Enjoy the Remaining Slow – Productively – While It Lasts (until Friday)

Catapult-Aries-New-Moon-KristenTodayLike the at a rubber band’s limit, the inevitable release and simultaneous launch forward holds, waiting for Friday and Saturday’s marks of new beginnings.

Like this Greek and Roman ballista catapult featured in This Week’s Considerations Image.

Read about the Aquarius New Moon Friday evening that marks Saturday’s Chinese New Year & Mars entry into fast and passionate Aries on Saturday.

Until then, you have some work to do. The week’s mostly Capricorn Moon helps you stay focused. It’s also a bit more accident-prone than usual.

Check out the Day Guides to help map your week accordingly.

Create Healthy Chaos & Depart Old Habits – Aquarius New Moon

Friday evening is the New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year. It’s a moon to make schisms but also to take you off to new heights and discoveries at the highest of your aspirations for the next 2.5 years.

It’s also the beginning of the eclipse season, the first eclipse starting in just 2.5 weeks. (You can feel the effects of an eclipse up to two weeks on either side of it, but especially at the beginning).

All this matters because what you initiate in this new moon will depart you from what your normal used to be into something more radical for you, and likely permanently so.

I am moving to the other coast on these energies, and that’s mostly because that’s when my current lease expires. This, is what the cosmos deliver me for timing. Now, it’s up to me on how I can make these influences for the positive.

Like I recommend for you, this is what I’m doing:

  1. Set some ways to depart old habits,
  2. Create healthy chaos,
  3. Re-arrange the way I approach everyday life.

This easily is done by having to rearrange my objects, but it also will have to take effort to push myself to live up to the standards I set up for myself when Sun was in Capricorn this past month.

How can you accomplish one of these 3 directives for your Aquarius New Moon?


Beginning Saturday: Mars Steamrolls Ahead with Passion In Every Area

Mars completes his journey through Pisces this week. He enters Aries early Saturday morning (ET), and boy oh boy, watch out!

You’ll feel a new wave of energy to initiate, charge through, and get things done.

It’ll also want to steam up your love life.

If you force yourself to stop, you may wonder what you did while Mars was in Pisces.

Hopefully you’ve taken some of my past week’s advice and planned during the solstice and defined  path markers to stay course for your wild ride coming up in Mars in Aries.

If you didn’t, well this is the week to finish that up. See Day Guides for more info.

Once Mars enters Aries, he’ll feel the pull toward Uranus, who he last met about 2 years ago (specifically March 11, 2015).

Before they meet this time (a conjunction in astrology speak), it’s all about wrapping up their story from last cycle.

Take awareness of what you learned, what you didn’t expect, and what you want to intend for this second round of new beginnings.

It will happen in the middle of the eclipses, so you will have cosmic help and intervention to shift you in your best direction, especially if you have planets at the eclipse degrees. (19.5-25.5 & 5-11 degrees)

Need help remembering what happened? These dates should help you connect the dots for a theme:

Beginning: March 11, 2015

Opening Square (crisis of action / “I need to do something about this”): July 25, 2015

Opposition (tension or partnership / “too painful to look at” or “what’s the best outcome that can come from this”): December 10, 2015

Closing Square (crisis of consciousness / “what does all this mean”): October 29, 2016

And because you’re super on top of it, here’s how you can apply your newfound understanding of the previous cycle to sketch out the one upcoming.

Know though, that because we’re including Uranus into the equation, everything is up for sudden changes… it is what it is:

Beginning: February 26, 2017

Opening Square (crisis of action / “I need to do something about this”): July 17, 2017

Opposition (tension or partnership / “too painful to look at” or “what’s the best outcome that can come from this”): December 1, 2017

Closing Square (crisis of consciousness / “what does all this mean”) in new signs, so a change of environment on the topic: September 18, 2018

End of Cycle back in Aries: February 18, 2019

I know you’re thinking that February 26 is a long way coming.

Thing is, THIS WEEK’s energies are good preparation energies.

The Attraction Mars feels toward Uranus’ light will begin the moment he enters Aries on Saturday.  

You’ll feel the effects way in advance. Too, February will be so busy that you may not notice how quickly it comes here. Spend at least 20 minutes on this.


Focus Your Week With Your Day Guides:

You have some focus time this week, thanks to a LONG Capricorn Moon after today, Tuesday the 24th’s, afternoon void course from 12:33pm – 5:43pm ET.

You’ll want to get your 3 Path Markers in check  and revisit the Winter Solstice energy before Mars goes into Aries. Moon in Capricorn is perfectly suited to revisit these.

Check out the Day Guide’s Now for even more:


Tuesday – Difficult to choose a direction to follow today. Get your projects rough strokes accomplished or plan travel in the morning when Moon is Sagittarius. Let your mind wander, and make meaning of your first month of 2017. Journal, meditate, take a walk when Moon is void 12:33pm – 5:43pm ET. Enjoy the early evening entry of Moon into Capricorn and make your home a little more homey.

Wednesday – Particularly favorable to put your money to where your mouth is and see progress on it. Go ahead, work on the meaningful today in lots of little chunks. Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune and Mercury.

Thursday – Be careful in the morning – energies are a more accident prone. Tensions may rub between your partner or bestie. Go into the uncomfortable and work out a long-term solution. Moon in Capricorn square Uranus & Jupiter, Sextile Venus.

Friday  – Morning angst can sever relationships that aren’t serving the higher vision. Also, a morning networking group can bring the good ones in. (That’s Aquarius Moon with Venus square Saturn). Also, you can feel the excitement of the New Moon this evening which you can read in the above Considerations.

Saturday – Feel the fire of Mars in Aries and channel your refound energy into exercise, being with your tribe, and multitasking. This also is an accident-prone day, so watch your step! Moon in Aquarius waiting to sextile Uranus until evening and trine Jupiter at night.

Sunday – Powerful secrets rise to the surface. Make a point to tap into your own wisdom today and reap the rewards. Expect news from Dec. 19, 2015 & the beginning of last Mercury Retrograde to pop back up. Void Moon in Aquarius until 11:10am, Moon in Pisces & Mercury perfects another conjunction to Pluto.

Monday – Mixed signals today. Sunday’s energies continue to dig up dirt on your past but also how it brought you to today. Watch out for power struggles; arm yourself with the confidence of your self-worth. Today, you battle an emotional day that makes you articulate your struggles and greater belief in your journey simultaneously. Moon in Pisces, eclipses Neptune, sextiles Pluto and Mercury.


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