Juno Retrograde and Node Shifts to Leo-Aquarius

Juno-Jupiter-James-Barry-KristenTodayThis Week’s Astrological Highlights

  • The Moon’s Nodes change signs today, Tuesday. The Leo North Node helps you step up to shine your inner self, express yourself fully, and take care of those you love with all the joys and pleasures you can imagine.

    Aquarius South Node asks you to leave behind negative attachments, connections, wishful thinking dreams, and friends who hold you back.  (see more details in This Week’s Consideration below).

  • Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday. It’s one of those werewolf type of Full Moons where people just aren’t themselves. Stay inside and do the inner work on yourself with gratitude of who you have become if you want to do something ceremonious. See Day Guide for more.

  • Mercury re-enters Taurus on Monday, May 15th. Mercury slows down his words finesse his expression and the work you did when Mars was in Taurus March 11 – April 21.

  • Juno (pictured above with hubby Zeus) stations Retrograde on Wednesday, May 10th. Asteroid of partnership and justice, Juno’s Retrograde through Capricorn plays with Pluto and further unravels any wrongs, injustices, and grudges previously buried. (Politically, this could be a disaster for misplaced use of power).

    For YOU, this is an opportunity to take back your power and partner up with those who share your common sense principles. Missed opportunities for strategic partnerships or recognition by an organization have a second-chance.

    The more you align to these Uranian influences to do good for the collective, the easier good can come from this Retrograde. (Because that’s a square aspect, it’s tension, but you can work through it for positive benefit).

What Moon Nodes in Leo-Aquarius Can Mean For You

Today, Tuesday, the Moon’s Nodes change signs into the Leo-Aquarius axis.

Like the Moon pulls the earth’s waters to create tides, the Nodes pull you in one direction or another.

The North Node is said to draw you to your higher path / ultimate goal.

The South Node is said to be where you came from, but it also leads to endings because Mother Nature likes to evolve.

You use the wisdom from your South Node to try to get to that North Node.

The nodes leave the Virgo-Pisces axis where they have been since October 2015.

They defined the eclipses over the past year and a half by rapidly pulling you to evolve by activating one node or the other.

This placement helped you shed negative beliefs and create good habits. You also probably have more realistic ideas on how to spend your time wisely on the day-to-day. Even if you’re still working on perfecting this, it was very practical and humbling time.

Now in Leo-Aquarius until November 2018, you get a different tone.

Leo helps you step up to shine your inner self, express yourself fully, and take care of those you love with all the joys and pleasures you can imagine.

What do you leave behind? Aquarius south node can withdraw negative attachments, connections, wishful thinking dreams, and friends who hold you back.

Hey, still love those you leave behind. Everyone has a time and place. Yet, do the mature thing and just start to create your distance. You already know who they are from last autumn’s introspections.


Day Guides: May 9-15, 2017

Tuesday: Spark fly. A project’s pieces come together, or a missing part is discovered. Mercury and Uranus conjoin in Aries today, giving further drive to strategic Scorpio Moon. This is also accident-prone, so watch your step and try not to multitask when an awesome “download” is coming in. 😉
Social-20pix Productivity-20pix Love-20pix Fun-20pix Creativity-20pix


Wednesday: Scorpio Full Moon Suggestions: Nestle yourself in a dark place and piece-by-piece, make peace with yourself. Recognize how you’ve grown, who you are becoming… Appreciate what is without having to change it. Energetically go to what feels stagnant or dull, try to brighten it by your inner light and determination to let go of what’s not serving you. Let go of your past, let it be a strength of experience. But, don’t let it determine how things will surely unfold in the future. Re-kindle inner optimism.

Purge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixLove-20pixJournal-20pixCreativity-20pix



Thursday: Sagittarius Moon can make you an escapist today. Mars and Neptune square, making you squeamish on how your actions are match the “dream” (or not). Mercury trines Saturn and rats your truth out, so discerning Saturn knows and will take this into account in his assessment on how to commit to this vision you’re laying out through the end of the year. Eeks! In the most positive light, today you can take a short “retreat” to face yourself with true honesty. From there, you can make a plan to cut out the stuff that isn’t serving the ultimate dreams within the near future and set time to plan how you enhance what’s truly important.




Friday: If yesterday’s tension was too much, today’s a good followup energy to face yourself and prioritize what matters to you. Sagittarius Moon wants you think big. Mars and Jupiter trine and want to help you figure out possible paths to get there. Yes, there is a Plan B. If you don’t have it, make it. Your dreams are that important.




Saturday: Take a stay-cation or close-to-home vacation. Sagittarius Moon puts you in the mood to be in an unfamiliar environment, just to see things from a different angle. If you didn’t have time to do the work from Thursday and Friday, now’s a good moment too.




Sunday: Mother’s Day Capricorn Moon can be emotionally cold today. Try to complement the tendency to make a checklist of all of Mom’s accomplishments for a little ol’ fashioned love too. I’m sure the mothers in your life will appreciate it. And if you find yourself wanting more from mom, figure out how you can mom yourself to get what you actually need. <3

Productivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixAccomplishment-20pix



Monday: Moon in Capricorn wants to get major checkboxes marked. Tip: As you go throughout the day, make a list of what gets accomplished and celebrate it. Mercury enters Taurus late tonight. See This Week’s Considerations for more.

Social-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixAccomplishment-20pix



Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure

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