Harness These Venus Traits to Make Progress

cave-woman-dark-light-KristenTodayAre you beating yourself up about how slow your progress is?

Do have goals you’ve set for yourself but you’re not realizing them as fast as you want to?

Oh, I’ve been there too! It’s challenging to manage your time – to do your work, show up as a friend, a family member, and take care of your well-being! And then there are the #lifegoals that keep getting a low priority number due to real needs of sleep and nourishment!

This past year has realized many pauses to reflect on the “big picture” and get things ready for blastoff. Venus’ entry into Scorpio creates momentum that will culminate at the end of the year with Saturn’s entry into Capricorn. (That’s a time to seriously check off some boxes of accomplishment).

This Week’s Consideration is focused on traits of Venus in Scorpio that can help you feel like you’re making meaningful progress. This energy is felt strongest November 7 – December 1.

Be Tenacious

Stick by your convictions, your experience, and your skills. Compromise can be kind, but it also can be compromising.

Would you rather be known for your ability to put yourself 2nd, or is your legacy about something you create?

The past 3.5 weeks in Libra, Venus had a hard time making decisions. She could see positives and negatives of both sides to one choice… and thus could sit in limbo forever.

Now that Venus is in Scorpio, your Venus archetypes of what you like, your tastes, and relationships take on a new potential and an “urge” to act differently.

Venus in Scorpio is decidedly less flexible, more driven, and focused on getting what she wants at whatever cost.

Oh, she’s going to follow through on her commitments! Venus feels exactly where she should go. She waits for the right moment and seizes the opportunity. (Yes you too should embody this at this moment).

The key to Scorpio – as a fixed sign – is to keep your ground and keep it deep. Then like worm finds its path up to surface when there’s too much water, you go in the direction you need to breathe, survive, and keep you vibrant.

Shift any indecision to decisiveness and choice. Stand for something. Trust that if you’re averted or distracted, you’ll find your way back on the path again.

Represent the brave, certain person you want to be… and witness yourself becoming it! Be tenacious with your commitments, and the rest can follow.


Iron Will

When a planet transits Scorpio – as Venus, Jupiter, and Sun currently are – they all arrive at a vulnerable position. I like to imagine it as the underbelly of a crab. There’s the hard shell, sharp and intimidating claws, but underneath a soft belly – sensitive, open, and keenly aware of its vitality.

When you’re vulnerable, fears like to tempt you away from your conscience and reasoning.

But when you soften into that vulnerability – accept it – a different strength emerges. It makes you attractive, seductive, and captivating. You’re accessible on a human level, and the ability to draw people in is contagious.

“How is she so available? I want to be more like her… let me pay closer attention!” is what others think when they encounter a woman in her element yet vulnerable.

It takes an iron will to be both tenacious and vulnerable. The will keeps you grounded in what matters. The will makes your inner voice coach you through each unsure step in a way that starts convincing even yourself.

Venus in Scorpio gives you the ability to connect more easily to these different aspects of your character and psyche. It does it in a way that can complement or put against each other.

That’s why you need to use your iron will to hold space for an integrated sense of self, and in particular, this spectrum of tenacious and vulnerable.

And Mars, who remains in Libra, will help you keep your footing – readjusting as necessary – to keep you moving forward.

With the direction you give your will, nothing can stop you.


Immorality Radar

As you can see, with such drive and narrow focus, ethical behavior is a tricky point for those planets in the Scorpio influence.

Remember, not every person’s consciousness is as sound as yours.

With the astrological climate, immoral behavior can be hidden well. Secrets can be kept from those closest to you.

And in case you were tempted for a sliver of a second, immoral behavior also can come out of the woodworks – even if it’s really old. (a.k.a. All the recent allegations of sexual misconduct).

With those around you, take the time to sense the true motives, particularly if they affect your own actions. Probe and ask hard questions if you have to.

You may not get straight answers, but keep going until you get enough information to know where you go from there.

The way you relate to your karma is particularly strong with Venus in Scorpio. You are likely to get reflections of your past – do the right thing now while harnessing all this power and focus.

Immorality not only happens to you; but like fear, it sneaks up on you when you want things to be easier or you’re tired. Keep up your immorality radar! 

Do what’s right – even when you’re running on empty, and the feedback often comes back positive.


Hand Over Information

This is an opportunity to bring out strategic evidence to argue your truth and open doors.

Venus in Scorpio energy favors imploding, secret-telling, and pushing others off the deck in order to save their own “life.”

You may not hear about any of it – because Scorpio represents the dark cave where bargains are made with the underworld and with those who put you there.

For example on a national level, Mueller represents the one who has the power to put people away or to save them for a special price to pay.

Expect many to pay that special price because Venus sharpens this sense of being trapped, and Jupiter (also in Scorpio) magnifies it.

On another note, the way we relate to end-of-life issues can be faced with Venus in Scorpio.

In a radio interview I heard recently, a photographer explained how our relationship with the dead has been largely taken out Western tradition and is still a vital part in many other places in the world. He referenced the catacombs in Paris as well as ones still maintained in remote parts of Southeast Asia. Visiting the dead and keeping body parts of the deceased is a human way to relate to the afterlife – and the wisdom in there! (If someone can find this link, I’d love to include it here!!)

That’s food for thought.

Less abstractly, end-of-life issues also include how we die.

Trump’s response to the mass shooting Sunday in San Antonio echoes the moment’s astrological sky. In avoiding the gun regulation talk, he said mental health was the issue.

Actually, both are related to the same Scorpio theme. Both can affect the other, both are strategies to realize change on the common issue of how to save lives.

On a personal level, take these next 3.5 weeks of Venus in Scorpio to choose your strategy of transition.

Figure out what secret, dark contracts you might have – and seek to change them. Correct your wrongdoings. Present information that matters – no more, no less.

Truth – even if it’s painful – helps humans evolve.

Day Guides: November 7 – 13, 2017

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.


Tuesday – Speak from your heart today. It may feel vulnerable and revealing, but it will help open up some doors to relate deeper with other and facilitate connections. Take moments to tap into your feeling – feel the depth of them – and massage them into the calm, focused presence you need to take care of the things most meaningful to you.
(Venus enters Scorpio. Cancer Moon).
Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix


Wednesday – Emotions well up today, especially in the morning. You can feel overwhelmed from the good or what could be going better. Your intuition is magnified. If you can, before work, put on your mystic hat and ride the meditative waves for insight, spiritual fulfillment, and rejuvenation. Tension, manipulation, and coercion are possible through 10am-ish EST. Be careful with the company you keep.
(Cancer Moon makes a Grand Water trine with Neptune and Sun. Moon opposes Pluto at 10:06am EST).
Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix Creativity-20pix


Thursday – True colors are revealed thanks to elated egos with today’s Moon influence. If you need clarity on something, today is ripe to probe, challenge, and get someone to talk. Step up to your authority to get the answers you deserve.
(Sun-Pluto sextile. Leo Moon square Venus-Jupiter and trine Mercury.).
Productivity-20pix Love-20pix Fun-20pix Adventure-20pix


Friday – Do you use your personality and charisma to move forward your goals? Or, are limiting mindsets or past experiences inhibiting you more than you like? Reflect today on who you’re becoming, and take awareness of those that serve you, and those that limit you.
(Leo 4th Quarter Moon).
Social-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix Fun-20pix Adventure-20pix


Saturday – Sleep in, do mundane activities, make a to-do catalog, or just take it easy during the morning’s Void-of-Course Moon lasting until 11:41 EST. Things you initiate during this time likely will get lost or delayed. Afterward, community service or getting things done together is favored. Get dirty or messy if you have to because the afternoon energy appreciates the order that follows.
(Void Moon 3:55am – 11:41am EST. Virgo Moon sextiles Venus-Jupiter).
Purge-20pix Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Journal-20pix


Sunday – Worry that you’re focusing on the wrong thing might pop up in the morning. Maybe you need to make a slight change, but nothing dramatic. By the evening (and all that you worked on since), you can feel more in solid footing about your progress.
(Virgo Moon opposes Neptune, then semi-sextiles Mars and trines Pluto).
Purge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pixAccomplishment-20pix

Monday – Avoid beginning new points of contact or engaging in activities that require feedback. Moon is void for most of the day. Instead, clean clutter, resolve open issues that haven’t seen the priority list, and map out whatever you feel like. These days are meant to be internal and reflective.
(Void-of-Course Moon 10:45am-6:26pm EST. Mercury and Neptune square.).
Purge-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Journal-20pix



Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure


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