Hold Steady

Some years ago in a job interview, I told someone that when s*** hits the fan, I’m more the person that sees where it lands than freaks out during it.

That same sentiment holds true today, and it often surprises people.

I’ve just taught myself how to hold steady. (And maybe this is too literal a Uranus in Taurus realization, lol)!

Yes, when it’s happening, I feel emotions and my mind is racing about how to fix things. But, I no longer jump the gun. I wait to see the next thing.

Because that next thing is often more indicative of what will happen next than the trigger itself.

Listen – change, especially unanticipated ones, is hard to take.

But if it’s happening, it’s happening.

How are you going to handle it?

For me, it’s best to accept the reality as it’s happening.

This week there in a larger-than-normal change of planetary position. Mercury enters Cancer, Venus enters Leo, and Neptune Stations Retrograde. Too, there’s a dynamic New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday.

That means your communication style and ways you connect things shifts. The things you desire, how you want to relate to the world around you moves. And your vision toward more inward (again).

I wish you grace upon these changes, however they meet you.

This Week’s Considerations helps you hold steady while these pages turn in the stories of your life.


Relate To Your Emotions

There was a time where I was afraid of my emotions. They’d often overtake me, and I’d feel completely wiped out for days afterward.

It turns out that engaging the truth within negative emotions – as they happen – is more effective than avoiding them.

Some psychology book probably said all that long ago, but my upbringing was scared of being associated with that… but I don’t need to get into that.

What I’ve found is that by engaging with negative emotions as they happen, it moves through the emotion quicker. It doesn’t give the emotion time to gain energy and momentum against you. And, it sucks in a way that is appropriate to what’s happening.

Hey, life isn’t perfect! We’re human beings incarnated on earth for a reason. We each have our own karma to work out – this is how it gets worked out!

Let’s develop a healthier relationship to emotions. For ourselves and with each other!

Being an adult, and a professional one at that, the emotions socially have a place for behind doors, in closets, and alone.

My God, what a sad evidence of how that serves us with last week’s celebrity suicides.

So here’s what I suggest.


Try to validate the wisdom of the negative feelings by doing this.

1) Find one of your triggers.

2) Ask yourself questions like this:

  • What function does this emotion allow me?
  • What does it do?
  • What happens because of this feeling?

3) When you’ve exhausted a causation line, ask yourself.

  • Is this true?

When you have the emotional story laid out, you can appreciate the logic. AND you have the power to feel, see, and hear where you have the power to change it.

4) Then, change the story. Rewrite it as you did in the negative version but this time in the positive outcome. Maybe you change your view on it. Or, you change your behavior before the trigger gets too bad… etc.

5) Practice It!


Things not to do when doing this exercise.

  • Don’t be a masochist. Do NOT handle more than 1 trigger at a time.
  • Do NOT isolate yourself. If feelings get overwhelming and you can’t get yourself out of it, CALL FOR HELP, immediately.
  • Do NOT put blame only on someone else. Try to see the objective reality, including your responsibility to how it progresses.
  • Do NOT wallow in the feelings. Address them as who they are and move on.


Hold steady there, friend. The s*** is only temporarily. What’s next is clean up and moving on.

Astrological Day Guides: June 12-18, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday – Use the wisdom you’ve gathered to apply its knowledge. Whether it be self-care, nurturing a dear project, or child; sit into the mood that rises and deepen into that. Navigate through the mood with your emotional intelligence instead of just your mind.
(Gemini Moon trines Mars. Mercury Enters Cancer).


Wednesday – Take a bird’s-eye view of your networks and friends. Who do you surround yourself with day-to-day? Amp up your quality of life by improving your people environments. You’re in the mood to love life, and reality is that some people just feel toxic. Not your job to change them. It’s your job to use what you can control to set yourself up for your own success. (Don’t re-learn this lesson).
(New Moon in Gemini at 12:43pm. Mercury-Uranus sextile. Venus enters Leo).


Thursday – Disruptive or shocking twists in your dreams can lead to new choices that nurture you in the morning. Some old conventions may need to break to re-shape into something better long-term. Be aware that your decisions from the heart – when put into action – may seem irrational and out-of-the-blue to others. Be prepared to handle objections with the purity of love and confidence you have for the decisions that make you happier and healthier.
(Cancer Moon sextiles Uranus, conjoins Mercury and opposes Saturn. Venus-Uranus square).


Friday – Let yourself be sleepy and take your time transitioning to your daytime responsibilities. Tough decisions that require your gut feeling may approach in the early afternoon. Take tough news as an invitation to take a break. Process emotions today. It can challenge your foundations, and that needs care and attention. Be reasonable with yourself and with what you can handle in a way that’s healthy for you.
(Cancer Moon trines Neptune and opposes Pluto before going void at 12:18pm EDT. Mercury-Saturn opposition).


Saturday – Max out morning fun with a partner or lady bestie. The belly laughs and joy will put you in a good place to face some late afternoon ego and challenge. When you speak from the heart, you often can soften even the toughest conversations. Take the high road if you get in an argument over principles… don’t waste your energy on s*** like that anymore.
(Leo Moon squares Uranus, conjoins Venus and opposes Mars).


Sunday – Celebrate Dad by stroking his ego. Show him all the wonderful things he’s done and what he continues to do. How he took care of your, and now how his legacy shines through you. Of course be honest about it because he’ll be able to read straight through bs today.
(Leo Moon sextiles Sun).


Monday – Work easily can load onto your plate today. Use the Grand Trine energy to organize what comes in according to “what values most” even if you rebel from expectations (to others or even yourself). The sky is in the mood to try working in a new way. “Most valuable work first” is the motto. And when you do, cosmos pose that maybe you understand what’s important in the long-run in a new way.
(Virgo Moon makes a Grand Trine in Earth with Uranus and Saturn. Neptune stations Retrograde).

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