All Kinds of Ugly…(with a twist of Chiron)

kevin-laminto-woman-night-cry-tears-KristenTodayYesterday, I witnessed a colleague completely lose it. She felt rotten and couldn’t hold back her crocodile tears.

I’m sure she felt like it was a miracle to make it to our meeting.

Taking three naps a day, nursing a broken heart, and having two vacancies in her home, leading to more and more bills…

… she just wanted to work on her website and get some new clients!

However, her sadness and pain just continued to cripple her. I could see her double over in pain.

No one likes to witness someone hurting, but then another colleague offered two powerful points:

  1. The only way out is through
  2. You’re only given what you can handle

When you feel your world collapsing, you want to sit with it. And then look to astrology for frameworks on how to work through it by seeing what archetypes are lit up.

This next two weeks, Pluto Retrograde and Mars will bring to the foreground your issues and not-to-hidden concerns.

It can feel like your personal hell is playing out before your eyes. (Sorry to say).

Chiron will seek to bring healing to this. Chiron in Aries is governed by Mars, so he’s tied to Mars and has a direct connection to these Mars-Pluto happenings to help make the pain productive.

See Pluto is so far away removed from Earthly time, that he doesn’t understand pacing out these things. For him, change is necessary and might as well rip off the band-aid!

Mars in Capricorn is in his favorite sign. He thinks he knows best here. And if you’ve ever been around a very proud, certain man, you know that’s better to just let him be than try to interject.

So you’re kind of stuck in this energy and it’s working itself out in nebulous ugly if you do nothing about it.

Thing is, planets DO respond to consciousness.

So if your mindful of what’s coming in, work through it… and it doesn’t have to be so messy.

This Week’s Considerations help you navigate through the nasty in direct connection to the sometimes aggressive planetary archetypes these next couple weeks.


Don’t Let Those BIG little Voices Disable You

Whatever is lurking, nagging, and making you feel cause for concern, know that it’s Pluto Retrograde conjoining with Mars that is likely the culprit.

This intense aspect will continue until the 2nd week of May. Let’s get deeper and more specific about this – Pluto would appreciate that.

Pluto has a tendency to make what bothers you deeper, more intense, and visceral than is actual reality. He brings up what you have at the deepest roots.

Most often people notice the negative. So fears, worries, insecurities, inferiority… all those are Pluto.

Feeling unusually raw and worried you may fall into old sinkholes? (Pluto)

Maybe you’re just trapped and not sure how to get out? (Pluto)


Mars coming toward Pluto makes the energy move into action and behavior.

Them both in Capricorn, it plays out in your professional life, your aspirations, relations to father-figures and authorities and more. (Also, look to the meanings of the house where Capricorn lives in your natal chart).

Ahem! You probably don’t need to introspect much to know the ghost in the room.

But I want you to engage with it because often Pluto makes things MORE than they actually are so you kick its a** out the door!

For example, if you remember I used to have a disabling behavior of keeping my astrology practice a secret if people might judge me for it.

When I dug deeper into it, Pluto made me realize it was actually a fear of getting burned at the stake for doing things like astrology in past lives. When faced with today’s chances of that situation, that wasn’t realistic!

I want you to discredit your limiting behaviors!

Give a listening ear to your darkness with love. With love, nothing can go wrong.

Although this feels HUGE, it’s actually a little voice that just wants to be acknowledged. It wants to play out in your life a little with Mars’ orchestration.

Once you have listened fully, step aside and give yourself a reality check.

What is the likelihood of all those concerns coming true? With the lessons you’ve learned… and the people who support you today?

With things in perspective, you can take a positive step in standing for who you want to become despite of those big little voices.

Pluto on the positive is transformation.

To harness his energy, you have to actively seek to change in the ways he suggests and become better as demonstrated through your actions.


What Was that Tear Puddle About?

Last week was unusually emotional for me. I found myself crying out years of pain that I had hidden. And it came out in puddles like I had been ready to release it for ages.

Honestly, it surprised me! I didn’t even know it was there!

Luckily, I’ve been through dark places before and knew how to work through them…

… but what was that?!

Besides Saturn and Pluto’s retrogrades, Chiron also entered Aries.

The threshold between Pisces and Aries is always very sensitive. You leave all you know, everything you’ve sat with in silence and in the dark, to start on a new way.

The buckets of pain that Pisces can hide get exposed and thrown out in Aries!

Whether you’re ready or not, Chiron decided it’s time to take a head-first start on a new, more inspired and whole you.

And to do that, the old limits you could hide had to be released. And you now know that Pluto-Mars are making that even more prominent!


Chiron is known for straddling seeming opposites.

His incredible skills with medicine, botany, and pharmacy, is what lead him to an ultimate duality.

  • A centaur (half man, half horse) is immortal, except when this centaur Chiron forfeited that to save a life and became mortal.


  • The physical body in orbit is both a comet and a minor planet.
  • He’s a crude and rude centaur, but is the wisest and justest of them all.

Doctors and medicine are all about the healing, and it was only until recently that doctors focused just on the physical body.

Chiron is the planetary doctor/healer and archetypally is known to nurture youth.

He heals by holding space between boundaries that seem to be opposites… maybe there is no ending and beginning? You can be whole, even when pulled into definitions of extremes.

He heals by helping you remember your pains, so you can lead others who don’t have to suffer the same fate.

Remember: healing comes from inside-out, and it comes with a patience and care like you’d give a small child.

Let Chiron move you through the emotions and get to your impassioned place. It may hurt if you’re not initiating actions that speak to you.

With Chiron in Aries, the message ultimately is “Me first,” and heal whatever is in your way from shining brightly within.


Hold Your Ground In The Storm…

Think of it this way:

It’s worse when the storm is happening to you.

What’s better is when you’re grounded and can navigate your steps slowly through weather.

Here’s what will help you get through the toughest challenges Pluto and Mars can muster up for you and the healing journey Chiron facilitates:

  1. Acceptance for the s*** as it is
  2. Embrace the eye puddles
  3. Sleep more and let your unconscious work some of this out
  4. Take long walks
  5. Dance it out / Work-out / Shake it Out

Astrological Day Guides: April 24 – 30, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Pull out your creative hat, even if you feel like crap. Let your feelings express abstractly. The desire to multiply, refract, and even regroup your ideas is present. You can make better sense of these insights in the late afternoon once Moon enters Virgo at 4:40pm EDT.
(Leo Moon until 2:39pm EDT when it trines Uranus. Venus enters Gemini. Moon enters Virgo at 4:40pm EDT to square Venus).


Wednesday – You might get caught up in busywork. Schedule your alarm to check-in to make sure it’s your work and not on someone else’s agenda. Complete necessary paperwork. Get your ducks in line to make things official that ought to be.
(Virgo Moon trine Saturn and opposes Neptune. Mercury-Saturn square).


Thursday – Retreated and raw, today’s aspects ask you to sit with ugly truths and work through them. Mars-Pluto is a murderous aspect and recalls recent gun violence in the U.S. Expect high-emotions revolving around this subject.
In your immediate experience, pay attention to what riles you up and what haunts you. Make peace with yourself by learning new coping strategies and transforming your behavior (the positive side of Mars-Pluto).
(All day void moon in Virgo. Mars-Pluto conjunction. Moon enters Libra at 9:13pm EDT).


Friday – Words may be said rashly and cause some interpersonal conflicts. It’s also positive to spontaneously make new friends and start a new circle of friends. Maybe you just don’t know what to say… practice honesty and share just that. In other words, communication may be less than perfect today and try to make the most of it!
(Libra Moon squares Saturn and opposes Mercury).


Saturday – Commitments are set in stone. You can feel trapped and worries you won’t escape. Try to tame those fears by cutting loose your expectations of commitment. Ensure yourself that you’re making positive connections and won’t fall trap to your patterns of the past. You can’t move forward without standing for something, at least periodically, along your path.
(Libra Moon squares Pluto-Mars, opposes Uranus).


Sunday – After yesterday’s commitment, you’re in the mood to get to work. Strategy and intelligence interact with your heart’s desire. Make sure you give space for each to flow into each other and remain a unique voice in an instrument of one.
(Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn, opposes Sun. Sun-Saturn trine).


Monday – New doors open, or maybe old ones that you see differently. You’ve taken the higher path to commit to personal transformation. Expand your mindset to keep the belittling and fearful voices farther and farther away. Feel the depth of your potential and feel big within it.
(Scorpio Moon trines Neptune, conjoins Jupiter, and sextiles Pluto-Mars).

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