it, but it’s not quite time yet.

Jupiter is currently in Scorpio, where he brings a magnifying glass to small details that could become big influences. Your strategic mind is enhanced, and what you consider to be treasure is amplified. Your state of mind attracts what comes to you, in multitude.

Mars is in Libra, showing that the scales are out – your actions are being weighed. Action needs to be balanced, your fulcrum constantly needs to be adjusted to be back to supportive to your juggling interests and initiatives.

Mercury in Sagittarius turns to Retrograde Motion early Sunday morning, and he wants to redo, revisit, reflect on your past and your knowledge to help reconcile Venus and Saturn. Explore to what you’ve learned and how you’ve put it together to serve you.

Look to these archetypes and recognize who’s holding weight in your thinking.

Does one speaker louder than others in your decision process? Are you missing some voices?


Where to Ground Your Decisions?

Now that you know all the major perspectives at play these next 3-4 weeks, where should you start your decision process? Where you start your decisions is often where you come back, and that can be ungrounded.

You may just want to start with the elephant in the room because it’s obvious.

In this case, the theme you’ll likely notice first is Sagittarius because so many planets are in there – Venus, Saturn, and Mercury included.

Sagittarius governs the archetypes of your vision and aspirations, adventure and fun, going outside your box (thinking or travel), and applying knowledge into context.

This influence can tempt to just go all in and “go for it” and take a big risk!

Hold up before you ride your impulses!

Something interesting happens if we look into the line of influence (called dispositorship in astrology talk) happening to all those planets in Sagittarius. When a planet resides in someone else’s sign, it’s like going to a relative’s house and having to follow to their customs and behaviors.

Aside for Astrology Nerds:

Here are our voices visually:

{Planet} in {Sign} – {Ruled by} →  
Venus-Saturn-Mercury-Sun in Sagittarius → Jupiter in Scorpio → Mars in Libra → Venus in Sagittarius

Continuing on…

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, so he adds his current experience for Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Sun who currently travel through that sign. Jupiter is in Scorpio right now, a sign which Mars traditionally rules.

Mars has influence over Jupiter’s behavior and following all those planets in Sagittarius.

You can see now that Mars hold a key clue to how to manage all these voices.

To re-iterate, Mars in Libra needs your action to be balanced and your fulcrum constantly adjusted to balance all your interests.

Meaning, Mars says that each of these planetary voices needs to have a place. It’s not just an ideal. The current moment demands it.

Instead of this or that, your choices can be seen more as taking care of different needs.

In other words, if your planetary voices were family gifting under a Christmas tree, you would give each person unique items to support their personal interests and needs.

How do you support the different voices in your head?


Orchestrate Your Voices to a Multi-Layered Choice

Walk one step at a time to make it manageable.

  1. Make progress on your desire leg (Venus),
  2. Then do something practical (Saturn) to balance it.
  3. Periodically analyze what it’s becoming (Jupiter).
  4. Make adjustments (Mercury Retrograde) to put it back into your no-compromise vision self (Venus).
  5. Repeat for 3 weeks.

Overall, this process needs to feel uplifting, even if some of it annoys you or frustrates you.

Why? Because Venus rules the sign of Libra where Mars is, and how we came up with this advice in the first place.

Try to take care of these needs in this order, and it might help you feel more freedom.

In fact, your choice usually is not about taking one path or the other. It’s how you walk down your life’s road.

Will you step with radiance and dynamism by taking care of all your needs? Or, will you change hats and faces along the way, hiding all who you really are?


Extra Astrological Insight

This section is for those who want to dive more into the astrological conditions specifically for this week.


Mercury Retrograde – December 3rd, 2:34am EST – December 22nd, 8:51pm EST. Shadow period ends January 11th. More below and next week!

Mercury-Saturn conjunction sets up the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde story. November 27th and December 6th, the aspects are perfect but the influence is felt all this week into next. Structure what you know and how it all fits together in the bigger trajectories over the next few years.

Mars-Uranus opposition perfects on December 1st, but it’s felt all this week and will be part of the Mercury Retrograde story. Nationally, stories on mass violence and murder can take on a new rhetoric and make progress.

Mars-Saturn sextile perfects December 6th, but the influence contributes significantly to the Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon because it’s an applying aspect. There’s pressure to make your actions intentional and have them work toward a common vision, even if they’re multi-layered and appear somewhat indecisive in their approach.

Moon is waxing – things are still growing and coming into full focus.

Gemini Full Moon on Sunday, December 3rd at 11Gemini40’ at 10:47am EST.  See Day Guides.

Jupiter-Neptune trine perfects December 2nd, and it’s a major influence for the Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon. It’s felt all this week and next. Jupiter helps extract ways to make you feel whole and integrated. Intuition and information from “unseen” influences is amplified.

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Choices don’t have to be perfect ones. That kind of pressure is unnecessary – you rarely kill one choice forever to give another more attention.” @KristenToday

Instead of this or that, your choices can be seen more as taking care of several needs.” @KristenToday

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I believe the world needs your light to become a brighter place for all life.


Check back here next week for more insight and consideration for your week!

Astrological Day Guides: November 28 – December 4, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.


Tuesday – Fight against constraints and do what lights you up. Impulsive and initiative, balance the fast pace with slight pauses. The pauses ensures you leave doors open for later. Exercise and do something physical if it gets too intense and chaotic.

(Aries Moon squares Saturn and Mercury, trine Sun. Aries Moon ruled by Mars in Libra).


Wednesday –  Short-tempered, you’re not in the mood for any dysfunction and maligned actions. Make it a day to shed off timesucks and distance yourself from anyone or anything that slows you down.
(Aries Moon square Pluto).


Thursday – By mid-afternoon, the energy steadies you from the multi-tasker scatter from the past couple days. Use it like the Full Moon on November 4th. See your projects for what they are and make adjustments so you can make the most of what you have. Set up your schedule for tomorrow to set things back on course – in the measure of what you’re ultimately going for, not just the task list you have.
(Void Moon 1:37pm-3:38pm EST. Moon in Taurus follows).


Friday – Your emotional desires swell as Venus enters Sagittarius. Commit and ground in what inspires you. Sunday morning Mercury goes Retrograde and will play a dance with Venus and Saturn throughout that 3-week journey and allow you to make adjustments to fulfill Venus’ sky-high wishes. To prepare today, challenge yourself to make the dots connect. Look to where you need to be in a longer-timed future. Then use your intuition and rationale in balanced parts to steady the course and fill in the missing links. Even as Moon is void, you can continue this exercise.
(Venus enters Sagittarius at 4:14am EST. Mars-Uranus opposition. Taurus Moon opposed Jupiter, sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto. Void Moon 8:53pm EST – 4:21pm Saturday).


Saturday – Wandering and aimless in an outward way, the long Void Moon this morning gives you plenty of time to reflect. As epic or simple as it may seem, this moment is a crossroads. You choose a path to take. One is no better than the other, but you have to make a choice. What are you willing to stand for and integrate these next couple decades? What’s the lifestyle and the impact you want to make? Which choices are most likely to get you there in a way that feels good enough to you? Once Moon enters Gemini at 4:21pm EST, it’s fast and the energy is already rolling. Do this and be a part of your Mercury Retrograde journey, don’t let it just happen to you.

(Void Moon until 4:21pm EST. Gemini Moon opposes Venus. Jupiter-Neptune Trine. Mercury Retrograde begins 2:34am Sunday EST).


Sunday – The Gemini Full Moon brings to light what you’ve learned, and how you’ve applied that knowledge. Take a moment to recognize how well you’ve taken in new lessons and also how much your world-view and wisdom has shaped because of it. Seek to balance the scales on what information you bring in and what insight you share for your future. Mercury is now in Retrograde Motion for 3 weeks, so the energy is more related to the past and the internal experience than charging forward.
(Mercury Retrograde until December 22nd. Full Moon at 11Gemini40’ 10:47am EST).
Monday – Re-arrange familiar settings and see how it changes your perspective. Or, put yourself in a place to see things in a new light. Emotions get more sensitive as Moon moves into Cancer at 3:37pm EST.
(Gemini Moon, ruled by Mercury Retrograde sextiles Uranus, trines Mars, opposes Saturn).

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