Express Yourself With These 3 Focuses (Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did)!


Self-Expression has always been very important to me. However, I didn’t quite get it…

When I was younger, I assumed it was helpful to be as honest and open as possible all the time.

Innocently in Kindergarten, I shared, “Your hat looks like an apple.”

To which the reaction was devastation, and I got in big trouble. Nope, not helpful.

I didn’t get the hint for years, and my open honesty hurt feelings, embarrassed people, and even closed me off from previously positive relationships.

“I know you were having a rough patch. How are you feeling now?” I ask a Chinese woman in the company of others. Wide eyes, a nervous giggle, and the response, “Oh! Actually, really good!” Soon after, it was hard to have any substantive conversation again. (Only later I found out how big a social no-no that was in Chinese culture).

Your words this week may feel innocent and honest, and the way it feels so natural to just share opening, they’ll come pouring out.

Yet, the reaction might not always be reflective of your good intentions. Take it from me – you need to be good at it, AND you need to help your audience love you.

Take it from me – you need express yourself honestly, AND you need to help your audience love you. (That’s what took me forever to understand, and what I’m still working to do)!

That’s why this week you need these 3 Focuses:

  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Good Company
  3. Courage

Astrological context and further explanation of these 3 Focuses below.


Gemini Venus & Leo Mercury: Speaking Your Heart

Venus enters talkative Gemini tonight at 8:11pm EDT and Mercury enters heart-centered Leo tomorrow, Wednesday night.  Venus and Mercury’s new positions answer to the Sun who currently is in Cancer.

The tendency this month will be to speak your heart before thinking.

Now, your heart may want to party, socialize, and live the life!

Or, sing with your friends,

Or, be validated and to do things with others.

Watch out, though, all this happy-go-lucky, larger-than-life, benevolent leader Leo energy has its dark side (that soon will show face)!

In just 3 weeks we start to see the effects of the Leo eclipses. (Remember, each one can be sensed two weeks before and two weeks after).

Eclipses show the necessary path ahead, whether it’s a quick boost or sudden ending. In Leo, the eclipses, especially remind you how you ought to show up as yourself.


Freedom of Expression & How It Should Feel

Venus and Mercury’s placement will help you find a way to express your inner Leo self freely wherever that signs lives in your chart.

Venus’ wants, loves, and desires all get tinted by Mercury’s boastful expression in Leo.

Let’s look at Leo a little more closely:

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which represents your inner pure light that makes you feel alive.

Even if you’re not a Leo Sun, remember that everyone has a place in their chart where Leo resides in a house (i.e. life domain).

In super basic simplicity, check this out:

Positive Leo Qualities Negative Leo Qualities



Leadership, + more




Inflated Egoism, + more


While you may not go to the extreme of negative Leo qualities here, everyone dabs into the unfavorable variations of it.

Why? (This is important)!

Leo energy tends to go negative when there’s no outlet to express itself, its truth, or its heart.

I know inner censors are everywhere, and you probably haven’t escaped them!

Over time with limited freedom of expression, dishonesty skews any subject for the need of attention in any form.

You may think you’re right, but your own subconscious marries lies, half-truths, and truths over in the innate desire to express yourself and be seen. (Yes, although a  Gemini, our current U.S. president has a prominent Leo signature in his chart in the 12th house of “undoings”).

If your own self-preserving ego gets its way through your subconscious, how do you escape the traps?

You exercise your Leo royal king/queen placement of your chart with trusted advisors to put you in your integrity place. (See Good Company below).

For now, it’s your responsibility to externalize and express your heart, preferably in good company.

Everyone expresses differently, try these on to get it out.

When you self-express, you should feel light, glowing, and maybe even gleeful. <3

Some examples:

Self Expression
Speaking Writing Singing
Performing Painting Drawing
Hugging Kind Gestures Acting


The catch:

Honestly, no matter how feel-good, these self-expressions right now will likely come off to others as mutterings. Their good-intentioned natures come off as self-interested. (This position in the zodiac is still child-like!)

Even so, externalize it in good company to see what resonates and play with it to get it right.

Trust that if your expression is not right, you’ll find out in easy (it feels wrong) or hard ways (shocks and sudden changes), thanks to the eclipses coming up.

Eclipses are designed to lead you to a better direction in integrity with yourself.

This is especially true for the end of the month into August if you have planets within 13-17 or 26-29 degrees fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus).



Good Company: Make Your Royal Crew Official

Your good company is a sounding board for your free expression as well as help to put you in integrity. It helps you understand what makes your broader audience love you.

You already have been making a tighter circle since early May thanks to Vesta.

These last couple weeks in Leo, Vesta solidifies her “trusted court” of people to advise and support her. She is the asteroid of sisterly friendship that holds in her center, the flame for purity of home, heart, and family.

Make your royal crew official and play full out with each other.

Here’s why:

This year is very much about the passage to embody your soul and bring its aspirations into action.

You only can commit to the work of your soul (Saturn in Sagittarius) if you know it.

Understanding yourself never ends; it’s a continual unfolding.

You learn about yourself from experiences and trying new ways to express your inner sense of truth.

You dampen any missteps by putting yourself around people who care for you.

The “We not Me” Cancer mentality has value in the long run, even if it’s not efficient.


Courage: You Do It Because You Must

Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens one.” I find, you do it because you must.

When I had the opportunity to meet my mom after 25-years of separation, I initially was frightened with my fears, but then I went ahead and did it… because I wanted to stand by what I preached. I felt I must.

Others called it courage.

It didn’t feel like what I was shown courage to be, such as brave warriors going out to combat in a hopeless battle…

Courage is made by simply standing up for what is right to you.

You find your courage wellspring by continually introspecting and renewing your self-understanding.

Introspection helps you know your fears, negative patterns and behaviors, and resilience to stand in the face of them.

Because of this self-knowledge, you become participant of your own shifts, whether life is happening to you or with you.

This innocent internal space is the origin of your self-expression. You are more what you do than what you say.

Imagine your fears as a storm in the distance – the dark clouds are swirling, ready to engulf the shores of your personal space.

Instead of heading for shelter, you stand strong and ready to keep your ground with love and acceptance for the cold, wet weather it brings.

Now your choice as the rain falls hard around you: Do you find joy in splashing in puddles or fall back into grumpiness on dirty laundry and cold feet?

Your weaknesses are as simple to trigger as stepping into a puddle – anyone’s are.

Your ability to stop the chain reaction and downward spiral is a developed strength from introspection. This strength is courage itself.

It is dependent on your self-knowing and volition to do the better version of yourself when you thought about it last time, even if you feel contradictory in the moment.

The astrological context reveals the same:

Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars soon will shift their T-Square with Sun (think all these Leo archetypes we’ve been talking about) as Mars’ replacement for a few days.

This T-Square encourages you to purge emotions, particularly fears, that control you by letting go or getting help.

You have the good company of family and people-like-family now to help you do it.

The T-Square wants you to channel the tension into Aries to start in a new direction. That new direction is tied into your courage place.

Yes, you may be afraid to express yourself, even to your trusted royal crew, but with this powerful configuration, you can muster up the courage and motivation to step forward, even if you don’t know how it turns out.


Day Guides: July 4 – July 10, 2017

Tuesday – Scorpio Moon can make you feel sneaky and privately proud of what you’ve done for yourself. With Venus’ last moments in Taurus, enjoy a great feast with those you love. Expect some impressively detailed and artistic fireworks, even if watched from a distance!

Productivity-20pix Low Profile-20pix Love-20pix Creativity-20pix



Wednesday – Sagittarius Moon brings the whiff of the long weekend air to work. Use your fresh perspective for vision mapping and resource allocation. Sun-Neptune trine and Sun-Jupiter Square help you out. Mercury’s last moments in Cancer appreciates knowing who’s the core group!




Thursday – Sagittarius Moon continues yesterday’s free-spirited approach to work. Mercury’s entry to Leo last night makes you ready to take stage and announce your work from yesterday (and before). As discussed in This Week’s Considerations, express yourself in good company. If you have problems sharing freely, check out the section on courage and introspection.




Friday – Even though you start the day with great ideas on how to make things work, it’s a slow start to the day with a Void Moon from 10:12am – 1:45pm EDT. Afterward the Capricorn Moon helps structure out some accomplishments for the week and make a trajectory for the week ahead.

Productivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pixAccomplishment-20pix





Saturday – Gaining strength to the Full Moon around midnight EDT, the Capricorn Moon can be stern on the people close to you. Commit to who your royal crew is, as described in This Week’s Considerations. They’ll help you rally through the 2nd half of the moon cycle (another 20 months) to harvest the goods from your hard work.

Purge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pix



Sunday – Full Moon is still strong today. Pluto is in close conjunction to the Full Moon and can bring up some nasty past-times, fears, and insecurities. Luckily, you have the T-Square to happen channel out some of this energy. Don’t take it out on others if you can help it! Check out the last section on Courage in This Week’s Considerations to learn how to make it work toward your good to begin anew.

Purge-20pixProductivity-20pixLow Profile-20pixJournal-20pix



Monday – Ceres, the asteroid representing the bounty of the season, enters a most fitting sign of Cancer today. The Aquarius Moon emphasizes the need to cultivate the people, associations, and resources to grow your dreams into reality. Read this Week’s Consideration on Good Company on seeing how to identify them.




Legend Key:

Accomplishment-45pix Accomplishment Creativity-45pix Creativity Fun-45pix Fun
Journal-45pix Journal Love-45pix Love Low Profile-45pix Low Profile
Productivity-45pix Productive Purge-45pix Purge Social-45pix Social
Adventure-45pix Adventure


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