When You Feel Like a Prisoner to Circumstance

I once took a job because I felt like it was a more responsible one to take. It was full-time, which was different than my multiple part-time schedule I was used to. Too, it had a salary, benefits, and career progression. It was totally grown-up. Totally corporate.

Like many employee contracts, I started off with a 3-month trial period.

The first month went fine, and mostly the second. On the third, I realized I felt like a prisoner and the lunchtime walking couldn’t alleviate the stress. Too, I didn’t like the way I was talked to by one of my bosses. Being berated for punctuation was something I could not suck up.

When approached for my 3-month review, I was honest. And because it was a human resource firm, my boss of bosses graciously ushered me out of the job without judgment and with a smooth transition.

That’s not the end of the story.

It was at that moment I had no job. Nothing lined up, only the possibility to put on a dirty tux and do some more catering gigs.

I did not want to do that again.

Fears came up about becoming homeless, and shame appeared in many forms. I couldn’t be “normal” and have a “normal” job. I’d always be living on an “starving artist” standard. I’d be dependent on help again from others.

It magnified and spiraled until I thought I’d be hungry and homeless. I was in tears.

Then I remembered something.

My family and my friends would NEVER let that happen to me. It was my own shame that prevented me from asking for help – and from receiving it!

I was determined to not second-rate myself to take a crappy job. Too, I promised I would tell others of my situation if I needed the help, and I would receive it no matter how uncomfortable it’d be.

I went about my life as normal – okay a little more prudently. But only a week or so later, I stumbled upon a conversation in my astrology class.

A classmate was looking for help at her job, and I knew exactly how to do it!

My faith in myself, and my recognition of the supportive environment I did have attracted just what I needed. It was work I could do – close shop and not think about at home. It was part-time. It had benefits. It was a creative environment that stimulated my curiosity. And, I shared a corner office with that astrology colleague that overlooked midtown and the Hudson.

To date, it was the best employment I had outside my own.


This week’s astrological conditions can bring unexpected twists to agreements and plans you have set up. It can leave you feeling in the dark, and maybe even a prisoner to circumstance.

Like my own story, I encourage you to put your faith in yourself and the support you have to open up to new possibilities… perhaps even better than you could have expected.

Read the Day Guides below to navigate your week’s journey. Next week, more on the lovely Venus in Libra!

Astrological Day Guides: July 31 – August 6, 2018

Read these guides as a whole to get a feel for the week’s tone. There’s always some overlap of themes. Then read them as you need them, day-by-day.

Tuesday –  Spend extra time in the morning to meditate and tap into your inner resource. Use your charm to make powerful connections, including future working agreements and service contracts. Productive day for creative and vision work.
(Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and opposes Venus before going void for the rest of the day at 6:42pm EDT).

Wednesday – Conflicted and angry, passions pass over reason. People around you may have selfish motivations and consequently may act out in bad behavior and habit. You can try to show the way – what’s best for the group – but you’ll likely have little traction there. Might be best to keep to yourself and channel the energies through physical labor including exercises, moving large objects, and demolishing things you’ve known need to go.
(Aries Moon sextiles Mars and squares Saturn. Mars-Uranus square).

Thursday – Yesterday’s bad mood continues. Contracts and agreements may break today. Go back to what’s in writing and work out solutions to present at a later day. People can be impulsive today, maybe even manipulative. Better to keep your distance and focus on your own needs. Good day for a personal detox, especially one that focuses on the gut.
(Aries Moon squares Pluto and trines Mercury).

Friday – Take the welcome break from the past two-day’s fiesty energy. In the late afternoon, when Moon is in Taurus, you can tackle the week’s concerns with a more practical outlook and come up with solutions. Be open to unconventional approaches, which include respectfully expressing your point of view and generalizing what’s not working about the situation.
(Void Moon until 3:51pm EDT. After, the Taurus Moon squares Mars, conjoins Uranus and trines Saturn).

Saturday – Faced with the consequences from the past, you can feel stuck today. Use your stubborn side to push through the mental resistance and keep charging through your new strategies to cope and live a better live. Precious stones and walking barefoot can help you stay steady, grounded, and feeling supported.
(Taurus Moon square Sun, opposes Jupiter and sextiles Neptune).

Sunday – Clean house and do things for you today. If you stay on your own agenda, you can feel like you accomplished a lot today – and rest more easily. If you stray to other people’s pet projects and little bits of help, you can leave it feeling underappreciated and under-accomplished. Energy mobilizes in the evening and it can be a difficult night’s sleep.
(Taurus Moon trines Venus before going void at 7:46pm EDT. Moon enters Gemini at 9:32pm EDT and squares Mars around midnight Monday).

Monday – Notably more social, you can be at the edge of your seat to make plans and escape the rut you’ve been in the past few weeks. Check out gallery exhibitions, concerts, and summer escapes. Make a list and start inviting away!
(Gemini Moon sextiles Sun. Venus enters Libra. Sun-Jupiter square).



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