Your Inner Circle?, and Even If You’re Faking It, Keep Going

electric-indigo-waves-KristenTodayContradictions but congruent motion.

You’re not quite yourself, yet your autopilot is working very well.

This week, Sun approaches Neptune and makes you consider all those overwhelming purpose questions.

Mercury’s flubbed up messages and unclear ends to communicating aren’t connecting the dots like they have in better days.

Venus gets her way, yet soon she might want to retract.

Uranus and Jupiter have a big, rare moment this week bringing into focus 6 years ago. How you want to make the best of the next 7 years until they meet again is supported by this teeter-totter cosmic activity.

Read more for this week on Faking It, Re-prioritizing, Keeping Active, and Your Day Guides.

You’re Faking It. Own It for Your Own Good.

You’re faking it, in some way. Before you take offense, to discover you’re faking it isn’t so bad – even if it’s not ideal.

Firstly, it often is step-1 to get you to a place where you are not faking it. Moreover, you are doing it with more confidence and knowledge.

Secondly, it shows you have enough humility to recognize you’re not a know-it-all. That’s healthy in more ways that are constructive to your time to write here.

How do I know you’re faking it? Pssst, I’m not excluded here!

Venus is prepping to go Retrograde. But she’s not there yet.

(This is a continuation from Last Week’s writing on Venus and Vesta).

Venus is in forward motion in Aries until Saturday, March 4th.  

Here, Venus does whatever she wants despite the voices in her head saying,:

  • “Is this worthwhile?”
  • “Will this amount to anything?”
  • “Is this fair?”

Yes, you can ignore these voices for a little longer, but then

BAM! You will need to face them.

Venus turns retrograde, and she can get ugly out-of-control.

For any of your lady friends, this is where you help them take a step back and reboot the wounded, how-could-I-be-the-one-who’s-at-fault thing and get back into that place of humility.

Because, she was faking it.

It’s your job as the Vesta pal in the inner circle (again, see last week) to show your friend what’s more at her core to those three points:

  • Worthwhile.
  • Long-term value.
  • Just/Fair.

Venus eventually will go back into the Pisces vast sea of uncertainty and blind faith again.

Like a giant spa, Venus will calm downs, soaks, and lets her creativity be revealed here. Even retrograde.

Relaxation and letting go is as much a muscle as holding on and strength.

The work recognizing what’s fake to you – or your lady friend – is like getting out of super tailored clothing and into some loose-fitting pajamas.

It sets your stage.

Unbutton all attachments, anger, frustrations, and firey-ness keeping you in the almost-but-not-quite fake place.

Then let Venus Retrograde work for itself when she gets back to Pisces.


Priorities. Setbacks. Re-positioning. 2011-Today-2024.

Jupiter perfects an opposition to Uranus on Thursday evening, 8:15pm EST. Uranus still hugs Mars, making this a bit of a beat up on Jupiter moment.

You can be left feeling sore about relationships lost, big ideas gone cold, okay enough of that.

Jupiter governs grandchildren/grandparents, bigger ideas, higher knowledge, faith, meditation, and all that takes you out of your comfort zone to grow into an even more complete person.

Jupiter retrograde sets him a bit on the past; and in Libra, he reviews his relationships and how he has balanced life priorities for better or for worse.

Uranus and Mars opposing that can make you feel sore, wronged, and like you lost time. Ouch!


In another light, you have a strong connection to how you began this story 6 years ago when Jupiter and Uranus met at the very beginning of 2011 in… Pisces!

They both have matured since then, in fact, they’re in completely a new mindset (sign). They look (mostly) like they did before, but something is different.

This is the first time seeing eye-to-eye since then.

Now is your opportunity to realize how you’ve:

  • Radicalized from your old self.
  • Matured more into your profound nature.
  • Broken off your course.

You have another 7 years before you reset this Jupiter-Uranus connection in Taurus and lay some serious foundations on your mark to imprint onto this world. That’s 2024 (whoa).

Right now, consider this journey I’ve mapped for you on where you’ve come and where you might be going.

Do you need to reconsider some priorities? Do you need better people around you?

Uranus can also bring you in new tribes and collectives to your Inner Circle. Call them in if you need them!


Keep Active. It’s Still Meaningful.

Mars and Saturn perfect a trine on Sunday, bringing cooperation and harmony between structure and force. Despite all the other planetary influences, keep active with your Mars. It’s still meaningful to Saturn with this trine.

Saturn has been methodically helping place your bigger vision into a reality you can manifest. Mars is the one that makes it happen. On this occasion, they work well together (not always the case).

This brings up the end of August/early September last year when Mars and Saturn met. Refresh your memory on needing to temper your inner rebel with Mars and Saturn/Neptune pushing Mars to go farther, deeper, and more meaningful.

Mars may still feel like a rebel, but he does have this connection of bigger-father-deeper with Saturn anyway.

Mars – meaning your actions, passions, and drive, may not feel all that meaningful in the moment, but it’s actually working quite well in the direction Saturn is crafting for yourself and the goals that make you feel purposeful.


Day Guides: February 28-March 6, 2017

Tuesday – Mardi Gras, official. With a Moon in Aries, ending in the day to conjoin Venus, passions run wild and people act before the think. Sure, be a little selfish today and “sin” before being “pure” the next 40-days. But for long-term thinking sake, avoid partying in a way you could shy away from remembering later. Also be careful on the roads, people might drink more than they realize and not be in a place to think of others.

Wednesday – Highly energized day to engage your Mars and get things rolling. If you hit a standstill, take note and keep going on something that has flow. Moon feels fast in Aries. Also, see section in This Week’s Considerations on “Keep Active. It’s Meaningful.”

Thursday – Take time to meditate and find your center often today. Just set a timer on your phone to spend a minute getting back to that slow, calm place. Moon in Taurus favors accuring your wealth and sense of self-worth today. Also puts in the pillars to what sustains you. However, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition also perfects, which can jab you at the side. See This Week’s Consideration on “Priorities. Setbacks. Repositioning. 2011-Present-2014.”

Friday – Void Moon day. From 10:20am EST – 5:05am EST tomorrow, moon is void of course. Take the traditionally reflective, re-organizing time to consider the value you’re getting from those you surround yourself. Look to the “Priorities. Setbacks. Repositioning… “ part but also the “You’re Faking It…” on Venus in This Week’s Considerations for some contemplative queues.

Saturday – Take time to let your words pour out. Moon in Gemini wants to be social and share, but Gemini’s Ruler of Mercury is in Pisces. Like I said in Last Week’s Considerations, it just takes longer to figure out how you really feel and to resolve. But, it’s deeper and more profound than usual.

Sunday – Extremely productive day. Keep yourself busy and use the burst of energy for things that bring you joy. The Mars-Saturn trine discussed in This Week’s “Keep Active. Still Meaningful” perfects today.

Monday – It’s more an emotionally charged day. Take time to connect to those close to you, see what makes them tick. It’ll help you better take care of them, which will make them take better care of you (and your projects), and just keep the whole thing chummy. If you have some creative work to draw out or review, today’s a good day to channel that out.

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