My Hair 01 October 2014
My Hair 01 October 2014

Playing with photography. I was surprised at how this turned out.

When I look at my hair, I see the past. Hair is created by dead cells shooting out of my skin I’ve been told.

The haircut trims away the past that no longer is needed. Beauty emerges; we marvel at how our whole appearance transforms.


In astrology, hair is ruled by Leo. Scorpio governs death (dead cells), the past, and transformation.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars (who rules cutting).

That is to say that:  Hair (Leo) cut (Mars)  = Cutting (Mars) the Past (Scorpio)

Scorpio always is square (aka, a tension) Leo, the past seemingly contradicts our Leo free-spirit nature. But death (dead cells making hair) also gives the palette of potential for who we really are (Leo, who is ruled by the Sun)

The haircut is a fantastic lesson of cutting out the past to choose the ebbs and curves, the beauty that is there naturally within us. The flow and beauty that can be revealed outside and inside.

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