What Does It Mean To Take “The Middle Path?”

To followup on last week’s theme of Virgo (with an exhilarating speed-ride of Mars Direct), let’s talk about HOW you start a new trend?

Instead of swinging between of “taking care of myself” vs. “getting the s*** done no matter the cost,” I want you to consider another way. How about the “Middle Path?”

Meaning, best of both worlds, and without compromising yourself!

I mean -hey – a whole lot of planets were retrograde just a month a go, bringing you back to the inner you.

And now, those planets one-by-one are going direct and/or entering Virgo. Which, the Virgo part, can make you feel burdened, under-appreciated, and burnt out.

So while Mercury is still in Leo for another week – stay in touch with what’s close to your heart. Use Saturn’s Station to Direct Motion (finalizing next week too) to solidify some plans.

Not any old plans, though.

Day-to-day plans.

YouTuber’s here’s your link!

Be on your path and in your light!

Day Guides below!

Astrological Day Guides: August 28 – September 3, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Feed your soul with inspiration and the whole feel-good genre in the morning. Once the afternoon gets rolling, you can transform into your action figure self. Seriously, you can get on a fast-paced rhythm with this one.
(Pisces Moon until 9:54am EDT then Void Moon until 12:35pm EDT. Aries Moon squares Saturn).

Wednesday – Make your power moves that edge you closer to what you know you’re becoming. Get the right people on your side, ground in, and let it fly!
(Aries Moon squares Pluto).

Thursday – Feeling like you’re making better progress than lately? You might be going so fast that it’s hard to appreciate what’s been going on. Focus the last bundles of energy today’s Moon offers you on strategic moves that you know are good, even if they’re not super easy to do.
(Aries Moon squares Mars then goes void 7:04pm – 9:30pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows).

Friday – Reality sets in again and things move slower. It’s not you – it’s the Moon’s position who appreciates the good things that come with patience. If you need a quick gratification, do something to beautify your space. Otherwise, stick to what’ll make you feel good about your year-end feelings in 3 months as discussed in Last Week’s Considerations.
(Taurus Moon trines Sun).

Saturday – You may be in the mood to invest in objects today. They probably would be showpieces, or things that you feel like you’d like to show-off. Hey, if you can manage it financially, and it genuinely makes you smile inside… why not? Sun in Virgo might pose arguments about being selfish, just warning – and there could be truth in that. But if you don’t take care of you, how can you take care of others?
(Taurus Moon trines Pluto and squares Mercury).

Sunday – It’s only Day 10 of Sun in Virgo, but you can feel like you’re edge about what’s not getting accomplished. Instead of splitting yourself into a million pieces trying to get a little of everything done, put yourself back together again and make choices on what’s smart for your day and week ahead. And don’t look further ahead than that – jeez, take it easy on yourself already!
(Gemini Moon squares Sun to make Last Quarter).

Monday – Labor Day is bunches social. Go out and do something you normally wouldn’t adventure alone. Hey, it probably will be fun… with friends. Maybe make a menu of possible adventures and then choose what lights you up as you journey through your day. Unwind and let yourself fall into the flow before you get hyper-organized again for this short week.
(Gemini Moon approaches trine to Venus and sextile to Mercury. Venus-Mercury sextile).


Photo by Jatin Namdeo

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